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  2. dident they also have an sherman with a long 50 or 60mm gun ? firing ADPS-FS ? Sherman M50 HVG something ?

  3. Israel did use other weird Sherman modifications.

    This tank uses the same gun used on the AMX-13-105, which is just a shorter version as the 105mm cannon found on the AMX-30. The HEAT round could barely called a normal HEAT, as it was designed to have similar characteristics as a HEAT-FS before HEAT-FS had proven itself.

    The other weird Israeli modification would be the M4A3 SA-50 that we already have in-game. It is designated as the M-50. Phly, if you want an answer to your question and want to play the other modification as quickly as you can, play the M4A3 SA-50 in the French tree. Because it’s literally that tank. (Gaijin put that tank in the French tech tree because we need a filler at 4.7/5.0)

  4. Seems like the m4a3 but longer gun

  5. 3moe u good Phly

  6. Christian Rodriguez

    Bet after ppl buy it, it would get nerfed… remember my words!

  7. If raid shadow legends made a tank character I would play it

  8. If Israel is here, sherman with 60mn gun will be here

  9. 400mm of Penn at 6.0? this things just going to dominate the map.


  11. Total noob question here, is it still possible to get tigor? I just started Warthunder on pc and was hoping to have him with me on my journey of mayhem.

  12. Is this year will be a winter sale??

  13. Not a legitimate tech tree.

  14. I have waited this gigasherman for too long. Thanks Phly =))

  15. # زندگی سگی پناگاهی صهیونیستی

    Please add Persian subtitles as well

  16. I-16 type 10 prepherably with some historical inphormation please Phly. 3 years of requesting.

  17. I’m pretty sure Israel used another sherman with the 60mm HVG.

  18. There is a Yugoslav Sherman with 122mm gun called SO 122, I think they should add it as well, it would be really interesting.

  19. The tank fucking sucks. You will never one shot anything. Yes you can penetrate everything with ease. But you will need multiple shots to kill a tank any tank any vehicle in the game requires multiple shots with the stink it’s fucking sucks.

  20. seriously i have to watch two ads then get a really long sponsorship message before i watch. too much.

  21. We are at ultimate retard mode in warthuder now. A post war Israeli modification of a French Sherman from the 1960s with 105mm heat firing cannon fighting German tanks from 1943….

  22. We already have the other israeli sherman in the French tech tree, the M4A4 (SA50) as that would be the M50 super sherman. Israel also had a 155mm SPG mounted on a sherman chassis though obviously it does look quite a bit different then a regular sherman. But technically yes, a converted sherman to have a 155mm gun to use as an SPG. Which honestly I could imagine as the first “TD” for Israel.

  23. Spartacus / Spartan Beats

    You ghost shelled on that tiger also i had a t34 a while back eat a shell from a dicker max at point blank range

  24. That’s a m50 the m51 was a different m4

  25. “Today we are being powered and sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends! If you guys *haven’t* heard of Raid Shadow Legends-”

    Phly, trust me, I think the whole of youtube knows about it.😂

  26. I see Sherman i upvote ^^

  27. French commander :ehh sir our m4a1 revalorisé are too weak for the current era of tanks
    French goverment: add armor and 105mm gun and call it a day

  28. LitlBlackDragonNinja

    US: You get a Sherman, and you get a Sherman. Everybody gets a Sherman!

  29. Hi I am Uzbekistan

  30. They nerfed my VFW this update. It blows up every time it gets hit. Not too happy. 😡

  31. I don’t like the Israeli Sherman. I test drove it and the shell just doesn’t have a lot of killing power. I’m not impressed with the gun or the ammo at all. If you hit a Tiger II low on the upper glacis in a long shot, his gun is still going to be functional, and if he knows his stuff, he’s just going to shoot right back at you before you can finish him and c’est la vie! Guy’s like me who have been playing the game for years, can sling those 88’s around almost intuitively. I just know the range. I can also pretty generally identify where a long shot came from and pick you up immediately. If I don’t have to traverse my turret all the way around, I’m gonna get a shot off before you can finish me. Count on it. That’s not even me bragging. That’s just normal skill level for guys who have been playing this game for the past 5, 6, or 7 years.

  32. As a german main, please dont

  33. Pls can someone pls give the intro music link

  34. yeah 400mm of penetration and instant rangefinder at 6.0. seems legit.

  35. Randomstuff collectibles

    ads from youtube and ads in the video ..atleast i can skip ahead in the video

  36. I do remember that Israel has a Sherman modification with high velocity 75mm sold to some south American country in the 1980’s

  37. I cannot stress enough that Raid Shadow Legends and it’s god awful, click baity, mobile cancer ads can suck the biggest bag of dicks. I hope it‘s developer goes bust and all their employees are forced to do community service to repent for their sins.
    Keep up the great work though Steve! And sorry to hear about your dog mate, I’m sure it couldn’t have asked for a better run than the one you gave it.

  38. 18 wirbelwinds vs 24 Pe-8

  39. Same procedure as every year James 17:04

  40. i think the main reason the first panther failed to kill you is he probably didn’t recognize you or knew you were a new tank so he didn’t know where to shoot, or maybe he thought you were a jumbo

  41. Некто Никто

    >the video is about the _Israeli_ tank
    >the video is sponsored by _Raid: Shadow Legends_

    Hava Nagila intensifies

  42. phly like;
    heeeyyy reindeer 😂

  43. Me: waiting for a me262 video 🤐

  44. 4:00 the M36B1 could also do that with the 90mm M3

  45. Why does it has to be Israel that has to be added and not a developing country with its own armament like Brazil

  46. Yep there’s another Israeli Sherman with 60mm darts. M-60

  47. Hey Phly, there’s actually one more Sherman the IDF once utilized, it’s the M50 Sherman, a Sherman armed with a Ridiculous 60mm gun, firing APFSDS, the last ones Israel used were sold to Chile but damn, imagine facing a Sherman firing APFSDS, Germans now have a valid reason to complain now

  48. This, in my opinion, should go to 6.3 or somewhere between 6 and 7. This is great

  49. Ah, the M4 Revalorise, well except that this is not on a M4A1 Chassis

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