SUPER HELLCAT | PHLANK & SPANK Monster at 6.3 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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HELLCAT | PHLANK & SPANK at 6.3 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. Play the Sherman calliope It can penetrate a mouse

  2. Hey Phly, haven’t seen the Chi-Nu II be featured on the channel yet. Great gun, bad armor (on paper), but surprisingly survivable in my experience.


  4. T-34 100, last time was like 2 years

  5. Watch your videos everyday man, love em!

  6. Still keep it up Phly.

  7. lmao phly i was a freshman when i started watching you! You’re really only you tuber i still look forward to posting nowadays. keep phlying up broski

  8. It’s TRUE, this year I am a senior and the last time I saw the Super Hellcat was probably the third or fourth week of the beginning of Freshman year. Keep making awesome videos Phly.???✈

  9. Hey phly let’s get you to 1M before 2020

  10. Bring out the AMX M4…. Its quite underrate. Try to give it some love XD

    Attempt no. 1

  11. Please try out the Japanese Type 16. Give the Japanese back some glory. Attempt #4

  12. Tiger II 105 is fighting for its existence and won a small battle by killing you.

  13. 19:01 OK yeah I’m just gonna take a reverse

  14. Airplane is a bomb movie

  15. List your intro songs please mate, it took me 5 minutes and Snapchat Shazam to find your lovely pizza theme

  16. Phly we don’t thank you enough for your content.
    Thanks brah. <3

  17. Thank you Phly for these videos, love em! ?

  18. Play the Italian version of this but just a Sherman chassis

  19. Flank and spank? Nah, more like roll out and get fucked by my wafflemaker

  20. I hate hellcat tank always get shot by that tank from behindb

  21. Why is getting a job so difficult?

  22. Bruh this mans was in my game yesterday and I called it out and all I got was “Affirmative” lmao

  23. Yo, play the normal hellcat at 6.3.

    You can do it!

  24. 5.3 was an absolute shitshow during operation yeet. Playing as the Americans with the m18, along with everyone else was absolute cancer.

  25. This is bye far my favorite music into ever

  26. Phly play T-62

  27. great bro but pls churchill I

  28. attempt #36, use the Tetrarch Mk1, BUT try and kill a german Panther with it

  29. phly can we have let my bombers bomb attempt#1

  30. Sir Saucington von Awesomeshire

    Tanks: Effective against all ground vehicles. SPAA: Effective against some planes (Usually) and SOME tanks. CAS: Effective and useful against everything. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Sure would be nice if early spawn planes didn’t ruin my day, a vehicle I literally can not do anything against unless I waste my time and fun by spawning in as a SPAA at the start that has to flank to be effective. SPAA vary in degree of usefulness by BR and nation. Planes are always effective even if all they do is spot. Why can’t there be better countermeasures against cancer early spawns, or rather why am I forced to bring and use an SPAA and watch empty skies in hopes I dont eventually get swarmed by spawn campers and 5 planes. Because thats fun right? If a plane has a large caliber gun it can easily out snipe an SPAA at multiple tiers because they have free movement in the sky while an spaa can sort of drive forward while its armament bounces all over the place. Spawn point costs is not how they should balance these aspects of the game.

    P.S. Sorry little salty after this event drained my entire soul away with CAS spam and Pe8’s and m18/Bt7’s going to early CAS spawn. When you die to a plane before you could even see an enemy tank its really REALLY depressing to continue grinding the event and the Maus.

  31. Attempt #40
    Pls play the British Conway at 7.0, u haven’t played it in yrs bring the amazing tank back to battle and destroy anything in its path. 🙂

  32. Oh funny Phly. He thinks you can graduate college in 4 years lmao.

  33. wow this gun is tsrong – shoots at side of a panther where is 40mm strong armor XD

  34. Please Please take out the Leopard 1

  35. Ayyy I’m one of those high schoolers!!! And I’m now in college

  36. I am said freshman in high school that graduated and is now in college.

  37. Intro song?

  38. KV-2 And Pe-8 Nuke combo against tier 6 please phly attempt 9

  39. Same engine? That does not give me a good vibe… Also BR is a bit higher than jackson… So might have a pass on this one.

  40. THATS NOT FAIR PHLY!~! You cant play that music at the start and not have a lunchbox do something funny. *pouts*

  41. Also phily what was that overtly stretched classic music in the intro? I heard a load of that specific music but i have no knowledge where to find such comedic musics…

    I need help with those soundboards i want to venture into western memes

  42. Phly play the il2 at 8.0 to control the hvg population. Attempt #2

  43. Anyone else lose it at 12:46

  44. KMS Großer Kurfürst

    Hay I’m a new freshman

  45. Hellcats are the true War Thunder experience.

  46. Deathstar Stalinium

    “any maneuverable chassis” OK GIMME MY R3 MEATBALL )))

  47. No, phank you ❤️

  48. I bought the IS-2 Revenge in High School and I’m graduating this year 😀

  49. We can expect a 800k sub specail.

  50. how to mute ur fuckin mouth? stupidfuck

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