SUPER PERSHING Exclusive Footage (War Thunder 1.57)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Ladies and gents….the Super Pershing has arrived (non premium) with an
    improved gun, and additional armor. It’s going to be a beast. Merica!

  2. 1st comment 6th view XD jk no one cares.

  3. baron i love youuu and your vids

  4. when is the patch

  5. 19th viewer

  6. Joaquin Hernandez


  7. hey Baron how do you get on the test server

  8. Baron!! Would you like to make a vid. about World War mode in War Thunder?
    It is a option in game already inside the main menu, only not playable yet.
    Got some great ideas with a few other forum members.

  9. What vehicle do you think 1.57 needs the most? Or even more so…what
    vehicle does War Thunder desperately need?

  10. this tanks engine sounds like a lawn mower

  11. So it won’t be premium?

  12. 9:46 we need T-29

  13. do this as the first tank on 1.57

  14. what are these two big tubes on the turret?

  15. Hey baron can you do an mount and blade video I really liked them

  16. Joaquin Hernandez

    this is my tank porn photo

  17. What are the two tube looking thing on the top of the turret??

  18. cyka pershing

  19. suddenly thought of something…fallout mod for men of war. With the NCR,
    BoS, minutemen, institute ect….MODDERS FIND THIS COMMENT AND GET TO WORK!

  20. Anyone else spot the lightsaber on the back at 1:01 to 1:30 ?

  21. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    I think The M48A2/3 Would be a good add,Put it before the M60

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  23. why even play german

  24. Churchill Crocodile!!! the flame Churchill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hype Train Shup Shup

  26. Superpershing hype! :D

  27. the riot shield tank now all we need is the T-28 prototype

  28. Sooo…. where is gameplay?

  29. fock yea! murica fock yea!

  30. Officially my favorite tank.

  31. The similarities between the T-44-100 and the T26E4 Super Pershing are
    uncanny….its actually kind of crazy.

    Only one of each were produced, yet they both find themselves in the main
    tech tree as non premiums.
    Both were upgrades/stop gap tanks before better and newer tanks were
    produced; T-54 for USSR and M46 for USA.
    Both are more or less Hurdle-grinder tanks.
    You can discuss the subject more here if you’re interested:

  32. could you please remove the annoying music in background

  33. The American heavy line really needed an in between for the jumbo and t32

  34. The Sturer Emil tank destroyer

  35. Justin sénéchal

    But question is… can I still pen it?

    yes, yes I can

  36. Li-2 the soviet C-47 needs to be add to the Soviet tech tree

  37. We still need the following
    P-47 Razorback models
    F3D-2 Skyknight
    F9F-8 Cougar
    Now Tanks

  38. we need infantry


  40. All these one off vehicles in the main tech tree is good and all, but the
    E100 should be a main tech tree vehicle for the Germans. Why are the
    T44-100 and the Super Pershing not in the same 700 tornament tank bracket
    as the E100? Bullshit! That’s why.

  41. Tactical .Coockie

    we need the churchill AVRE

  42. Hey baron, would you like to see the pzkpfw VII löwe? id personally looove
    to see it.

  43. the d4y3 “judy” bomber for the Japanese

  44. Vishal Phaterpekar

    is v1.57 released for WarThunder

  45. Константин Артёмов

    Yes, this will be fcking AWESOME

  46. Bt-2 and the t-38 amphibian tank and a primiun hover tank for the ussr

  47. t29 tank

  48. Chieftain in 1.57 ?

  49. We need the Goliath in WarThunder :P

  50. swedsih p51 premium

  51. I would love to see German halftracks and armored cars especially lynx and
    puma ps brummbar would be fun.

  52. You have the same background music for all of these 1.57 videos. Is there
    really no other song you can use? It really competes with your voice at
    certain points and can make it difficult to understand you.

  53. Gamer Saurus Rex

    when the hell is the t29 coming in

  54. The Two cylinders and Flaps of armor plating on either side of the gun
    mantlet are there to help counter-balance the weight of the extra armor
    thats been added on to the front of the vehicle. without these pieces, the
    gun could only elevate around 3 degrees verticle. and it put a lot of
    unnecessary stress on the elevation mechanism.

  55. They should add the p2000 gott

  56. Reddit got this a while ago.

    Though the fact that it’s mainline means the U.S. finally have a proper
    heavy tank. RIP ruskies

  57. can you play World of Tanks blitz plz

  58. Centurion 1 with the 17pdr and coaxial 20mm auto-cannon :P

  59. Get ready to aim at that MG port every time you see this. Kind of like with
    the T32.

  60. What is the name of the music?

  61. the cylinder on top of the turret is the hydraulic system that moves the
    gun up and down gun because it’s so heavy

  62. remind me how this is exclusive…? everyone can acces these foto’s/ small

  63. Im grinding M103 now with my T32 and I like this addition……its so much
    better that they didnt add it earlyer cuz I would have to grind it

  64. I want to see the British. Death Star the FV215B 183 tank destroyer and the
    T110E5,T110E3 and T110E4

  65. atanas hristozov

    Baron what is the name of the song in the video pls tell me is awesome. Ty
    love your vids :3

  66. Wow. Pretty cool “gameplay”. Dislike

  67. what are those tubes on the top of the turrent?

  68. its a mbt alot armor at the front and none at the sides

  69. Strum tiger and t29 for sure

  70. coil springs to balance the gun

  71. How to make op tank. Put 260mm front armor with double spaced armor, spaced
    by nearly 300mm each. Seems legit.

  72. интересное бронирование на этом танке

  73. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    That’s just barbaric. It’s like ripping off somebodys face and wearing it
    like a mask… Or making necklace from fingers…

  74. Oskar Andreas Berg

    it needs the LANDKREUZER…….LANDKREUZER agianst evryone else

  75. God damn Gaijin! add IS-7

  76. Mitchell Robbins

    The 2 tubes on top of the turret are coil springs the later versions of the
    t26e4 had hydro-pneumatic equilibrators that were internal to the turret

  77. Those two Cylinder thins are TOW missiles to take out every tank >_<

  78. Already know were people are going to shoot at it, The hull Machine gun

  79. Shinx SPAA the British wirblewind

  80. the 300mm drup gun

  81. gotta add löwe, dicker max, sturer emil, and a legit e100 for all player
    and a tiger II 105 just in tier 4 to balance the tier 4 BS right now

  82. needs japanese tonks

  83. Looks nice, we’ll see how it’s gonna fight

  84. Oh thank god its not premium!

  85. Jagdpanther E100! with the 15cm derp


    War thunder should do the m60 a2 or leopard 1a3,5 something or t-62 with
    with the 115mm smoothbore gun or wafentreger pz 4 or the wafentreger e100
    or the tauch panzers

  87. 06:52 That’s the main gun’s recoil mechanism.

  88. non-premium, official American op tank

  89. I hate fighting that in WoT, I hope its not as bad in this

  90. Franco Javier Mina

    Reveals the myth of the Second World War; Super Phershing VS Royal Tiger.

    Clash of the titans of steel !!!!

  91. What about WWI tanks ?:D

  92. baron the soviets the Beriev KOR-1 or the Tupolev ANT-22

  93. I think a derp tank like the Brumbar or the Sturmtiger is realy needed. And
    the E-… line ,so for exemple the E-75! Just for the Vaterland!!

  94. America needs a heavy V tank like T30 or T34 tanks to defeat OP T-10m

  95. i love this tank on world of tanks but i most hiped for the teir 5 spaa i
    feel like a idiot but hey im hiped

  96. All these exclusive gameplays, baron has the sekrit dokumints!

  97. Baron can u do the super Pershing in men of war

  98. I was going to ask that yesterday

  99. I think it should be a German tank because the Americans just got the super
    Persh and the Russians have a pretty solid tree as it stands but the German
    tree is lacking a special something. SturmTiger would be amazing or the
    introduction of löwe class tanks would be a nice finish or for Germany’s
    second tank busting bullet bouncing monster the E75. Then again a nice case
    mate tank for middle tiers would be nice something like the dickermax or
    another tank with the same effect

  100. I always wanted to get a Pershing in WT, but for some reason i find America
    hard to grind.

  101. I CAN NOT WAIT!!

  102. hey Baron! I like the music u use in your video u think u could give the
    name to some of the songs, especially the one in this vid and your intro?

  103. I think it should be premuim though…. :(

  104. to answer your question @6:59. those are the additional recoil and balance
    compensator springs mounted to help keep the gun on target.

  105. these 2 cylindrical objects are hydraulic rams that support the gun
    elevation and depression of the tank cause of the extra armor and also they
    helped to dampen the recoil from the gun and stabilise it

  106. i think e50 and or e50m would be cool

  107. I forgot what they are called, but they help with the barrels recoil if I’m
    not mistaken. That or it keeps the gun upright.

  108. There is actually 2 sets of extra frontal armor. If you watch the video
    they released feat. this, you can see the very frontal extra armor then
    behind it is an additional 2 plates of armor. Behind that is the main hull.

  109. M26e5

  110. idk?

  111. The Raging Stallion

    can’t wait for it!!!!!!!!

  112. Svetlana Stepnaya

    M48,T34 heavy tank, T29, T30, german E ?? tanks, Jpantner 2, ISU 152 with
    BL10 gun, IS7 etc…

  113. At least a 7.0 BR, so the the added armor will do nothing against guns that
    pen 300+mm.

  114. I’d say Kpz70, then german drivers are good

  115. Play as the sherman firefly! ;)

  116. German tier 4 gf is about to get even harder to pkay.

  117. I think they must add T29 T34 and T30, because I will destroy these ****ing

  118. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy


  119. I think the music was a bit too loud

  120. We also need franchies

  121. Must need tog 2

  122. they need to add the T29 T34 and or the T30, all of these tanks actually
    existed but were never mass produced

  123. I smirked whe. gaijin said the M26 has decent armour. bish where

  124. war thunder really needs vietnam era jets that can fire missiles

  125. Japanese tank line XD

  126. Baron baron! Howd you get all your golden eagles?

  127. The actual M26E4 (t26e4) didn’t have those from panthers. in fact, the
    T-26E4 had no armor from a panther, only one T26E4 had the panthers armor
    on it.

  128. They are called Equilibrators, the gun and it’s armor is so heavy that you
    need to use something to balance. If you didn’t, elevation of gun could be
    impossible. Equilibrator carries some of weight and you can control it’s
    pressure from inside of tank so moving gun up or down become easier.

  129. More Stalin tanks please!! <3

  130. Baron, the armor on the gun mantlet was taken from a Panther’s turret, but
    the applique hull armor was 2 boiler plates bolted on. It’s unkown what the
    hull’s effective RHA rating was, since boiler plates are not RHA (RHA =
    Rolled homogeneous armor)

  131. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Why does no one get this. It has 3 layers of armor. Not 1 extra. it has 2
    layers of spaced armor set at what i’d guess to be 60 degrees then 55
    degress THEN the main hull

  132. What song is in the background?

  133. I think they are rockets

  134. After the hetzer there should be the jpanther2

  135. the t-44 100 and now this well i better put some vaseline in my tigers II
    cause they are gonna get raped hard

  136. New Russian medium the t54 is older than m60 and leopard

  137. ow there is you just need to look harder

  138. m1937 is a hover tank of the ussr

  139. cant wait for this one :3 pure love

  140. i remember when the super pershing came to world of tanks, it was the most
    OP tank you could buy!

  141. T34 American tank


  143. so this is the tank equivalent of leatherface? k.

  144. The cylindrical tubes on top of the turret are springs to help balance the
    fun while firing, because the counter weight wasn’t enough to keep it

  145. T-29 with the 105mm

  146. Add Eastern German version T-55?that will stop the “bias” for sure…

  147. Those are coil springs

  148. The tubes were springs were to keep the barrel up.

  149. this is kinda bs tho, its got more armor then the kingtiger, a better gun
    then the kingtiger, better mobility then the kingtiger and the same br as
    the kingtiger

  150. AT 15

  151. T-29 with the 105 mm a tank that will give those Russian tanks some thing
    to think about!

  152. Daniel Jakubowski

    My favorite part: “Yeah the test server’s Russian”

  153. The Sturmtiger Should be added as a rank 4/5 Tank destroyer with it’s
    rocket assisted 380mm Mortar round We have the Panzerwerfer already let’s
    get the Sturmtiger it could be the German RBT-5 Equivalent

  154. T29 wit option of 90 mil or 105

  155. Chieftain (No heat) to counter m60, leopard 1, and t54s.

  156. abraham gonzalez duran

    whats the background song

  157. when are you going to battle with these

  158. A god dam KV-3 , KV-4 or the Object 416

  159. Probably off topic but it would be awesome if they added any drivable navy

  160. 500 FPS more than a 5.56 round…wow

  161. Hold on let me get this out of my system…
    I”m so happy for this update

  162. T-64 with composite armor not modelled XD, it would have about 300mm
    protection and a 420mm penetration heat round


  164. Zsu 23 -4 shilka lol sum more fun aa plez ?

  165. SU-14 203mm gun for the win

  166. Marco antonio Torres

    hey baronvongamez why dont you make any heroes and generals vids enymore

  167. An Armarta would be nice. xaxaxaxaxaxa)))))))))))) russia stronk commandir

  168. remember boys and girls always aim for the smoke tubes 


  170. Sturm tiger

  171. TheAngriestGamer

    the 90mm was an L73. i love the look of the unfield modded Super Pershing..
    not a fan of the modded version. looks like a rolling garbage heap..

    also those cylinders are field modded coil springs if i remember right. I
    don’t remember if it was for though. could of been elevation and depression
    because of added weight, or stabilization and balance issues, or recoil
    absorbers. like i said. dont remember what it was for =(..
    do i win anything?

  172. Vivid Bloodstain

    E-75 and the E-50 are needed to help with Germany’s late tier games. They
    always get F***** by the Russians.

  173. Im happy to hear those new upcoming vehicles, but fixing the compression of
    the Battle Ratings and Match making should be their first priority

  174. I want to see the T57 heavy…tell me that wouldn’t be bad ass

  175. I’d like to c u do another race in War Thunder

  176. wish they would put in arty…with no actual top down view, you would have
    to range or communicate with team….but the big guns could potentially
    take our multiple tanks, and would give scouts a bit more of an actual
    role….would be interesting to see what they would come up with

  177. r the cylinders mg?

  178. Matthew Williams

    why not add the British heavy tank Chieftain. I mean that will be cool
    also there was a M1A1 Abrams in the 90’s
    it is till in service just like the M60 is in service to this day……

  179. Barry “Fl_3” Fletcher

    What I want for 1.57 the most is BR balancing, I know right? Nothing that
    crazy will ever make its way into WatThunder!

  180. KOS Gaming Channel “Stefano”

    all of this is bullocks. The Super Pershing was made just in one or two
    units total and was not even tested in combat. All modifications were
    perpetrated in Europe and the tank proved to be a junk of crap. One of the
    units was left in a depot to get rust and being scrapped.
    The M46 Patton was an improved version of the M26 that suffered from engine
    and gun problems. And it was not in development in 1945. Not at all.

  181. why not add french tanks? with build in white flag for surrender and a very
    fast reverse sped :D

  182. I want the German Puma AV in Warthunder. I mean… because schnell?

  183. Lowe German heavy tank with a 105mm gun.

  184. the m26 has bad armour

  185. p1000 ratte as premium

  186. Jaz The MooseMan

    isnt that the gun that was tested fired on a stug? were the shell
    penetrated the front, through the tank, out in the back, and then buried
    itself in the ground so deep that they couldn’t find it.

  187. IEatDisgustingFood

    they need to add the obj 757 was a heavy tank that fired guided missles and
    unguided rockets and from what I can tell used is8 or t10 hull

  188. IEatDisgustingFood

    was develop 50-60s

  189. YES! It is NOT PREMIUM!

  190. Add dem Excelsior for dem Brits.

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