Super Chaffee – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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World of Tanks – Super Chaffee. well deserved reward this year is the Super Chaffee, a T6 American Reward light tank!


World of is a online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download.


  1. why would they give us long time players a garbage tank ..and have the stones to call it a well deserted reward ..what does that say about WG and how they feel about their loyal players ??? now a massive op tank would be awful as well ..but their should be a happy medium somewhere.. a well balanced tank with decent stats ..would that be to much to ask the supper Chaffee is more punishment than reward

  2. Here’s your well deserved free Garage Slot.

  3. He looks like a preschoolboy… small body and head way to big xD

  4. Back when the old Chaffee met tier 8 tanks I lit the tier 8 T34 on fire twice, well, back then there was no large fire extinguisher, burn baby burn disco inferno!!! =8^o

  5. “Thank you for 10 years of support. We know you spent hundreds on Premium Tanks, gold, and premium time. So, as thanks, here’s a piece of shit as a sign of our appreciation” – WG

  6. ya the rewards suck ass

  7. here on console we’ve got a tank called the ‘Rover-237’ which is a fancy skinned Super Chaffee but better in literally every way. considering console usually nerfs everything to hell when they come from PC im very surprised how bad the Super Chaffee is compared to our Rover.

    For anyone who may be interested the Rover has:

    70kmh top speed
    a flat 3 second reload with a rammer and vents
    390m view range
    130 standard pen and 160 premium
    same gun depression but better accuracy (.42)
    power to weight of 27.3
    amazing terrain resistances…

    the list goes on. On console it’s a very powerful light tank but certainly not overpowered. I can’t imagine how bad the Super Chaffee is on PC.

  8. If you play WOT console then you could already buy this tank but with a camo, the Rover-237 also the rover 237 is actually good average gun and 80 KMPH and I love the rover 237 but Super chaffee is absolute crap

  9. Its ok at best

  10. Yes wot the world’s largest one net kindergarten…!

  11. I had good games in it so it’s ok

  12. I have a question for you why my tanks disappear from garage after the game

  13. It is not the best tank, but you know, there are thanks, which are simply working somehow… 😛

  14. That gun pen is just tragic, and it’s not by any means accurate either. Who thought this was a good idea?!

  15. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    If it has one round/min less then its dpm is 1610, not 1550.

  16. I love this vehicle in my KV-2 ❤️

  17. Same as other reward vehicles SOMETHING TO SELL

  18. I tried a different configuration with this LT, Coated Optics, Gun Rammer and a TURBOCHARGER, thanks a ton QB for making me want to fit a turbocharger to everything Light and Medium. 60 Kmph in this, cant complain there.

  19. normal premium tanks = much better than Techtree tanks
    American “premium” tanks = worse than even mediocre Techtree tanks.

  20. did anyone told you that as you are getting older you look more and more like goat? and your hairstyle and that beard is not helping! i miss qute QB from 6y ago

  21. I’m still watching QBs videos after years of not actually playing the game.. 🙂
    Good job QB! 🙂

  22. Rename this turd to the Super Crappie.

  23. Hans and Hubert In North Africa

    i’ll do everything for this “well reserved” tank

    I don’t care what people say

  24. Why dont you increase the bitrate on your Recordings? It looks terrible. Youre like the biggest WoT content creator and only upload in 1080p with poor bitrate.

  25. Basically we got a 1 skill crew and a garage slot.

  26. QB Equipment: Coated Optics, Vents, Vertical Stab Cola

  27. I think the t50 and hellcat where much better rewards tbh

  28. Oh cool a free tank…. *logs in and proceeds to not play this game another year*

  29. Terrific review QB – WarGaming is excellent at many things, but they don’t understand creating good will or marketing. When they nerfed light tanks, they effectively took away two tanks that were among the most fun to play and they wonder why so many people left the game. The M41 Bulldog with the 10 shot clip and the Chaffee were great. If you were frustrated grinding other tank lines, you could take a break and have a great game in the Bulldog. It should be quite easy to bring back those tanks exactly as the were and place them in the proper tier so they’re competitive without being overpowered. Or limit them to one battle/day if they’re too OP. Give everyone a little bit of fun to make the slog worth while.

    Reward tanks shouldn’t be tanks no one wants to play. It makes no sense to say, “You’ve been such good customers that we’re going to give you something you’ll never want to play.” It’s not like people will say, oh, they gave me a good tank. Now I never have to buy a tank again.

    I would gladly pay for the M41 Bulldog exactly as it was, even if they made it a tier 9, though I’d pay a little more if it was a tier 8. 🙂

  30. Thanks for the review! When I log in, I’ll be happy to receive my free garage slot! 😀

  31. STRAIGHT IN THE BIN….”Reward” tank that’s gonna cost you money/experience to make it anywhere near decent and even then its wank. Ram it up your exhaust pipe WG.

  32. literally sold mine 50 seconds after i got it …

  33. It is in fact the super crappy.

  34. 17:20 ” call this the super CRAPPY ? ”
    thats funny man 😂😂😂

  35. super crappy

  36. Trash or not, it’s a seal clubber to newbs like me. Well, I guess every tank is a seal clubber to me. I suck, but that means I can only get better… sigh

  37. “Let’s nerf the hell out of it and call it SUPER LOL”
    The rest of the rewards were waaaaay better. Those 3k bonds were worth gold

  38. wow, wot players are really good at complaining about free stuff

  39. cesar the imperator

    “unable to be able to hit” native english is truly strange

  40. Is this just the “special” tanks with a standart economy, or is it counts like a “premium” tank with higher profit?

  41. Trachy Chaffee, or Crappy Chaffee

  42. Ah yes more KV2 food

  43. Super-ish Chaffee? 😳😅

  44. Thnx for the additional “garage slot” WG, much appreciated. Perfect reward for this “perfect” year 🙂

  45. Chaffee: _Used to be a unique light tank, gets nerfed to the point of being useless, and gets a new name_
    ELC AMX: “First time?”

  46. Throughout the review I was thinking: I already have the type 64 and it looks better in every way. Why would I want this. In the end QB agreed.

  47. what a Super Crappee tank

  48. Honestly whats happening on your face and head lately? Is this just a phase to get somewhere or is this the finished look? I hope its not.

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