SUPER PERSHING TANK 1.57 HYPE – (War Thunder M26 Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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TANK 1.57 HYPE – (War Thunder M26 Tank Gameplay)

Music from Binary Orchestra! Check him out!


  1. Sorry about the re-upload youtube is silly

  2. first like


  4. Wheres top 5 plays?!

  5. I wonder when this update is coming out

  6. Hell yeah T-26E4 fuck yeah

  7. Happy SATURDAY!

  8. I wish my computer was still working XD

  9. TAKE THAT RUSKIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Please keep the likes at an odd amount please! Thankyou! :P

  11. Johunnnn snouwwww

  12. Phly poetry slam confirmed

  13. When I heard about War Thunder ground forces, this tank was the thing I
    immediately wanted. I was so sad it wasn’t in the game, but now my hopes
    are revived. (Hopefully it doesn’t get fucked over by russian bias)

  14. Problem with spaced armour in warthunder is that when a shell goes through
    the first armour sheeting the shrapnel can glitches through and kills crew
    on non penning hits.

  15. Btw, I’m almost certain this will be some event trophy tank.

    Either way, it’s American which means it’ll be overtiered like a MF

  16. jesus how does the crew fit in that tiny cabin with a huge gun

  17. War thunder hasn’t gotten the super perishing yet? Jeez war thunder step
    your tank game up. WoT has had this tank since i could remember

  18. Phly are you gonna do a video of the Nashorn?

  19. Am I the only one that got excited about the carrier develop pic? Was I the
    only one that noticed a CATAPULT SYSTEM

  20. isn’t there already a super Pershing?

  21. sup phly

  22. why do you have your mic so close to your keyboard

  23. phly if u go back to 3:26 there’s 2 separate plates of spaced armour not
    just one

  24. So what is a tank ace? 5 kills without dying? I’ve played WT a bit but I am
    clueless on some lingo

  25. Do every youtuber really have to yell?


  27. Super Persching is going to be soo slow.

  28. i’d be pissed if this waa a reward tank

  29. So i have a question, will the super-pershing be a premium (for me i feel
    it will be).

  30. Phly the super pershing is now my favorite tank.

  31. Why are they adding a lot of new vehicles? I’d prefer the br and mm to be
    fixed instead..

  32. Do you think they will ever add jap tanks? If they did O-I would definitely
    need to be in it

  33. can u play more world of warships

  34. I’m not sure you understand what a ‘Bastard’ is :P

  35. ok the Russians are now screwed lol this tank is the definition of hard to

  36. great that have a OP dront armor

  37. 11:40 Robbaz was in your match aswell!

  38. Is that Robbaz driving a t44-122? LOL xD

  39. When you dont play US-Tanks and you hate this tank because you know it will
    be a good enemy.

  40. Isn’t the super Pershing already in the game just without the extra armor?

  41. please do not be a premium

  42. Will the “cannons” on the turret be useable?

  43. Getting a PC soon and wanting to continue my WT PS4 progress. Anyone know
    if you can transfer your stats over through your Gaijin account?

  44. cool cool, the only issue is that a panther’s armor is worth jack shiz
    right now in war thunder :P

  45. You should take out the Churchill Mk. VII next, and show the OP Russkies
    the power of British steel!

  46. Love the mexican standoff part lel xD

  47. u should have played the t32 instead

  48. Oh great the Americans are getting even more over powered.

  49. OH SHIT PHLY! You were playing a game with Robbaz! TWO OF MY FAV YOUTUBERS

  50. That Pershing will never be penetrated from the front then kill it shoting
    on the sides

  51. Pershing jumbo :D

  52. I got a challenge for you phly. Reset your account and start all over. You
    can’t use golden eagles it is just you and the soul sucking grind. Let’s
    face it you have most if not all the vehicles now and you have nothing
    better to do haha. Just a suggestion. Do what you want dude.

  53. Did i see robbazking earlier? aka. Robbaz using the T-44-122

  54. robbaz?

  55. “IS3 fight one of these in 1947 while at the Battle of Gulag 19. The IS3
    emerged undamaged, stalinium armor singing songs of its conquest.” -Gaijin
    when this tank is somehow terrible.

  56. T44 with pe8

  57. The Combat Commission

    Phlydaily Challenge if you choose to historical kills AD-2 apparently shot
    down two Mig-17’s now try you should try .

    o tank request plz M4 Sherman Firefly & Wellington MkX with COOKIE!!! OM!
    NOM! NOM! NOM!!!

    (if you don’t understand what a cookie is it’s the 4000 lbs drum)

  58. I am a potato

  59. @ Phly
    do you think gaijin will finally add the missing armor-plate on the
    conquerors belly??

  60. it’s about time and at least one american tank in patch 1.57 so far

  61. The Xxx_Sup3rP3rsh1ng_xxX would rekt the hell outta the Xxx_IS3_Russ1a_xxX.

  62. O rly? OMFG, the black widow, the super pershing, my god

  63. Hey Phly you should play the ISU-152

  64. hey Phly do the Fury combo, the M4A3(76)W and P51-D10

  65. 11:11

    Is that THE Robbaz?

  66. You have no merit killed Tiger h1 with M26, it is as if I boasted of
    killing M22 with KV 85….

  67. If someone could help me, on the super pershing ,what are those big drum
    like things on the top of its turret, i was guessing some kind of recoil

  68. I need this in my life I need to revive my love for the m26 cause the mm
    just fucks over the m26 n m46 :/

  69. Please War Thunder model barrels!

  70. hi everyone, I was thinking a bit about tanks, German tanks, and speaking
    of German tanks, I was doing some research about German light tanks and it
    surprised me how many there were! why does the American tech tree have
    light tanks and Germany doesn’t?!? they had legendary tanks like the
    VK.16.02 , VK.28.01 and the leopard(light tank) and many others, tell me
    guys what you think about a German light branch in the tech tree. have a
    good Saturday.

  71. Dude, Robbaz was in your match!

  72. Good “ThinkTank” Email

    warrhunder is so behind wot

  73. Another tank to be rekted by russian IS-2 and T-34s.

  74. Btw the Super Pershing is already in the game but without the additonal
    armour plates, it’s the premium M26E1 one.

  75. So what are the two cylinders mounted above the barrel? At first I thought
    they may be launchers, but they appear to angle down towards the barrel so
    this does not look like the case. Anyone have any ideas?

  76. Do you know what would be cool? Rocket pods.

  77. Little does phy know apcr is the worst shell in the game

  78. I know the super Pershing was coming to war thunder I know it I know it
    hell yes

  79. My mom said if i get 1000 subscribers ill get a ps4 …. plz help :D

  80. Can you play the smk premium and the il4? FOR STALIN!!

  81. omg i am so happy

  82. would this be consider as a click bait?

  83. OMG I AM SO HAPPY!!!

  84. It’s not going to be a Premium tank, right?

  85. Germany will never get shit for top tier…

  86. yuri de oliveira barbosa

    use the british ass tank (Archer or Asscher) and the Sea Fury

  87. What was that thing on the top of it

  88. My favorite tank of all time, I’ve been waiting since ground forces was
    released for this and I thought it would never happen. I’m so happy :)

  89. I think Warthunder is trying to develop a tier 5 premium tank for every
    nation, think about it.. this thing at 7.0/7.3, the dieselkingtiger at 6.7
    too probably

  90. Jaraxxus Eredar lord of the Burning Legion

    is that robbaz that is playing with you in the game? RobbazKing is that his
    ingame name?

  91. This is becoming WoT

  92. yay most likely 100$ worth of ge

  93. why so much hype with an american vehicle in this game in the end its just
    going to be garbo with their stock ap shells -.-

  94. when does the update come out?

  95. I love my m26 in warthunder, but it only gets good once you get the second
    shell the m82 round. the first shell he was using bounces way to much but
    it does have more penn.

  96. 73 calibres long?


  97. apcr has so much pen power wt thought it was a good idea to make it get
    adsorbed into everything inside the tank

  98. That Mexican standoff with the tiger reminded me of the movie Fury, nice

  99. WoT players will know how op the Spershing is if you dont know where to
    shoot it, and in certain that will be the case here aswell.

  100. superpershing finaly, gonna be good in this game:P no stupid weakpoints +

  101. You should really take the t25 out next. I dont see enough gameplay of it.

  102. i really want to see phly play the t32

  103. You didn’t even talk about the frontal armor, Jesus Christ Phly.

  104. alright guys (and phly) this is a question I really need an answer on
    please. Today my friend logged in to his account (Malte_So) and he sees:
    rank 0, all his tanks and planes are gone-> the whole account is resetted.
    He was rank9, had american tier 2 planes and german Tier 2 Tanks. we both
    dont have an idea what happenend and he tried it with a new password,
    starting the PC again and I tried to log in with his account On my pc, but
    nothing worked. so if anyone here has an idea to help us, it would be
    really appreciated. thx guys:D

  105. Is it going to kill everything like the premium M46?

  106. I took out a t54 in a tiger 1 soooooooooooooooo

  107. germans dont get jackshit

  108. I just fell in love.

  109. well fuck this tank its op. people bitch about my black prince and its
    space amor so no no no

  110. All the doritos gameplay.

  111. Also, when are you doing your next challenge video? Not to rush t all, just

  112. phly shoot a plane down with a E100 ore Maus

  113. COME ON ME262A-2A/U2

  114. M26 Pershing seem to be a decent tank or it just the match, it strange
    nobody vote for it, but regardless having extra armor and a better gun
    would be good the downside is the mobility :(

  115. Why did it just say it was uploaded 2 hours ago lol I watched this video
    like a day ago

  116. Hey look! Its the Cykapershing! With 3 layers of FUCK OFF.

  117. Иосиф Сталин

    Imagine you are a North Korean in a T34 and suddenly you see the beast, the
    super Pershing

  118. Heavy hitting American Combo (ATTEMPT 3)
    The endangered M6A1 Buffalo and the F-82 dual Mustand with 2 2000 lb bombs
    Deliver a taste of freedom to those krauts!

  119. I wish I was in a battle with Phly AND robbaz!

  120. Phly… Why were you so afraid of Tiger 1s? They can’t pen the Pershing

  121. why reupload?

  122. hah try playing americans against the russians….

  123. Does anyone know if there’s any chance that War Thunder will get a console

  124. Superpershing will be premium tank?

  125. Phly will the P-47D Razor be added

  126. FINALYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Well if America has the Super Hellcat and Super Pershing, Britain needs the
    Churchill Avre ;3

  128. Is it me or gaijin hasn’t confirmed this yet?

  129. Here’s a idea wot is doing it this year its called FIXING YOUR FUCKING

  130. M-46 Ad-2

  131. t-44 122 Robbaz you gold plated piece of shit, i love you.

  132. I wonder why the Russians have such an inferiority complex? Why do they
    feel the need to make games and totally overpower all Russian equipment and
    gimp all German, American, and British equipment. If Russian gear was so
    good in WW2 they would have conquered the world in 3 weeks. They ruined
    what was a fun game a few years ago and turned it into Russian propaganda.

  133. gib Chieftain Mk3 noa!!

  134. it will be a premium

  135. I Don't Understand Math

    OMG they are adding so much things to other countries. They should add IS-7
    or T-62A sp Russians dont get left behind.

  136. Why did you remove this video yesterday? I saw it come up on my feed then
    it was removed.

  137. You should have played the m26e1 its a superpershing without the xtra armor

  138. Better gun, worse penetration. WoT logic :)

  139. phly take out a sherman and a b25

  140. Sorry Phly but the hype train is for the Chieftian.

    But the Super Pershing will be a premium becasue Gaijin loves taking money
    for you

  141. The cykapershing will grace us with its presence, and be flanked by all the
    tanks because it takes about a week to turn the hull because of all the
    frontal armour

  142. Hey phly i don’t like the m26 eny more cus i Think it’s over radet at 6,7
    it’s was so Well blancets at 6,3

  143. Thanks for being such a player Phly

  144. Don’t worry, Russians tanks will one shot this trough the frontal
    armour/gun mantle regardless.

  145. Ryan Chen (Avro Vulcan)

    well World of Tanks got the super pershing completely wrong, WarThunder
    might do a better job!

  146. When is 1.57 coming out?

  147. 100% premium tank …….

  148. It’s Shit, Cheiftan better!

  149. What are those two tubes on top of the tank?.


  151. 1. Yes
    2. yes
    3. Never played panther

  152. The Raging Stallion

    hopefully not brittish

  153. Barrel is 73 calibres long? seems legit

  154. The Raging Stallion

    this tank made me jazz over and over

  155. Can someone tell me what the two tubes over the barrel on the turret are

  156. Tyler Brooke-Thomas

    “I don’t get more than 3 deep”

    -PhlyDaily 2016

  157. When is the update?

  158. Finaly!

  159. This thing is going to either be impenetrable and completely over powered,
    or more or less easily penetrable and really bad. Unfortunately that is how
    it is in World of Tanks, penetrated by everything making its extra armor
    worthless. So yeah, I don’t know.

  160. the super Pershing is a great tank I play it on war of tanks blist….
    finally is going to be added in war thunder I’m just waiting for the

  161. super pershing will be only premium tank i buy lol

  162. still won’t melt steel beams like the is 3

  163. I was ZSU behind the bunker!
    You destroyed the opponent team! gg

  164. “Lemme take these guys out real quick” that feeling when you get
    one-shotted by something way better

  165. phly please play the t92 76mm

  166. Armor Piercing COMPOSITE Ballistic Capped

  167. I thought the SP was made to fight against the king tigers?

  168. Phly what’s the best American tank of you pic and take it out

  169. So much hype just for yet another meat for BR 7.3 IS-3 and T-54-47 AND yet
    another curb stomper of anything lower BR 6.3-5.7? You are being

  170. gg germans tanks

  171. do you think this will be a premium tank or no phly

  172. COOL NOT: (WAR THUNDER 1.57 GAMEPLAY) little less clickbaiting

  173. Hi Phly i love your video’s keep up the good work!
    And i saw that 360p video lol

  174. How is the song in the video called please?

  175. please play the m60 next

  176. I am so getting this and the Tiger II Sla. 16

  177. ZSU-37 is stronk Stalinium tonk

  178. what tier is this tank going to be?

  179. i remember this unit from R.U.S.E….beats everything from a
    cost/performance standpoint.

  180. what the hell does 73 calibers long mean??

  181. Super Pershing Hype Train Shup Shup

  182. WT should add the T29…..

  183. Someone tell FleDolly a Mexican Standoff has three people all with guns
    pointed at one another, not two.

  184. thatbattlefield dude

    holy shit you guys got the superderpshing :D

  185. What you think of War thunder adding the sturmtiger, phly?

  186. fly the i 185

  187. hope it will just be an update for the m26e1 armor

  188. after the patch you look at the american tree no m26 super pershing looks
    by ussr and see it as a premium

  189. Sebastian Biver (DutchForLux)

    what are the tubesd on the front of the turret for??

  190. Welp. Germans are screwed.

  191. hey PhlyDaily love ur videos man and can i ask how do you get so many
    eagles and can you make a video how to get a jet faster thanks cheers also
    great video

  192. hell yes

  193. That M26 looks so versatile and that gun is incredible!.. Burning Tigers
    like Hotpockets :D

  194. is a us tank right?

  195. AlOhAPvP HawaiiBoiz

    Play the m60

  196. So how many millimeters is the the hull armor worth?

  197. Saul Joshua Olamendi

    When is the Update?

  198. What’s with all these new tanks that will be filling the top tier it’s like
    they are trying to make the top tier equal and not Russia biased

  199. hey ive been requesting the m41a1 with the f82 for a long time!

  200. Keep up with the good work Phly !!

  201. when the 1.57? Japonese tank will not? And m51 Super sherman?

  202. The Super Pershing in War Thunder, I think I’m going to cry.

  203. Phly have you seen the video of the super sherman?

  204. Do u guys think the Super Pershing could survive a 152 mm Grenade from the
    front ?

  205. I love how original the US Army were with their names…
    ‘hmm, we have a Hellcat…. Put a 90mm gun on it, its better. The Super
    Hellcat everybody’
    *3 weeks later*
    “Hey guys, got a new idea! It’s a Pershing with a better gun, and more
    armour! You guessed it, its better!
    ‘Super’ original name, let’s call it the Super Pershing! never done that

    very modest America, very modest

  206. Slippery™ Sandals™

    I swear to god if this is premium….

  207. SUPER PERSHING HYPE!!!!!!!!

  208. So the not so mass-produced mass-production version of that premium super
    Pershing prototype is finally out! with distinctly better armors and ..
    isn’t that the same gun?
    But wait..when putting it this way…will this be yet another m26 t99?


  210. 1. yes
    2. YES
    3. Y. E. S.

  211. They need to add the E5

  212. Please don’t let it be premium

  213. I hope it will not be OP like it is in WOT

  214. This game is becoming weird. Tier III ftw

  215. Love all the flat angles

  216. $5 says it’s a fucking premium. Or there’s a “dumbed down version” (less
    armor some how) that’s premium.

  217. Those two tubes on top of turret, aren’t those AT missiles?

  218. ThreeFiveZoids The Crab

    What do the two tubes on top of the Super Pershing do?

  219. OH NO PLEASE this mother fucker nooo!!! Germany need more tanks and 155mm
    Pak!! please nerf!!

  220. How many crew mems are we allowed to have?

  221. when is 1.57 coming?

  222. Lol “my mlg m26 skillz”

  223. woa good tank

  224. Yo Phly do you ever play this game anymore or just rerelease devblog stuff.

  225. Nice 6 Phly!!!!

  226. alejo ruiz camauër

    Lol what a rampage!!!

  227. Play the smk & yak 9b fir the hard mide

  228. Mode

  229. I have it on world of tanks its a premium the only bad thing about it is
    the gun but that’s in wot

  230. superpershing will either be a special event grind or easily 3000GE . sigh


  232. “But I don’t get any more than 3 deep in there” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  234. It’s American… so it’s gonna suck.

  235. AirProduction -Airbajan

    Hey just a question…the more u carry fuel the heavy u are ?

  236. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    I hate the m26. the m46 is so much better because it is faster and can
    actualy play like a medium tank

  237. if the thing is that op it might end up bieng a premium

  238. I have a challenge for u PHLY for a challenge video. Use the very mighty
    KugleBlitz with HVAP and get at least 5 plane kills and kill 1 tank. For
    planes, use the Dora with bombs for fun. Never seen anyone use the bombs on
    the Dora. Have fun with it if u chose my challenge!!

  239. the armor wasnt added until the tank was in the field. they bascially
    strapped 1in layers of boiler plate to the outside to give it a chance
    against german armor.

  240. We’ll, my king tiger is now dead

  241. Guys wot did not make the sp suck you got pen is just because they only pen
    the space armor part but not the main one also if your fight against it it
    will say penatration but then not one hp lost same reason

  242. Play Baby Pershing, M-25

  243. wonder if the spaced armor will work correctly… *cough wargaming cough*

  244. Well i do know that in WoT the spaced armor on that thing is aids :/

  245. ‘Homo-genius armour’ oh dear Phly, I think you are getting worse! XD

  246. it had extra german panther armor lol

  247. RIP. Headphone users.

  248. What if they add something crazy, like a KV-4 or a FV215B 183? That would
    be some crazy stuff!

  249. Here’s to hoping it’s not a premium.

  250. Ahhtaczy “Griffin And T Gaming” Gaming

    If I’m not mistaken the Super Pershing had two layers of 38mm plates bolted
    on the upper and lower glacis, he only showed one. But the point that is
    still certain is the amazing beast of a tank it will be. Too bad it will
    most likely be premium or an event.

  251. The firefly combo
    Sherman Vc firefly and Fairey Firefly mk V
    Do it for Nigel!

  252. cool, but it will be prem

  253. Hey Phly,

    Thanks for all the great content on your videos, I find them really
    entertaining and really appreciate your passion for your vids.

    I was wondering what you PCs setup is as it always looks really great on
    the graphics front.

    Regards form the UK Kevin.

  254. I like to call the T26E4 Super Pershing by it’s nickname “Leatherface” like
    the crazy serial killer, he wears the ripped off face of his victims. Like
    the Super Pershing and it’s added Panther armor added to the face like a
    mask… Freaking Badass.

  255. The Pershing sucks ass. It’s great against 5.7s (as seen in this video) but
    it really struggles against 6.7 tanks (at its own tier) and it’s completely
    useless against 7.7s.

  256. BF 109 f2 op pen on amounted targets round

  257. probs premium

  258. It might be worth pointing out the the SP has not one, but TWO layers of
    spaced armor on the upper and lower plates!!!

  259. If the developers are sane, this will be BR 7.0 minimum.

  260. hey phly your a amazing youtuber

  261. crap this tank is nearly impenetrable
    why to they add this tank in

  262. Элиза Хоэнхаим

    Wow! Your news are nowhere on russian forums yet. It’s 15:34 and no new
    about Superpershing at all!!! How did you do that?

  263. Awesome game, would of been better if the Russians didn’t make it such a
    turkey shoot like they always do.

  264. Hello Phly. Are you going to do a video on the different ammo types in
    ground forces? (advantages and disadvantages)

  265. M8 are you sure about m26e4 at the site there is no info. And what is the
    release date.

  266. Any armor no problem for BR 365K

  267. What do the tubes on the top of the tank do?

  268. Dont play a match with the russians as team mates play against them and see
    if you do so well.

  269. Personally I’d love it if the gun barrels would collide with buildings,
    other tanks etc , but I would guess I’m in the minority.

    I doubt they’ll ever implement that either as it would cause so much
    whining ;)

  270. Too bad it will be premium like all interesting tanks for a while now.

  271. If u want pizza kill E100 with KV-2 on multiplayer game

  272. The Romanian Reaver

    o.O The additional armor wasn’t scrounged from german tanks but made from,
    if my memory serves, boiler steel. FFS you were supposed to have researched
    this and yet you don’t know that much?

  273. Phly if you didn’t noticed there are two piece of spaced armor on the front
    of the hull of the Pershing. I don’t know if this is true with all of that
    armored combined on the front portion of the hull I think it’s around
    300mm+ of armor your looking at so yea good luck trying to pen that armor

  274. Please can you help me.I reinstalled windows after that i installed war
    thunder.I loged on and all of my tanks and planes were gone. Please help

  275. lol robbaz in the t-44

  276. m4a3 hvvs 105 plz

  277. Do you gain silver lions or lose them

  278. If you use spaced armor correctly you can do well very well

  279. My one wish is that Gaijin does it right. Not like War Gaming, with their
    super nerfed, sad excuse for a Super Pershing. In WoT (World of Tanks), the
    thing has useless armor and a useless gun. Again, I only hope that Gaijin
    does it right.

  280. Phly please do M-18 stelth killer

  281. Phly don’t ask stupid question , i’m have this and still own in WoT (quite
    the game long ago but still have tho. :)) .

  282. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    phly ur wrong, the SuperPershing was a prototype and some of them entered
    in ww2 and The didnt have just 80mm armor. THEY HAD MORE THAN 150!!!

  283. Beakwood a.k.a Adregallus

    The true Super Pershing is something called T32.I pass.

  284. ki 83?

  285. Robbaz + Phly= Perfection

  286. hey uhh Phily you gona make a frontal armor test video for the SPershing?
    And if anyone played WoT and got the SPershing well we pray for it’s
    reputation as a noob hunting tank due to people not aiming at it’s exposed
    cupola and the turret cheeks that the spaced armor isn’t covering

  287. I love the premium version of this tank. Funny how it gets a better gun

  288. It’s a small world.

  289. Super Pershing have two layers of space armor

  290. doom turtle(t95)

  291. at 11:50 you see robbaz gamer tag

  292. Super Pershing? More American junk for the might Russian T-10M to shoot
    holes in, bring it on!


  294. Wow, that was some seriously good M26 gameplay, PhlyDaily. I cannot get the
    gun to pen like that. Plus, I get up tiered Every. Fucking. Game! Yeah, the
    90mm is like throwing marshmallows when you fight Maus and T10M’s. Stupid
    condensed matchmaking.

  295. It’s gonna be 8.3 because why not?

  296. I’ve long wanted to see this tank in the game. Twenty-five of them built,
    one serviced, and the pinnacle of American firepower housed inside. This
    thing belongs in the game one hell of a lot more than the T32, which sits
    in tree for reasons unknown. I’ll not be happy, though, if Gaijin makes it
    a premium and/or screws up it’s designation. It’s the T26E4, not the M26E4.
    There was no M26 when the Super was made because the Pershing had yet to be
    redesignated as a medium.



    Not even the Maus stands a chance now. My god Iosef Stalin will not be

  299. if only they gave it 330 mm of pen in WOT :3

  300. we need m1 abrams bcuz soviet armor too stronk aka russian bias

  301. LOL War thunder is trying SO HARD…

  302. How about using the son of the m26 the m47 patton 2 just because the turret
    is sexier IMO

  303. well bye bye tiger and hello super Pershing. not for me anyway since i’m
    still working on German tech tree no point quitting at late tier 4 tech
    tree. had a feeling this tank well come one day.

  304. Phly you should try War Thunder on the PS4

  305. Hopefully they don’t nerf the shit out of it like war gaming those. Fucks.

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