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  1. the radio AND the meth ofc.

  2. Baguette launcher

  3. That is basically a glass canon

  4. he broke my sub at 1:22 :’D I can”t stop LAUGHING

  5. TheAnnihilator 91

    8:50 this scene reminds me a little bit to the A-Team movie…! xD

  6. you got to love that 120

  7. Three things make us, French, “Lose” WWII.
    1- Our General were the completly Bad and thinks that a tank should support infantery (wich some of French tank were made for such as the H/R35 or 38)
    2- The lack of Radio, so the only way for them to communicate was hand or yelling. (And to be more precise those who were Lucky to have a radio had to know MORSE code, because France was not on for listening the BBC song througt there vehicles)
    3- France has Lost many of their tank because of the Luftwaffe, where French Air Forces was on lower amount of planes available.

    But Germany was not the first to lunch the attack ! France did attack first ! Just like France was the First to send bomb on Berlin !

  8. The main point of the German victory vs the french will be their superior blitzkrieg tactic on massing all their tanks in tank division instead of spreading them out all over the place for infantry support (Irony fact: the french practically invented the blitzkrieg tactic). French tank also suffer from the one man turret, no radio, low speed and most of them are still using ww1 37mm gun that are very much obsolete. Furthermore the french military leadership are being dictated by bunch of really old generals with the mindset of ww1.

  9. What’s after “Once someone penetrates the turret, most of the time……”
    I’m deaf after that part.

  10. Day 65: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  11. Sad LT vz 35 And 38 fate.

  12. i call it super Based

  13. kai ohaks-lerner


  14. I am happy to see you play the 120mm hot Baguette dispenser. Giving 20 baguettes every 6 sec to the ennemies. May i recommend playing the AMX 30 super, or AMX 32 or 40. The 20mm coax is really helpfull. Trust me.

  15. Suffering on blitz

    REEE that earrape i didnt expect that ;-; welp, my ears r gonna die soon

  16. Premature oofs

  17. I think the reason you see a lot of quick boys because nobody wants to drive 45min to make it to battle if we wanted to play logistics then we’d play snowrunner or sumthin and that nuke woke my neighbor’s heehehehe!

  18. Victor Gardia Parege

    In fact you can resist when tank shoot at you. Last time, 4 tank and much or less 12 shell’s didn’t kill me, they needed a bomb to kill me

  19. Correction: The French were not flanked from the north (their entire army moved north as part of their strategy), they were in fact flanked from the center through the Ardennes Forest as no one thought Germany would be crazy enough to swarm tanks through a forest with very few roads.

    And honestly, I find it way more embarrassing to lose the center because your opponent did something so crazy, you never think they would actually do that crazy thing to win the war against you.

    And I guess that is what best exemplifies the AMX-50 Tank. Powerful, but it breaks the convention of a tank by having a fragile front that even tanks below your tier can kill you easy.

  20. 3:15 swedish Sav 20.12.48 says hello

  21. Only french command tanks had radios. So when new orders came in, the commander of this tank had to use signal flags to let the other tanks know. Ya know…while driving tanks with limited visibility and engines roaring so loud, people inside had difficulties to understand each other talking.

    Meanwhile on the german side
    German General at HQ: What do you mean we dont know where the 7th panzer division is?
    Rommel: Panzer go brrrrrrr!!!

  22. play undertiered chinese centurion (PTL)

  23. The French did have radios, they just never used them as I understand

  24. France had the equipment and quality to win the war. It was a combination of extremely poor tactics/leadership, arrogance, and idiotic political infighting that lost it for them. That’s the simplest way to put it without going into long details.

  25. MY EARS!!!!

  26. There’s no TNT in the shells. So your turret cannot explode from that.

  27. Dude, how do you stay in the open for so long and get away with it!?!

  28. Time to see a lot of new people’s taking French for the first nation and uninstall war thunder because of the level 100 camping at br 1 2 and 3

  29. Attempt#1: PhlyDad u need to revisit and play the Sturer Emil.

  30. Day 4 of asking phly to play the mighty maus

  31. 13:35 when PhlyDaddu became a cancer

  32. No germany one because they didnt use tanks right. They used them as infantry support and not tanks like germany

    And germany had better tactics

  33. PHUCK YOU for that explosion

  34. perfectly flat back of the tank

  35. hey phly can you plese use the IAR-81C and speak fluent romanian that would be cool af

  36. Mars 15 request

  37. The French had radios but they didnt issue them on a widescale in fear that their communications would be intercepted and used against them

  38. 1:20 my ear DONE too, thx Phly

  39. Thank you for the tinnitus trigger there Phly. Jesus!


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