SUPER PERSHING GOT GOOD! M82 NUKE ROUND ( War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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SUPER PERSHING GOT GOOD! M82 NUKE ROUND ( War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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  1. Grade For president

    Sup first comment :D

  2. Wanted to wait for better quality before I made this public. Don’t really
    care, need to get out of the house and away from the computer. Hope you
    guys enjoy.

  3. ahh waiting for HD :D

  4. no video about gaijin trying to censor any knowledge of cheats? …

  5. I’m still salty about your yak 9t tutorial. Berlin I was the spitfire you
    SOMEHOW out manuverd

  6. Do the Pacific Combo! The M4 Sherman and the F6F with TINY TIMS! Give it to
    the Japs!

  7. Filip Mitrović

    bt-7 and peshka 8 :)

  8. T34-1940 and Il-2 xaxaxaxaxa)))))))))

  9. Erick Valdovinos

    Schools finally over and now I’m a sophomore in high school

  10. Michael Tarateo

    A 43 Black prince with the boiling vessel for the brew, british got to
    drink tea

  11. ehhello mypotatoe

    Make America proud
    T95 and what ever Plane

  12. Robert Gilonske

    mickey maus clubs house with arado

  13. next play the German Churchill and German Tempest, u r ze best spy ever

  14. Po-2 and T60 in Simulator Battles ;)

  15. play with the reserves it will be interesting

  16. yay im the 100th like!

  17. 9:50, RT if you cri every time

  18. #IStandWithPhly. Gaijin has recently forced Phly to take down his video he
    made on a user who he suspected of using hacks. In response Gaijin has
    threatened Phly with a strike. When you get a strike you loose the ability
    to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, and after 3 strikes your channel
    gets deleted. The way youtube works is when another channel strikes you
    with a copyright or DMCA strike youtube automatically sides with the
    accuser and its the channel owners responsibility to prove his/her
    innocence. This is a laborious process that takes 20 work days. Gaijin has
    not only forced Phly to take down the video but they made a poll on their
    forum with only 2 options, one being “censor youtube videos that we dont
    like” and the second one being “return target markers to RB”; which is a
    blatant threat. If you think this is wrong and that Gaijin has no right to
    dictate what goes on youtube (as long as its within the perimeters of
    fair-use, which Phly’s video was) please express your discomfort. Go and
    write to Gaijin. Go post on Reddit. I’m not begging for likes here. But if
    you think this is wrong and people should have the uninterrupted freedom to
    discuss issues, express their opinions and criticisms about video-games
    please like this comment so that it’ll go on the top of this comments

  19. Spitfire F.Mk.IX and A34 Comet next?

  20. rip headphone users with the (sorry to say it) fucking HORRIBLE quality sad
    music at 10:00 xD

  21. you should Play the German Churchill and German Tempest, because it’s epic
    and new :)

  22. TheNecromancer6666

    The spaced Armour of the Super Pershing is just regular steel. Its no
    Armour. Its just a makeshift design

  23. Torture combo:
    Kv-1B and Me-410 with the 50mm gun

  24. Last time I came this early I had to pay childcare.

  25. _Ofenkartoffel_

    Let’s try again:
    Zhukovski I-153 M-62 equipped with rockets and the IS-3.
    You need to destroy a tank with the rockets!

  26. Hristian Hristov

    Why dont you do 1v1 whit baron air and ground

  27. Didn’t the IS-4’s video have a comment that had more upvotes or is it
    earlier than that request?

  28. Tiger 2 (H) sla.16 please paly daily would infringe prescient it thanks

  29. Su-122 and Yak-9t for the Motherland, and setting things on fire with that
    37mm :D

  30. TheFlyingAussie

    +PhlyDaily Do the M36 JACKSON/ SLUGGER and the A-26-45 Invader! TEACH THOSE
    JERRIES A LESSON! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) attempt #5

  31. I really don’t get how you can upload warthunder videos if you are upset
    with Gaijin, and you have all rights to be upset even be mad at them. RIght
    now they think they can get away with this shit because you’re still
    uploading fun videos about the game and promoting it.


  33. belgian peacekeeper

    0:42 i’m rekt :)

  34. Do the British combo! Make Nigel drive a Churchill, and then make him fly a
    Stirling! Have fun! ;)

  35. stubycluby gaming channel

    stug III

  36. B-22 bomber and T-29 heavy tank

  37. 144p is the new meta for videos. It was so pixelated I was able to play
    connect the dots box game with myself!

  38. Jad Collado (Battlemach1ne)

    but if it were a pe2 bomber you will die even your like 8 tanks away from
    the bomb.

  39. Phly take out the Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. B mit 10.5cm KwK L/68 (KING TIGER!) and
    the Me 262 A-1a with 48 rockets or Russia will capture you and send to the

  40. Phly, i think you should contact youtube. Gaijin CEO basically said that he
    will ABUSE youtube copyright systems to shut the mouths of those that dare
    say something he does not want to be said. It is, i repeat, ABUSE of
    systems that are meant to protect copyright material. For this statement on
    the forums, Youtube should at least warn Gaijin that such things will not
    be tolerated. Really, contact someone from youtube and see what they think
    about it. Though… we all know that youtube doesnt care much about

  41. Hey Phly, take out the m24 chaffee and the F6F hellcat, good gun from the
    chaffee and a great ground attacker with the ground target rounds in the
    F6F 😀 Love the vids Phly keep it up :)

  42. You are all euros stupid f !!!!! :)

  43. Cole Kitelinger

    Soviet Lend Lease combo! P63A-5 and M4A2 Soviet premiums

  44. Never been this early.

  45. T 25 and the b17

  46. why the fuck do explosions have so ugly graphics

  47. christian larsen

    crusader and beaufighter

  48. You listen to french rap music?

  49. T92 & b52b good luck from the swedes


    Gayjin took that video down because the cheater was in a T10. If he was in
    an M60 the video wouldve stayed and all american tanks would be removed
    from the game.

  51. Tiger 1
    Fw190 A5 rocketzz

  52. Phly take out the su 122-54 and the il28 please, stalin asks you kindly

  53. Wyatt Szulewski

    Can you do a p38 lighting?

  54. Swedish Armed Forces:

    Centurion Mk 10 (Stridsvagn 102/104)
    The de Havilland DH 100 Vampire.

    Both of these vehicles were introduced to the Swedish Army in the
    Make sure to use that 105mm to full affect against the Communist Soviet
    Union’s tanks! And those x4 20mm Hispano-Suiza cannons to eliminate the
    Soviet jet aircraft!
    Please use the Swedish Air Force Roundel on both the Centurion (European
    camo and roundel on the Centurion) and the Vampire! hope you enjoy this
    combo!! love from Sweden! ;)

  55. M4A2 76 W

  56. FINALLY THEY DID MY SUPER PERSHING AND B29 COMBO! i actually started it

  57. hello war thunder players
    we have a new premium torture vehicle for 1.59
    and guess what its called

  58. Alryde just to say FUCK THE DEVS for all that bs here is the combo (German
    bias combo) take out the snow Kitty (leopard) and the me262 with the
    rockets hope you kill those Russian as good as they fucked the game up

  59. What’s worse Russian bias or school finals?

  60. Can’t get enough of that intro song!! Anybody have a link?

  61. Tiger E and FW 190 F8, your choice on load out on the F8.

  62. Tanawat Leelayouva

    heavy amour really tiger h1 still able to pen this shit on the front with
    one shot kill

  63. Bryann Van Der Voort

    F7F-1 TIGERCAT and the T32, make Murica great again!

  64. Maxime Carpentier

    The time has come for the Pz IV G and the Me 410 A1 with 500kg bombs!

  65. I LOVE how the reverse on the super pershing is faster than that on the
    Panther tanks lol

  66. Tortoise and Firebrand! Show what Nigel has been working on in his

  67. You Know a bit of mid range to high tanks play the Caemarvon and the
    Lancaster 😀 For tea and country

  68. He uses anime music , awesome ?

  69. Blackwater Lucas

    hey Phly 😀 Can u make a Video for the arma 2 Ww2 mod? :>

  70. Phly why is there no stream on friday anymore?


    (Just so you know I mean in realistic this time not like last time where it
    was custom arcade.)

  72. Fuck your airplanes!

  73. THAT MOTHER FUCKER STOLE MY SUGGESTION!!! if you don’t belive me go back to
    the other challenge vids, three or for times i suggested it!

  74. Instead of searching a little group of outlaws, Gaining decided to send
    everyone to gulag, yah best solution. Might return to WoT considering this
    marking jack craps. :/

  75. M41A1 and B25-20 fast moving combo, and dont forget APDS these do wonders.

  76. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Aaaaand censored by gulag

  77. Phly, you should have taken the shot at the Tiger 2 (P) (16:20). There was
    no need to let him live. Shoot the engine, before he has spotted you, you
    can shoot the turret, and he is done. Take it as advice. Because since you
    have let him live, the enemy team won the battle

  78. Did War Thunder make you bring down the hack video?

  79. Shouldn’t the AD-2 Skyraider and T95 doom turtle already of happened? Let’s
    make it happen!

  80. Phly use the Ferdinand and the D13 with ze bomv

  81. Please take out the Carioteer and the Tempest MKII with 1000pound bombs

  82. SB2C Helldiver + The M10 Wolverine please!

  83. Show the doom turtle some love it deserves! T95 and the AD-2 skyraider!

  84. Tank of your choice using only HESH rounds

  85. Daniel Andricic

    Thats not super pershing. Super Pershings name is T26E4!!!

  86. RIP press account ?

  87. *From the WarThunder forums, this is a statement made by an admin:*

    “However, a very respected youtuber PhlyDaily has recently released a video
    of this kind. This video, regardless of the “I am against cheaters”
    disclaimer was working very much as an advertisement of illegal software,
    basically working against it’s own disclaimer (it also discouraged players
    in participating in RB, exaggerating the current situation). Thanks to this
    video, we are already seeing some growth of interest for such software.
    There is no help to be gained from such a video that the developers or our
    community can get. It also violates our EULA/Terms of Use as it works as an
    advertisement of commercial software, and thus violates our public
    copyright license for youtubers as well.

    We immediately contacted PhlyDaily, but he refused to remove this video
    (regardless of its violation of our license), and although he hid it later
    it is still available by direct link. Of course, we have rights to strike
    down this video (and others of such kind), as it is not only violating our
    public license, but also damages the game for honest players. PhlyDaily is
    a very respected (by both us and community) youtuber and we don’t want this
    strike to look like an act of censorship.”

  88. t32 in arcade with baron they ruined the battle rating I want gaijining to
    know what they’ve done to it it use to be a 7.0 and balanced put the tiger
    2h and the king tiger and know it’s going up against things that make it
    look like a light tank

  89. Bf 109 G2 with the tiger2 10.5 mm

  90. when your able to play the kv 2 zis 6

  91. Megawatt Muffin

    Why did they nerf bombs?

  92. German can openers. Do. 335A0 and the Panzer IV/70(A) if you’d kindly.

  93. they also made dive bombers useless

  94. Challenge: all realistic gameplay. You can’t use your 3rd person view. Only
    drivers view, binos, and gunner zoom. Choose what ever tank you want. I
    want you to get an ace game for me. Have fun

  95. Churchill and the Lancaster :D

  96. Caylum Henderson

    when I saw the thumbnail with Fifi I was excited because back in March I
    saw it at an airshow

  97. Phly you are totally overestimated the power range of bombs after that bomb
    information patch. after that patch, bombs have almost 1of3 ranges than
    before(based on some game cracked data).

  98. Thank you for give me something good to watch every day I really appreciate
    what you do and it’s helped me get through a hard time in my life keep
    making videos thank you so much

  99. Daniel The Scotsman

    Can someone post a link to Gaijin censoring Phly?

  100. Ffs Phly that was ear rape

  101. Please play world of warships with the new premium Battleship USS Texas.
    Thanks PHLY !

  102. I’m going to make a different kind of suggestion; you drop Warthunder
    entirely. You give them free advertising almost every day; most of it
    positive. One day you point out a glaring problem with their game and they
    censor you. They don’t try and fix the problem or deal with it like an
    adult, they censor the video.

  103. BUUUrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Would have been fine if you didnt show the hackers name

  104. ” I use the map as my armor “phlydaily
    2012 – 2016

  105. Niklas Ahnqvist

    Lol i saw myself at 9:17..Never saw i played with you Phly :D

  106. It’s a shame to see the game that you have loved, played, and invested into
    for soo long goes to shit because of some asshole developers who don’t want
    to fix their shit. It’s also a shame that the game is your major source of
    income and if it fails you may fail with it. Even more sad that you have
    brought into their game thousands of people that have spent money on it
    just to fuck you over. #feelsbadman for Phly

  107. M-4 Sherman and yak-9 plzz

  108. The gaming Crewe

    Bm-8-24 and BB-1 for tank request

  109. me.262a-1a/u4 pulkzerstorer and the Jagdpanzer VI Jagdtiger

  110. charioteer mk VII and 57mm mosquito pls this is attempt 8

  111. Churchill MK3 Hurricane MK4

  112. =205= Buccia di banana? HAHAHAHAHA

  113. I’d love to see you play T-V and PE-8 with that 5t nuke.

  114. Those damn Yankees think they are better than the finer German quality,
    take out the Panzer IV H with on of the finest planes in the Luftwaffe ME
    420 A1/U4 and show what the German engineers can do without even trying

  115. SP 17pdr.Valentine and Hurricane Mk IV! Let’s serve the nazis some pudding

  116. Skill oriented challenge:
    – Use any reserve tank and plane (the country you want).
    – No “sniper” view, only third person view (and zoom). :p

    #1 attempt

  117. Ply for King and Country take out the Churchill with the good front armour
    and the 75 with the 57mm Mosquito make Squire proud!

  118. 1.structural steel is flat casted = good for standing structures2. rolled
    steel is layered steel = reinforced standing steel3 hemoraged steel is
    rolled steel refined again to minimize impurities

  119. PHLY!!! Please go check Magz’s last video, THIS IS HORRIBLE.
    in short? ok:
    Gaijin lets you the choice between ‘

    -We strike ALL youtube about a modified version of war thunder ( Even mods
    and stuff in solo! like the A-10 PBJ


    -We basically make RB like AB

    Good’day and get rekt.

  120. this is the lant drop form Gaijin, they’ve gonne far enough. If you don’t
    respect your community opinions and criticism you don’t deserve it’s
    respect or support ether… I quit WT !…

  121. m4 Sherman with the p51 with 20mms

  122. #IStandWithPhly

  123. Round 2 mein komrads! Today, ve vill be taking out ze Fw-190 F-8 and ze
    Panzer IV/70 (V)! show ze amerikanz vat ze faterland feels like!

  124. Conquer The Wolf

    do the kv 1b and the fb1 you dank boy

  125. XrosBlade Gaming

    You should play more of the B-29, it’s my favorite American bomber

  126. When phly throws the game by not just killing the tiger II

  127. Friday AND a Phly war thunder upload? It’s perfect.

  128. Get your is2 your p51 and reap hell on your foe’s

  129. Hey phly, I’ve noticed a little bit of a lack of exquisite British
    engineering here on your channel, here’s a challenging historical Desert
    Rats loadout for ya, the Desert Queen (A12 Matilda) and the Hurricane Mk.IV
    40mm Vickers and see if you can’t bag yourself some krauts, good luck to
    you sir! (please put the traditional Tricolour Desert camouflage on the

  130. I meant to say the B-22 flying fortress and the T-29 heavy tank

  131. Take out the rank 2 M4A1 Sherman and the rank 3 P-51 Mustang. . . . .
    MERICA!!! Fuck yea!!!

  132. ISU-152 stalinium and IL-2M. Bring pride for the motherland

  133. Septicduckiplier

    Hey, Phly? Why did you take down your cheater exposed video? Sorry if you
    already addressed this.

  134. the panther distracted you so the jagdtiger could kill you

  135. “T-54 right to our left. SSSSSSHHHHHH…” It’s a tank not a deer, Phly.

  136. love you Phly! we all are behind you. no matter what man

  137. does any1 know what intro song this is?

  138. take out the T-44-122 and the PE-8 with the little bombs! :P

  139. M18 GMC W/ f6f tiny tims

  140. Is asked for KV2 and PE8 with nuke, got nothing

    i cry every time

  141. Phly plz play the Pershing and B 24 liberator with 1,000 lbs bombs for
    Uncle Sam

  142. Question guy’s heard a rumor that all T15 90mm guns on the US do not have
    the correct pen value. I was wondering if that is True?

  143. Panzer IV J and stuka

  144. No more live streaming? :(

  145. MasterfulOhio0 -

    B52 please

  146. Hey Phly! I think you should start measuring your penetration values for
    500m cuz if you really are using the 10m values then you are in a fcked up
    situation or you are a ninja. Btw thank you very much for these AWESOME

  147. LOL that crash… I think I knew it was coming too… It seems certain
    bombs do more dmg even if they are the same size. Unless they all have been
    nerfed or I’m going crazy.


  149. I laughed pretty hard at “and on top we have two tow missiles” lol

  150. Orlando Alvarado

    The T-34-100 and the Tu-2S-59

  151. Challenge suggestion: kill a tank in tank RB by skipping the 5000kg bomb
    off water.

  152. They should not of messed with the bombs in my opinion!

  153. David and Goliath


    m3 stuart

  154. Dr Sigmund Fraud

    B29 vs maus

  155. what was thw song he usedm

  156. Hey Phly, following the high tier tanks and planes combo here’s my
    Drive out the T-10M(if possible with the standard APCBC ammo, because
    “grinding is hard”) and the IL-28 with the 1500kg bomb.
    Good luck and cheers!

  157. ¡¡¡Hitler troopsss have took the VODKA STORGE !!!!¡¡TAKE OUT THE MODER
    RUSSIA S GREATEST COUNTRY; BIG GUNS!!! ,those would be ¡¡ The ISU-152
    MODER-DERP CANNON!!! and ¡¡¡The PE-8 TACTICAL NUKE!!! or 4 mini
    nukes.Remember you have to doit !!For the VODKA!!, and for the fallen VODKA
    powered YAK-3P

  158. M3 Lee and the P-40 Warhawk

  159. Sir Retarded The Eagle

    Its funny how the IS-2 mod 1944 has a shorter barrel than the Super
    Pershing but the Super pershing has pretty much the same amount of drop as
    the IS-2

  160. The ZSU-57-2 & Tu-2S-59, show them the glorious Soviet Apocalypse! : )

  161. The chieftain with heat rounds it’s to good.

  162. You should do the m4a3e8 but put “fury” on the gun

  163. centurion mk. 10 and meteor F8 push those Communist bastards out of Europe

  164. I can penetrate you .

  165. Take out the M4A3 105MM with the monstrous HEAT rounds from hell!

  166. Nikos Zaharioudakis

    m41 walker bulldog + p51
    if the is 2s are giving you a hard time put some sabot up their ass

  167. In your next lineup, try taking a different approach. Take- a different
    game which isn’t run by cunts and play it. Then, follow that with some
    sweet ranting. Sorry this shit happened to you, as no one deserves a strike
    for something that is so blatantly censorship and a complete abuse of the
    system. Wish you the best of luck with what will follow this event.

  168. #IstandWithPhly

  169. That guy on the internet

    Take out the t92 and the ad 2 !

  170. do arcade mode full German tech tree line in one battle

  171. all these awesome tank combos idea and still the american alien looking
    light tank still isnt being voted out

  172. where can i find ur video on i hate cheaters?

  173. Another good one good kills and DISTRUCTION

  174. For the next combo, german Churchill and german Wellington ! For the Tea
    and Sausage !

  175. The Better Brit

    Thanks for your vids Phly and especially thank you for the previous one
    you’ve put on private now. It’s nice to see they’re no longer pretending
    the issue didn’t exist and without you putting it out there they’d still be
    carrying on as usual ignoring those of us who actively report these
    dickless wonders but get no feedback (or even a proper reporting system).
    Keep on keeping on.

  176. Daniel Carmichael

    Usually lov the vis but the sound levels on that sad music killed me.

  177. 1:38 DOO-DOO a lot of damage!

  178. M26 and A-26

  179. 74HiTzErSTriKE47

    Tiger 2 10,5cm gun & The Arado! Let the allied forces feel the pain of
    great german engineering again!!

  180. Nemanja Batanjski

    People call me Bada,so when i saw the picture of this video i wal like:

  181. Hetzer and Fw 190 F-8!

  182. M4A3 (105) with p-47

  183. #RIPBOMBS

  184. ” HANG YANG”! :)

  185. centurion mk10 with charioteer.

  186. Mindaugas Stankus

    Bombing great again 😀 500kg/1000lbs bomb can’t damage vehicle 5 m away but
    rip your plane apart at 100-300 m.

  187. You are sooo coool

  188. Hazardous Poison

    i want f 22 raptor and Abrams o srry ww2 XD worst joke ever

  189. How about something a bit different:
    British early war Africa
    *A12 MkII Matilda II* with the Tricolour “Disruptive” camo. *Hurricane
    MkIIB*, x2 250lb bombs and the 73rd Squadron RAF camo.

    Good luck… because the Matilda sucks.

  190. Felling sorry for you phly :(

  191. 17:00 onwards – phly just stands and watches as the enemy caps his base.
    And even tells us not to engage too early. lol

  192. My friend and I tested something out. We tested that if you could torp a
    tank, and it worked!
    You need to drop the torpedo into the water, then the torpedo has to hit
    the ground where a tank is standing on. Then he’ll probably explode,
    sometimes it’s a bit strange because sometimes nothing happens.
    But here is your challenge:

    -kill a tank with a torpedo
    -take out the FV4004 Conway and the Firebrand TF Mk IV or the british PBY
    -have fun

  193. German KV-2 and the G Tempest

  194. please can we have some more steel ocean phly?

  195. The Super Pershing looks like an elephant! Wtf?! Does anyone notice this

  196. Hey Phly, when I start WT the game is in 3D… I hate it and want to turn
    it off but I don’t know how. Please help.

  197. 23:28 You’ve got a hole in your left wing!

  198. leopard please

  199. Vanquisher109 The Commie

    Plz Phly use T-54 1951 and Il-28. Hit Americans hard with Stalinium shells!

  200. Cyber Wizard Gaming

    9:47 i cri evrytem

  201. I love it when you are so excited!

  202. I challenge you phly to carpet bomb poland: you and baron must carpet bomb
    poland because it a small map while you bombing slick must escort/support
    you guys using the PE 8 5000kg bomb

  203. It’s only when you work together with the Jagdtiger heavy tank destroyer
    and the ME 262 jet fighter you can completely destroy your enemies!

  204. kugel and do217

  205. Phly u so awesome

  206. Lancaster b mk 3 and tank of your choice

  207. T92 pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  208. Blackshrk Music

    :v after you upload the video of the guy who is hacking much of my
    favorites youtubers who play War Thunder now are going to stop uploading
    videos, this the fault of GAIJIN I ever know some user used hacks, but I
    was not sure after your video. This is too sad. Now maybe if you have a
    lucky match where you kill 10 tanks with 0 kills, the people are going to
    think you are hacking and getting report and I don’t know how GAIJIN manage
    that? Well, good luck to all the players no hackers. and sorry for my
    English. R.I.P. to all youtubers who are going to stop uploading War
    Thunder videos. :c

  209. Eww.. 40×500 is hivs. 18×1000 is where it’s at

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