Super Hellcat Gift + Many Rewards! | World of Tanks Super Hellcat Gameplay Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Super Hellcat Review and Gameplay. World of Premium Super Hellcat, Premium American Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Rewards, Well-Deserved Rewards.

Our Well-Deserved rewards are here!

Last year we got the legendary T--2 back, but this year they had something completely new for us. Super Hellcat, premium Hellcat + many other rewards.

How does it feel? How does it play? Let’s find out in today’s episode.



  1. SUPER HelloKitty… Are you old enough to get this tank? 😀
    What did you get from those 20x rewards?

  2. With all the Hellcats on the server, maybe this would be a good time to pull out my M44, or my KV-2.
    Vehicles that are good against light skinned tank destroyers.

  3. garage *slut*


  4. have you notice how low premium penetrate is compared to the hellcat and t25/2

  5. Interesant i got for 1 year too +20 crates, its about numbers of battles generated too?

  6. Free garage slut? Dez?

  7. Hell ya! Happy Thanksgiving Dez, hope you have a good one! Ty for the years of content and all around epicness

  8. I got pretty much the same as you Dez.


  10. the tank is utter garbage!

  11. Damit i created my acc 5 years ago

  12. Too bad the game crashes when logging ind.

  13. I got 2 Crew member’s in them crates.

  14. Can I trade in the tank for bonds instead?

  15. 8 years????????

  16. hello dez please gift me premium tank i am broke
    EU ToKaBeR_G

  17. Orbók György Tamás

    Lots of free XP there

  18. Missed Beta package by 3 days Hahaha Btw those supaHellkittys do not feel well after arty hit

  19. i am not getting my reward :/

    Missing something`? not ingame popup, no emails..

  20. But is is not premium tanks and he is not making money

  21. Kinda looses the charm wjen premium tank doesn’t get preferential MM , i just got teir 8ts , that kind a destroys it , i dont know if preferential training is enabled

  22. played 17 battles so far and won 12 with most of those being mastery II with 5 mastery I. No M’s so far sadly. 8 yr vet this tank brings me back

  23. SAD
    No Super Cat for me,
    Less than a Million credits,
    40,000 Free Xp, VERY nice.
    Buttload of blueprints…….
    Directives, eh boring i don’t think they are good rewards, we should be able to sell directives for credits ???
    Day of premium
    Garage slot
    Crew Books! Very much welcome, except i forgot to check which Nation they are for….lol
    Medal and emblem for Three years of service o7 o7 o7

  24. I wonder if there’s a pattern
    T-50-2 for 2015 and older players, Super Hellcat for 2015 and older players.
    Will the next tank also be one that was removed or nerfed in 2015?

  25. I just got that tank today for 5 years of service and I got 2 million credits to buy the hitch ebr and the m12

  26. The next tank should be the Awful Panther

  27. I also got the T50-2 as well…so noice.

  28. your video made me launch WOT and I got the superhellcat as well 🙂 btw when is the next motorbike vlog ??

  29. What are those stars you got from the crates?
    I’ve gotten a few, and have no idea what they are or what they do.

  30. NO i didn’t get it i play wot since 16/03/2017 my number of battles is 17,089 end im free to play no premium tanks or account no gold ammo spam 😀 and i was honestly hoping for bonds to buy my first tier 8 premium t26e5 patriot 🙂

  31. hey Dez, you’re the best WOT youtuber if not one of the best youtubers for any content. Very dedicated and you help me be a better player. Thanks for the few years I’ve followed you! Keep uploading!!!

  32. 3 years got fuck all
    Love you to wargaming

  33. Worst penetration aside the e25 on tier 7, worst dpm, even lower than the t25/2 that is probably the worst t7 destroyer yet has a way better gun and soft stats… Also why are you calling it a premium? It’s not a premium, it doesn’t earn more credits, just a special/elite tank (more exp and free crew transfer)

  34. Meanwhile in Asia, 8 Super Kitty per team. Sad no full team.

  35. 7 years of service…I’m 22 y/o now. I was 15 when this game was super popular. Man I sure grew old together with this game. Probably the only Christmas gift ill ever get from someone too. I’m happy 🙂

  36. Its a great gift with a HORRIBLE gun. Almost worthless. My SU100m1 has 212 pen Normal, AC46 212 pen, SHellcat 167 Pen. Seriously, 50 less Pen on a Prem TD? 167 pen against Tier 9, is the joke on us??? Even with PremAmmo at 210 pen, it’s less than standard ammo on most t7 td’s. A joke honestly, selling mine.

  37. Not happy my account is 8 years old and they did not give me anything and yes i do play the game got my AP Phase 1 from frontlines but no hellcat or any rewards at all feel ripped off by Wargaming. Once again NOT HAPPY WG.

  38. awesome i also got 5 year gift 🙂

  39. Yup I got my gifts after 5 years… nice surprise when I logged on today! I guess I will learn how to handle a TD (Hellcat). Got 500K credits, equipment and premium days.

  40. Tons of stuff, the best being the 3 days of Premium.

  41. Just got it for 6 years… really nice

  42. No bonds or credits this year wtf?

  43. i’ve been playing since 2011 and no reward for me.. hmm

  44. Uber Demonkitty is ruling the lineups – out of 12 battles there has been as many as 10 of them in each and every IX-VI matchup. Considering how good it is, I don’t see that changing until January or so…

  45. I was expecting some sucky dumbass games today
    Much to my pleasant surprise, few muppets on my teams, even in shiny new tanks:D
    Can I have that every day 😀
    I am merely a top end tomato, but I always try to do my share and support my team, but it’s rare it works this well

  46. Bruh… I got way worse loot from the boxes.

  47. idk what it is but my shots in this thing are so weird, they act like a derp shell. I aimed at the center of a VK side and my shell went OVER his tank like a derp cannon…

  48. I got my 8 years reward and none of my crates were above 50,000 credits. In fact I only got that twice!

  49. Free tank for who? For ppl who plays 100 games per month with 5 years and 6k battles? And the ones who play 10k games per year for 3 years? NO FUN FOR YOU! Thanks WG, thanks.

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