Super Pershing – Buffed! Review – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. waiting for 1080p crew rep ruh zehnt

  2. so early that the video quality is still not set up

  3. low quality best quality

  4. Waiting for that t25 pilot 1 buff wg

  5. Welp, once again i stop playing WoT

    I only come back after shit loads of Circon, Foch and Jingles, oh and AngingJedi videos

  6. Yeah. Buffed. But soft stats are STILL dog shit. This is what this tank needs. Cause if it would be able to move constantly then it would’ve been really hard to hit weakspots (cause currently this tank is 50% weakspots)

    • The entire point of the super pershing since day one was that it was a medium which traded speed for armor. Now it’s armor is some of the best out of the tier 8 heavies and still goes nearly 40 kph most of the time…. Did you buy it wanting a super heavy? Or a zippy medium?

    • It’s now better than the majority of the non pref premium tanks, what else do you want? 20 hp/t in order to make the tech tree pershing even less relevant?

    • +adamanthyz1 you can make it go 60, 30hp/t and 999 armor. But if the gun is shit the the entire tank is shit.
      Bad players just play with 99% luck and have random bounces (cause RNG) so they dont care about gun cause they are trash. But a good players needs a good gun (and view range) above everything else

    • Please explain how the gun is bad? It’s on par with most tier 8 mediums with the added bonus of not seeing tier 10s. Hell it blows some tanks out of the water who don’t have pref mm, like the tvp, regular pershing, cdc, fcm (besides dpm)… Do you expect a tier 8 pref medium who has the armor and hp of a heavy and 75% of the mobility of a medium to have a gun fitted for a td or something? Guess anything that is under the defender is bad to you? (though id take this anyday over the defender)

    • “a good player needs a good gun” guess you’ll be ok then

  7. recorded using a potato kappa

  8. 大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    uhhh the reg Pershing has 268mm APCR pen

  9. Finally some god comes out oh the buff ,my SP dusted away in garage whole 1,5 years just waiting for a buff,now i Agree its god.

  10. When you’re so early that the highest quality is stuck at 360p ??

  11. The proghetto is on sale. Is it worth 50 CDN?

  12. Isn’t Pershing have 268 apcr pen. Lol

  13. not that HD HD …. hmmm

  14. maybe the best noob friendly tank 🙂
    tnx4share 😉

  15. I used to love the super p, looks like it’s time to blow the dust off her

  16. Wg please its just a better pershing

  17. stronk skaut resolution tenk

  18. Baron von Limbourgh

    The sp alwas was a strong tank. Just the obvious weakspot on the turret everyone went trough let it down.

    Fixing that probably made it one of the strongest tier 8 meds i expect.

    • Baron von Limbourgh

      +adamanthyz1 yeah just keep moving and it will be more luck then skill when they go trough it. Plus the spaced armour halps against heat.

    • Yep that power to weight and mediums reverse speed makes those tiny spots a pain to hit. And i love that the spaced armor makes heat and he users go f themselfs. Nothing like having o hos and kv2s hit for no damage with HE, or heat-54s having a bad day vs you.

    • Baron von Limbourgh

      +adamanthyz1 this almost has me re installing the game lol.. Not quite there yet. But it’s tempting nonetheless

    • Wait till they apparently do something to the MM sometime around christmas. I play maybe a few days a month myself. I watch circon more than I actually play lol.

    • Baron von Limbourgh

      +adamanthyz1 me to. Havent really played for a year or so. Just came back for frontlines a couple of months back. And are pretty much waiting for that again.

      And if the mm really makes a difference i might pick it up again. Although knowing wargaming it will be a lot of promisses with a very disapointing delivery.
      People seem to think they are creating some glorious new mm. It probably will be a minor change from 80% bottom tier to 60% bottom tier or something.

      I really really hope i am wrong about that, but have been disapointed by wg way to often

  19. Still happy I sold mine for gold, I got the 50t which also got buffed now, but it has the added effect having been playable even when SP was utter dogshit. Now that I also earn my money and it’s pretty gud I might just buy the SP back.

  20. 360p? Really? my vhs player is better quality is better then this

  21. I’ll just wait to watch this I guess… 360p is the BEST

  22. So glad that WG finally decided to buff the mobility <3

  23. Thought I needed a trip to the eye doctor. Nah it’s just 360p. Nice meme.

  24. t54 first prototype or Super Pershing ?

  25. Woo hoo ! That spaced armour in front of the turret weak point is nice. I’m gonna play this a lot now

  26. no clicker scumbags = fun game for all

  27. has anyone else the problem that the “zoom out reset” function is not working after the new mod-update? also missing the small window ingame where I can see the % of the next mark..zoom out far works well..

  28. How did that shot at 9:23 miss you Circ? RNG at its finest for the prototype there.

  29. Did they remove the MG weak spot? Looks like it.

  30. Just one correction. 27 euros is not worth anything Wargaming spits out. These tanks should be about 1/3 the price they are now.

  31. Hrvoje Bartolović

    what did u record that with? with a toaster?

  32. Day 367.
    Still no sign of higher quality.

  33. Seeing as I haven’t bounced any shots at all in this for a long time, the armour buff might actually be needed and make it fun to play once more.

  34. You call that a buff? If that’s a buff, that makes me sick!

  35. When you’re so early that the highest quality is stuck at 360p ??

  36. Finally! I can dust off my Super Pershing

  37. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    It was like watching radio….

  38. So early video quality is still in 360p (2hours)

  39. It:s still 360p?

  40. out of all the preferential matchmaking premiums i think this one got the biggest buff its so much more survivable overall and the boosted speed feels nice because it can now get round the map at a decent pace.

  41. You might need to reupload this as quality seems to be stuck at 360p

  42. Suddenly Pilot and Patton KR become ultra-trash. Thanks WG.

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