Super Pershing Live review

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. Hey SirFoch, I did enjoy this one, as always.. I love listening to your experienced point of view and bluntness. Many players like ME can trust what you tell us.. and we value that.. I know I do.. Thanks man for taking the time for that. I do join you sometimes on twitch, also Skill4ltu mainly. But I’m playing quit a lot too. When my kids are not here. I have them half the week so I get little time during a lot of the week. Also my computer is not great at playing streams at the same time with the game. I’m only watching video’s if when I get the time, I’m too tired to play. So I appreciate you man.. Cheers 🙂 Peace!

    • Why would you watch a steam while playing tho?

    • @roller Because you can still listen and learn about tank etc and keep up with the conversations.. and keep going back and forth.. have a few battles take a break make coffee switch to stream and be still engaged in the chat and watch more games and your just absorbing as much as post about game, maps, tanks etc.. Do that for few days and you get better quicker, also if your in the garage doing something and SirFoch or Skill4ltu who ever says F in the chat! you can quickly switch, put your F in the chat and switch back and carry on with battle etc. So your just staying with the stream whilst playing the game until you need a break. that’s it 🙂

  2. A lot of US medium guns are just about as accurate on the move as sitting still.

  3. Arty game is like slow-motion Whac-a-mole.

  4. Thank you for posting again!

  5. Holly fuck, SPs gun got buffed ?

    It used to have 170mm pen …
    what time to be alive !

  6. Also I have been using youtube sense it was created. I’ve never seen the red progress bar split up into regions telling you what game is being played. It says intro, Game 1, 2, 3, that a cool feature!

  7. this is what impressive about foch , a game wich is literaly unplayble with 7 artys / lights and he still gets decent game , hats off for that

  8. Excellent video

  9. Foch reminds me of Cpt. Keyes being forcefully held captive in the Proto-Gravemind in Halo 1. Wargaming obviously being the Gravemind.

  10. The sheer amount of extremely well known weak spots ruins the whole point of the extra armour, I’m sad to say.

  11. It’s been like a year since I stopped playing wot due to the fact that WG made this game an unpleasant experience but every time I see that notification of you foch posting new content my eyes go wide open been number one since day one and still deliver that kind of entertainment bud!!keep the salt on the daily menu foch we love you!

  12. There is no such things as a balanced maps in this game. You will always be at a disadvantage on one side on every map

    • Yeah, although some maps are not so massively disadvantageous. A lot of the “city” maps like Himmelsdorf, Ensk, and Paris have nearly-symmetrical spawns which don’t really add many massive advantages to being on one side or the other.

      But Mines is certainly one of the worst examples. On top of the unbalanced spawn locations, its also way too small of a map for high tier gameplay. I really think they should limit it to tier VI and lower tanks only. Or just lock it to the low tiers (like with Province) so I don’t even have to see it.

    • @Andy Well city maps tend to lend to one team over another to some degree. From approach to defensive and spotting positions.

  13. Stock up on salt.

  14. i think sir foch has got a gambling problem he making loads of vidz you need a shoulder or a hug mr foch !!!

  15. the vidz are great keep em cumming

  16. I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but I thought they were re-balancing all the Tier VIII preferential matchmaking tanks and giving them normal match-making? They never got to the Super Pershing?

    • No. That change got axed super fast when the playerbase got wind of it. The old preme tanks kept their +1/-2mm template and got smaller buffs instead so they could at least compete at tier 8.

  17. I refuse to play either arty or the ebr.

  18. Arty is fun and games until you realize there is arty in the same match as you. and it deals 1100 damage in single hit like it did to me today

  19. thanks for the reviews Foch, good to have you back

  20. greetings from poland i m never enough of a grain of salt:)

  21. they should buff the accuracy and the alpha dmg at least

  22. I like how Foch uses standard shells. Today most of the times if you bounce one shell, next one is premium. Very cool, man. Keep up with good content!

  23. HE IS BACK!!!!!!!

  24. so i just played my first wot match in like 2 years, and i played one match.

  25. I like that you started making this content

  26. That tank is always been junk

  27. Can you review the recently updated T54E1?

  28. rageselled years ago

  29. 21:40 It’s free real estate

  30. My first premium tank, I bought it before buffs and it was ok. Now it’s faster, has better pen and armor. Ok it’s slow but there are slower tanks and the armor works pretty well. It’s a solid and easy tank to play! Not the best, but definitely not the worst!

  31. I am glad i stopped playing when i saw 3 arty on each side

  32. Like nr. 666.. muahaahaa.
    Next one could be an italian Auto-Reloader 🙂

  33. Thx bro! Especially liked the vacuuming neighbours KEKW

  34. At mid range it’s pretty hard to pen Spershing reliably. I like it for it’s pref MM and it has nice view range so it’s pretty solid creditmaker at least in my books. I understand if you like faster tanks, it’s not your cup of tea. It’s my first and so far only tier8 I’ve got 2nd mark in.

  35. Thanks for the video. Interesting. Keep safe and stay well.

  36. Liking these reviews. Not sure if it’s more for the gameplay tips or the tank info 🙂

  37. You should do the t32. I hate the gun soo much on tier 8 tanks. T29 is amazing tho. Only thing nice about the t32 is the turret i think.

  38. these are some of the most useful vids on wot on ytube

  39. Is it just me or is the keyboard annoyingly loud?

  40. Strahinja Mirosavljev

    3:02 has Foch developed tics from playing world of tanks?

  41. So Ieave yt for a couple of days and then I see several yt movies from the TheFochYou? Gott in Himmel!

  42. Sir Foch is digging in the dumpster and find a super pershing 😉
    Good video BTW

  43. Arty didn’t miss, durh. He aimed between you and splashed both. Learn game mate.

  44. “Degenerate Mario Kart…” Best laugh of my day… 😁

  45. Has anyone ever told you you sound like the alter ego of Andy Kaufman the character he called Tony Clifton lol

  46. 8:55 Confused as it appears there is chat from both teams? Since when … that’s been gone for what, 2 years?

  47. was the other team in chat?

  48. played it before it seemed better in terms of armor now everything pens you must be allot of new tier 8 guns that punch holes much better

  49. I’ve never heard the Mario Kart/Cookie Clicker comparison, and it’s hilarious

  50. Holy shit is that your real voice, haha!

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