SUPER KV-2 | 2000mm APHEFSDS & 30mm GAU-8 Avenger Cannon (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

SUPER KV-2 | 2000mm APHEFSDS & GAU-8 Avenger Cannon (War Thunder)




  1. *Thought this was the best way to start off the week!* Enjoy phelllllaass 🙂


  3. Stalin don’t get happy a lot but this . . . This puts a smile on my face comrade Phly.

  4. “How many panzers do you want?”

    Aceism: *”Ja”*

  5. 13:14 historically accurate KV-2 Last stand on Kursk colorized

  6. Phly “Something’s missing”

    Stalin *puts on soviet march*
    Stalin “I got you comrade”

  7. is that a Frank Klepacki red alert music I hear?!?!? 10/10 best montage

  8. when the thumbnail actually ISN’T clickbait for once.

  9. Its…its…Blyatiful :’)

  10. When u thought the thumbnail was fake

  11. It’s my favorite KV-2

  12. this is very accurate. this is what it feels like playing against the russians.

  13. Alberich the Eternal

    Phly low tier phun tier take the swedish meatball air plane j8a and put the 4 x 8 mm machine guns with 23 mm pen to good use try nr. 2


  15. RAAFLightningII

    15:05 a casual Gran Turismo Sport race.

  16. Jakub Żółtak

    So maybe do the Brumbar next but one that will shot 5 000 kg PE-8 bombs? Or make this arty drop those tiny nukes?
    That would be awesome 🙂


    8:56 *INSERTS DAJA VU *

  18. Aristotle Powell

    The Americans came up with the nuke the Russians came up with the Super KV-2

  19. This tank is disgusting.
    Hi Phly. I played many with the original KV-2 and I loved it. Hope this is just a prank and nothing more, thanks God! %(

  20. Phly, the new chally 2 pls. It’s already such an unloved tank, have some pity.

  21. It’s a crazyest mod what i see in WT))) DRIFTING KV2 AMAZING))

  22. Better *RED* then *DED*


  24. 7:41 last Russian tank defending Moscow from the German panzer horde, 1942, footage from an alternate history doco commissioned by Putin

  25. Alexander Jonsson

    13:50 song?

  26. So this is what GuP is like.

  27. Leatherneck1775 _OOHRAH

    Stalingrad drift 1944

  28. This is how Germany defeated during WW2 battle of Kursk

  29. M4D_MARK_XTr3Me

    That thing was so huge it looked like a scud missile
    (That’s what she said)

  30. Reuben Jacob Masangcay

    This video puts a big smile in my face

  31. It gives a whole new meaning to war on drugs

  32. Im liking this video just because your nickname is hilarious 😂

  33. Which episode of Girls und Panzer is this from?

  34. As Stalin intended comrade

  35. Tell Laura I said happy birthday!

  36. excuse me sir, are you going to play Mirage IIIC later on?

  37. I don’t have the kv2 yet, (the regular one not this disgusting monster) and I’m curious, what’s the biggest/heaviest/hardest target it’s effective against?

  38. Ammo conservation is key with this tank.

  39. That kv2 is driving and firing at some girl und panzer speed and reload rate.

  40. Phlee, drifting Gaijinium powered KV-2 *WRC* , clicking tactical cursors…

    I didn’t think I would ever see sth like that, ever ^^

  41. Артем Добби

    Like from Russia man

  42. 8:23 Says the guy in the 150 km/h KV-2!

  43. It deletes grass. Lol

  44. Now thats how the KV 2 was made

  45. this vid reminds me of the ballistic missile truck

  46. I don’t remember Girls und Panzers having phloppy woppys

  47. I thought It was a regular old exaggerated phlydaily thumbnail………BOY WAS I WRONG

  48. Wilhelm Stenvall

    I enjoy how much Phly is seemingly enjoying this. It’d be awesome if Gaijin allowed custom battles with custom vehicles, I don’t know what’s preventing them from doing it. They could have it similar to gmod were the host decides the mods.

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