Super Low Tier Radar

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  1. i can put some clothes there

  2. They also have good guns

  3. lowest br clothing rack

  4. Good at head to head because the radar tanks the enemy shots

    • not really unless it’s modeled of course

    • @@jskingdom44 do you think I would write it if it wasn’t a thing? I played with it for quite a long time. Not lately so it might be different now, but when I played it, it worked

    • @@alexstasko696 that reply looks aggressive, anyway i mean is it modeled in the x ray as an object not just playing with it i might launch the game later and check it out myslef cuz i remember some of those radars are not modeled don’t know about this plane

    • @alexturnbackthearmy1907

      @@alexstasko696 Also there is some thick plating, along with having only few enemies with big guns (not lmg`s).

    • ​@@jskingdom44 hes right bro. It iss a thing.

  5. @kusyazwangaming4586

    Oo well

  6. Basically like all early radars. They were just made to hunt bombers in the night

  7. I always thought is was extra guns 😭

  8. To be fair, they were meant to intercept massive waves of British Lancs *at night!*

    • @adimaiuniversal4361

      true, useful irl but not in the game XD

    • @MarksmanTangoBravo4743

      Lancs had chaff to mess with the radar also its annoying bc irl every bomber after the blenheim had a radar but wt doesnt include it

    • ​@@adimaiuniversal4361This probably is useful in SB battles

    • @@MarksmanTangoBravo4743 Yes, so-called “Window”—although it was meant to confuse the larger land-based radars. Don’t know if it would have made a difference against night-fighters… 🤔

      The H2S bombing radar aboard the Lancs could actually be a danger to the crew, since devices such as the German FuG 350 _Naxos_ could detect it in the air. It could even be used on single-seat aircraft, such as the Bf 109 G.

      ECM warfare was actually way more advanced in WWII than people often realize and used right from the start (e.g. Battle of the Beams), with counter-measures and counter-counter-measures (etc.) following each other almost weekly.

    • @MarksmanTangoBravo4743

      @@wape1 yh the radar was to confuse the ground bases so they couldn’t direct fighters but yeah probably wont have matter with planes that have radars

  9. Make this pinned if your gonna make a video abaut The highest weight to wepeon ratio

  10. Imagine a map with fog and this thing

  11. @Kholantamaximusprime

    Actually this is not the first radar on a plane (idk the plane) in amereica tech tree with a weird shape

  12. @osama_sorry-for_the_drama

    At us is rank 3 the p 61 air defense fighter

  13. I remember in 2019 when those radar were working and can actually detect enemies
    I used it alot in sim very helpful

  14. idk how to use it

  15. @SilverScarletSpider

    how about actually showing us what the radar looks like to users in the video instead of leaving us guessing

  16. The British Blenheim bomber sits at a lower br but with a radar fitted in 1940 but war thunder hasn’t added it :/
    Just a video idea for ya

  17. I mean, it has good guns an it’s 2.3, you can’t ask much from it

  18. Radar was designed for night fighting, which is why the planes donning it are generally black.
    I would say they should have night Air RB, but what with enemy names appearing, it would be moot –

  19. @commandershortsight

    Lancaster should get it’s Radar

  20. I bought the He219-A7, which has the same radar. And its really helpfull. I was flying in the clouds and it showed me every time when there was an enemy aircraft, even with just 2-4km of range due to the ground. I could dive down, obliterate it with a single gun run and climb back into the clouds, and got 4 air kills that way

  21. The guns are what you go for

  22. @konradambroszczak9021

    I am using this plane now

  23. Shame the Do-217 night fighters’ flight model is so terrible (they actually lose airspeed when WEP-ing…). Could be they historically were that awful though – it’s a bomber to fighter conversion after all.

  24. Britain invents Radar
    The Snail:

  25. @naamadossantossilva4736

    Be first.Do nothing useful.A very german thing.

    • @OneAngryVelociraptor

      What? All ww2 and 40s radars were like that. They were made for night fighting. Target lock on also isn’t of any use without Fox-1s and ballistic computers.

  26. Ah so that’s why it didn’t work in sim battles. I have to go higher

  27. @southernwolfgaming

    But you dont need that radar to yeet things out of the sky with those machine guns and cannons. But it turns so badly but i love it anyway

  28. Do the lowest br tracking radar

  29. It can be useful in ground RB with heavy mist

  30. They should do night battles and add more night fighters

  31. Very good in sim

  32. @EnjoyerOfBreade621

    It’s very usable in simulator battles.

  33. Technically the French Catanlina at 1.7 has a radar but it isn’t modeled. There is also a French 2.0 bomber (I think) with the same issue as the French catalina

  34. I have it, it’s completely useless lol.

  35. Engineer- We put a radar on the front of your plane.
    Pilot- What does it do?
    Engineer- Idk.

  36. In sims it help detect bomber, especially player

  37. and what is the first usable radar?

  38. For those who know, this plane is a real one

  39. I unironically used the radar in air rb to navigate to hostils on cloudy maps.

  40. @mogli-tutorials5622

    The Lichtenstein Radar Sets Are Very poorly implementet in the game…

  41. The sad thing is that in 2030 the iss will be intentionally crashed into point Nemo

  42. Nah bro it’s a TV antenna so the pilots could watch “tik token”

  43. So what does it do then

  44. @alexandreaudard4309

    Meanwhile the mb 1.5.2 not having a radard modeled

  45. @matthewhamlett9277

    Anyone who has played Silent Hunter is familiar with that radar screen

  46. @dylantrevaskis9911

    It also doesn’t really matter in arb because the enemies are shown

  47. One of the first if not the first nightfighter equipped with radar irl

  48. @minnesotan_F16C

    How tf do comments that werent ment to be seen get seen

  49. I remember when the radar didn’t work at all.

  50. So what’s the lowest usable radar in the game

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