SUPER PERSHING TANK! – Is it good?! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Gameplay – Tank

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  1. well got in here fast hehe

  2. what is your favorite tank phly


  4. phly keeps getting better at his intros, i love it☺

  5. LivingInTheLimeligh7

    Ta-152 C pls

  6. The Pershing in WoT is crazy good

  7. hi phly how do i get more rp simulator arcade or realistoc

  8. first comment play the new open cabin german td, The Panzerjäger I, also

  9. last time i was here so early thefinebrothers had 15 mil subs

  10. wow the super pershing sux is what i think its so easy to destroy btw epic

  11. T-44-100 + Yak9T

  12. the mg port is so easy kill

  13. YAY I was looking for new video and im here 6 minutes after video put
    and a question

  14. i m sorry to say to you phily that all the additional plates on the super
    pershing, are bolted steel. So in game it have 0.40 modifier… the
    calibers such as the 88 or the 122 mm don t give a shit to the bolted
    plates. basically is a ugly pershing with a long 90

  15. The Raging Stallion

    thats y i stopped playing war thunder, russian bias

  16. Pray for Bruxelle!

  17. Ive been looking for super pershing gameplay since it came out, and i could
    hardly find any, the search is over!

  18. Phly can u play the T-44-100 next?

  19. omg git gud skrub

  20. no Russian bias #CykaBlyat no bias Xaxaxa

  21. You silly Phil, capitalistic crap plus fascist inferior steel can’t endure
    mighty T34

  22. “good gosh dash gosh darn” – phlydaily 2016

  23. American bias XD (just kidding)

  24. i love the westballz music

  25. In a weird way, I wanted this tank to be premium.

    I was struggling with getting into the US tank tree and hoped this tank
    would push me in

  26. Play the Conway next.

  27. i unlocked it today and its sooo slow and bad is that normal or i just got

  28. Quick question- does shooting the springs immobilize the gun? Or nah?

  29. Thinking about doing the Conway next?! Is that a go or no?

  30. intro was pretty funny!

  31. nope, nothing is good against T54s and IS3s, especially at 6.7

  32. phly, fly out the ki 44 with the 40 mm derp guns next. grenade launchers
    engaged. 240 m/s of honorabru sudoku

  33. Gun might be a little op. Phly ud love to see this replay of my 10.5 cm
    tiger shooting a t-44 point blank a few times and nothing

  34. how many….

  35. Guilherme Velhote

    i don’t now why but i’m watching this video while listenning to
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky – Bandit Radio

  36. After the Conway fly the Premium Do335 and the Hashorn The new GERMAN COMBO

  37. That into made me laugh so hard.

  38. 9:40-9:50 ?

  39. Yeah. The KwK 43 wasn’t technically obsolete in terms of its penetration
    until around 1960.

  40. not as bad as rounds bouncing around like 10 times in a tank. fucking game

  41. Stalinium shell

  42. TheClassicGamer -

    I really hate the 50cal on it #noinfantrytokill LOL

  43. Phly are you going to make a sea meteor video?

  44. Its the t26e1 1 but the t26e4 is better, i tought it was the e4, shiet

  45. For some reason I thought that Russian SPAA was going kill phlyDaily that
    would of been funny. If that happened I can imagine phlyDaily screaming
    “NO” the way he said it when he got killed in the RBT-5 when trying to kill
    the centurion tank :)

  46. that panther armor need to ×0.8 So………

  47. Один я понял слава гимна?

  48. The lower glacis is only at a 45° angle or so, not 76°. My friend has it
    and we tested it frontally everywhere and the Tiger 2 could penetrate it

  49. juan david uran acevedo

    russian bias

  50. MagicThunder

  51. Pray for bruxelles

  52. Gaijin showing that Russian bias again

  53. Best tank in the game

  54. i fucking love you intro’s ???

  55. Phly pls answer me.
    1. Do you have any info about navy in WT?
    2. Do you think that ships like USS Farragut DDG-37 could be added. You
    know first guided rockets etc etc

  56. Phly can you please make another video about that epic soundpack you
    showcased a few weeks ago?

    That would be awesome! :)

  57. Phly can you play the Conway?

  58. in soviet russia, gaijin logic makes sense
    (but only if you drink 5 bottles of vodka, I mean seriously just being in
    soviet russia isnt enough with this one)

  59. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    T44 100 POLY

  60. So true, freaking tiger 2 H can’t stop a t34 85.

  61. wtf was that aa truck? never seen it before.

  62. phly play ksp again to make stupid f*cking shit!!

  63. Russian tanks always have that bullshit… t44 explosive round (140 pen)
    penned my 200mm plate on centurion mk10. I think it has something to do
    with it bouncing off the barrel then into the armour and for some reason
    that makes it higher pen

  64. Stalinium in action :D

  65. I love your vids man!!

  66. intro song is twisted nerve-Bernard Hermann

    P.S Drink your tea responsibly!

  68. #pray brussel sprouts

  69. El Alamin would suck with that many players.
    War thunder maps are too compact, large maps like that are fantastic
    because you can actually fight like a tank, not a kill-fest CQC barrage.

    I mean your rang-finder has like 12 notches. It would be cool to actually
    use anything past the 4th for a change :/

  70. haha the start of the video excellent 😀 but its just a lag, the killcam,
    decals are not always showing what exactly happened, once i shooted tank
    perfectly on the side but the kill cam showed me that my bullet bounced

  71. what is in the box on the roof???

  72. Hey Phly will you be at #OSH16?

  73. AHhahahaahahahha )))) that intro )))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. The front armor needs to be made of proper solid iron boiler plating
    dammit. Not weak as hell aluminum.

  75. fuck the whole american line, fuck it all, nerf my p47 and everything else
    goddam bullshit dick shit. – the rage is real

  76. The first time I went against the Super Pershing, I was very, very confused
    by the turret, I was like “WTF is that!”, calculated the distance and then
    one shot it with my Tiger E. at 600 m and pen’ed the turret.

  77. How do you do binoculars

  78. listen to the game sounds, you would have heard the t54. and look at the

  79. Can i get likes for no reason if so keep it a odd numbers

  80. Jeah, that’s how all the 6,7 up tier games end if you don’t get taken out
    right at the beginning. T54 all around you.

  81. Tiger 2 is totally balanced and not OP komrade

  82. t-44-100 next!

  83. FalklandsIsBritishTerritory

    WT needs to add the FV 215b (183)
    Anyone agree?

  84. 20:58
    An Hero of the Soyuz

  85. Man, I die so easy in this thing… I thought the extra armor would stop
    some stuff but… not having much luck. Seeing rounds go straight through
    my extra spaced gun armor, through mantle, through the turret, and ….
    boom… probably the thickest part on the tank being sliced like a hot
    knife through butter… reliably.. like every match.

  86. Next should use the IS3 in a match of 7.3 max BR.


  88. OOOOHHH Boy here comes all the russian bias comments xD

  89. And the intro tells you how much the game is broken, I realized if you want
    to have fun in the game and not be over stressed all the time just play

  90. +PhlyDaily hahah best intro in a while good video though ;D

  91. marco “t500” jonker

    They need to fix that spaced armour bug so the game stops getting that
    spaced armour bug like that gun that penetrated your turret was bs

  92. Love ya Phly!

  93. make a landing competition pls

  94. Why TF not? Do the Conway…. But you gotta be drinking Tea ole chap?


  96. Russian bias is real lol

  97. I use the super Pershing I kill 20 player and I was like drive around to
    find them and I meet the maus and I was like oh Sht I so dead but he didn’t
    see me yet then I fire the first round and it hit him but didn’t kill him
    and he turn his turrets and I was o_o I say hurry hurry reload fast and I
    fire and kill him and that was a very close one for me

  98. The final match was hilarious :D

  99. Phlydaily I love ur video

  100. Phly which graphics card do you use??? :D

  101. Holy $#!7, I nearly spit out my drink when that truck took the corner.

  102. Phly I think the T34 was able to pen your mantlet because of the angle you
    placed the tank in. Which allowed the T34 shell to hit the mantlet at a
    downward angle bypassing all the armor.

  103. Ah Russian bias I see

  104. I thought the song playing in the background was from Battlefield 1942 lol

  105. T-34-100 and Yak-3 (VK-107)


    I know there’s new tanks n shit but it’s a combo that needs to be played

  106. T25 plez :D

  107. Maybe it’s just how American tanks look, but this tank doesn’t feel like a
    heavy tank, it’s slow and heavy armored , yeah but it just doesn’t have
    that’s”heavy tank” look to it like the Tigers and IS does. I’ve seen some
    takes classify it as a heavy and some a medium.

  108. That intro is the proof that the t34-57 is just plain lying in its stats.

  109. HA HA HA KILL PhlyDaily !

  110. I don’t where I heard this, but the two tubes on top of the tank is
    actually sprinkler system to remove the fire effect in front of the tank

  111. that was the best intro ever!!!!!! no you did not!!!??

  112. I think they buffed the shit out of the german 88mm, now it does a lot of
    damage inside the tank once it penetrates

  113. MesterSmileyface Gaming

    No the Russians are op like the truck that almost killed you XD

  114. ScipionLaurentiend

    another useless american tank….more fodder for the russian

  115. Yeah,go for it!!!

  116. That intro doh. RUSSIAN BIAS!!!!

  117. Phly your gameplays are seriously awesome. never change <3

  118. Phly, I killed IS-3 with default ammo with M6A1 from the side (or maybe
    front), I also killed a british high tier Heavy tank (i forgot the exact

  119. wes miller (bombn47)


  120. not playing World of Warships anymore?

  121. russian bias confirmed. Phly you have just given plauers an even better
    reason to whine when they get killed by russian tanks XD

  122. Hellfires “hellfire” Rage

    da, comerad. i make stronk ammunition from stalinium. gives it extra punch
    like vodka.

  123. João Vitor Quadra

    Deal with it lol
    Tis is URSS machine lol

  124. Do you recommend the M26 Pershing or the Super Pershing?

  125. The intro had me in tears

  126. Best intro

  127. 21:00 Best moment ever XD

  128. 20:58 EPIC!!!1

  129. Henry Hämäläinen

    Again i wanna point out, the extra plates on the Super Pershing are counted
    as structural steel. So it has an 0.45 modifier. So it is not as much as
    the game shows.

  130. i have a 82% winrate in the T34-41 with 130 games. And your telling me
    russian bias doesn’t exist? I cant even play tanks anymore

  131. You wonder why a IS-3 is in ur br ? Go fight with a Tiger 2 versing a T-10M
    yeah good luck with that.

  132. i really enjoyed this video!! 😀 WAS VERY FUMNY M8

  133. 13:20 looks like wot footage XD

  134. armor modifier of the add on on plates is .45 coefficient. this means that
    the armor will only resist 45% of its actual thickness. if a shell has 100
    mm of pen and the armor is 100 mm then it’s actually only 45mm effective
    thickness. hope this finds you phly

  135. Playing anything but Russian is guaranteed to make you a better tanker. Not
    only do you have to fight with lesser armor for the most time, you also
    have to deal with at least twice the amount of tanks. It’s like Spartan 300
    against the Persian horde, especially in city maps.

  136. And now you know that Russian guns have more penetration than is listed.

  137. i had the same thing with a jumbo the mantlet is 173 and a tiger shot threw
    it and it had only 160 something so yah

  138. Fucked by matchmaking. I know that feel

  139. what about the t92?

  140. Thumbs up for that intro!

  141. T-34-57 OP as hell

  142. So sick of the BR SHIIITTTTT!! How can you be put in a game with 1.0 over

  143. I laughed so hard when the Russian anthem started up as the ZIS-12 rounded
    the corner :’)

  144. In my last match, enemies T34 shell shot go trough a concrete house and
    kill my sherman.

  145. at 20:58 I laughed so hard I choked on my tea XD

  146. Begging sold you that like phly

  147. they need to introduce crew fatigue into the game to nerf the fuck out of
    those little Ruski punks lol

  148. T-34 FTW XD

  149. +- 10% of pen u stooped

  150. stalin master race is 2 can pen an armor with 500mm effective thickens and
    still kill the tank with just one shot
    while the dickermax cant even kill a t44-122 shooting the turret can only
    kill the gunner and the cannon breech and the shrapnel just disappear
    inside the t44 black hole
    they keep adding tanks,planes,maps but the game is still broken since CBT

  151. the bombs is coming o shit 18:37

  152. so phly is the super Pershing op or not

  153. The springs are actually pistons… but oh well, close enough.

  154. That intro killed me.

  155. phly fun fact. that penetration hole was from APHE shells not APCR. APCR
    holes are much smaller

  156. I think the T34 at the beginning penned you because it’s cast armour, not
    rolled homogenous, on the gun mantlet so it has a multiplier of 93% or
    something. 0.93 *
    114 = 106
    106+80 = 186, so with some luck the round would go through.

  157. I just penned and Killed an M26E1 Super pershing with one single shot from
    my A34 black prince, useing the SABOT Shot, and it went straight trough it
    armour, Hit him in the Manlet with added on Panther armour aswell.

  158. sea venom or nah

  159. Russian bias

  160. The beginning was amazing

  161. Do you still use the B0ris sound mod?

  162. When the pussy too good

    i really hope they model spaced armor, and armor in general right, if they
    don’t this thing should have stayed it WoT, where even after a shit load of
    nerfs, it can still bounce a lot

  163. Let us never forget brave Ivan. He valiantly took on the Super Pershing
    monster and gave his life to buy time for the rest of his team. A true hero
    of the Soviet Union and a comrade until the bitter end.

  164. BRUH 0:16 – 0:42 was FUCKED

  165. “I’m going to expose my rear to new people” – PhlyDaily 2016

  166. Mig-9 ?

  167. >russian bias doesn’t exist

  168. yeah man! rocks are scary, never turn yer back on one after midnight….

  169. Brother Ptolemaios

    t34-57 wtf was that crud

  170. Phly, Centurion is pronounced “scent-or-ee-on” stop fucking it up ya dork

  171. Good show good show I say! (My mind as the circus music came on)


    phly upload in 108060fps and ill love you forever

  173. #Russianbias

  174. 999is666upsidedown

    Are pickles good?

  175. Phly is low key complaining about Russian bias

  176. Hey Phly, just wanted to say thanks for all the videos that you put out.
    Everyday when i get off of work whether its in the afternoon or at night i
    look forward to hopping on youtube to watch your new videos. Keep up the
    great work! your videos help me get through everyday life 😀 hope you
    continue your interaction with the gaming community!

  177. russian d25t that 122mm gun has the same acbc shell penetration of 235mm as
    german long 88mm kwk43.. wtf

  178. Russian. F***ing. Bias.

  179. I live in the USA so it’s MPH and Miles

  180. Can’t wait until I get my gaming pc want this game so bad.

  181. good on you calling out war thunder on that hit.

  182. we need 8.7 and 9.7

  183. putin knows how to make tanks

    (this is joke)

  184. Seafire FR.47 – pls make video )

  185. I think Phly overkilled that Potato truck’s driver when he used the cannon

  186. Russian bias man you can’t do away with it.

  187. I love how you try to say stuff just to make yourself look smart and cool.
    poor guy

  188. it is some what funny that a APCBC 54 inch round in a 90mmx73 caliber gun
    does so little on pen value yet the Tiger 2 APCBC does so much more.

  189. PHLY! This tank has NO spaced armor on the upper or lower glacis. Its fake
    armor. Hover over it with your mouse and it will not say armor but
    structural steel only. The same material the track rolls/wheels (don’t know
    how its called in English) are made of.
    These things have NO actual effect in the game!
    Thats why you can also shoot for example through all 6 track wheels from
    the front without doing damage to them, its the same “air material”. Its
    also only structural steel NOT armor.
    Gaijin is just assuming “structural steel” has no armor effect at all which
    Please vote up so Phly sees this.

  190. Get over it

  191. OMG!! I can’t stop laughing now! That car was so beautiful and majestic,
    charging out of those buildings like it was Rocky about ready to tear some
    people up! The Russian anthem added to the hilarity too! Man that made my

  192. Conway next plz

  193. That gun truck at the end is a perfect depiction of Russian

  194. the extra “armour” is boiler plate, not sure you realise how soft boiler
    plate is. high powered rifles would be able to penetrate some of those

  195. What would be better the super Pershing of carnevernon idk if I spelt it
    right 😛 it’s right after the last churchill

  196. the 88s in this game should be stronger then they are


    Use the mickey mouse 126 super pershing ad the ad-2 skyraider

  198. yes,russia tank are OP

  199. What you are talking about during the shell discussion is normalization.
    The shape of the shell allows it to rotate so many degrees to take away
    sloping and aide in penetrating sloped armor.

  200. “Ivan, you drink too much vodka again?” “No comrade, just a couple bottles”
    “Ivan, you are drunk! Watch out, a capitalist Pershing!” “Da, comrade! We
    go behind, you shoot armor, stupid American will never get us!” (Rams wall,
    immediately killed by 50 cal)

  201. I like how people complain about bussian rias when American planes are the
    most down tiered in game.

  202. Super Pershing is awesome, but it can’t compete with that Russian Bias.
    Nothing can.

  203. Look at the kill feed it was a T34-57 that penned him! Hahaha no gaijin!
    Fix your sh”t

  204. I was in an IS-2 and I died from a t34-57 not from the lower glacius I got
    killed through the front! My war thunder name is PoenixBlade

  205. 15:32

    Fair and balance komrade xaxaxaxaxaxa

  206. CYKA give me the 94KM zis12 gameplay or you must drink 4l oft vodka!!!!!

  207. Phly do you know if or when you will do a stream custom battle with b-17s?
    I just unlocked it yesterday after grinding it out because I say yours and
    Barons Vids on the crazy custom battles you have done with them. Thanks!

  208. Russian bias

  209. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Tiger2 can pen Superpershing’s front? Tiger2 pen nerf incoming, Murican and
    Russian tanks have to be better right? cuz they won the war and the Germans
    lost Kappa

  210. ProblemOfficer3000

    Phly play the HO229 I wanna see how you deal with the retarded 9.0 BR jets

  211. You wouldn’t believe how pissed off I am at Gaijin for fucking this tank up
    so bad.

  212. 20:58 LOL!!!!

  213. Pls do hitlers child ze maus!!

  214. that intro is another fine example of Russian bias

  215. thumbs up for dat intro doe

  216. i did not understand the intro,but,great video

  217. DENNIS nordström

    the t34 maybe got through because of the armor was damaged by Panther and
    su100 shot him there several times

  218. Welcome to 6.7, where everything you face is Russian and 7.7…. Fuck 6.7

  219. Damm, that music at 0:14 is from Kill Bill right?

  220. at 20:00 the exact same thing happend to the is-2 i killed

  221. 20:58 XD XD XD

  222. The thickness of 114.3 is “CAST” armor. CAST ARMOR
    You have to minus % on that (can’t remember the %reduction, maybe 10-20%).
    So real armor is around 171-183mm which is possible to be penetrated.

    The front Glacis plate armor is even worst, it a “Structural Steel”. Don’t
    put too much hope on that.

  223. kool bids keep it up

  224. Stalin doesn’t care about penetration values.He tells you to destroy and
    you destroy :P

  225. You can’t stop the Stalinium sheels!*Singing Soviet national anthem*

  226. hay phlydaily um im downloading world of warships I want a answer is it a
    ok game or a very good game because I have world of tanks

  227. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)


  228. phly you have doomed us all! 1st you kill T-54 in chieftain now in super
    pershing, gaijin cannot have us westerners with superior tanks! nerf nerf
    nerf RIP UK and USA tank tech tree.

  229. hay phlydaily um in the next battle called you play in a smk its a tank
    please I think is very good looking

    Sink a ship of the coast of Normandy with only tanks. (rocket tanks are
    Do it with your subs for added awesomeness :D

  231. The first game you played shows how 6.7 tanks work now. If you have Russia,
    you win

  232. Leonidas of_Cyprus

    There is no russian bias Phly, you are being incompetent #biaseddoom

  233. That intro… i cry every time.

  234. best intro in history

  235. R.I.P russian SPAA
    he shamed Stalin and motherland
    underworld Gulag is waiting for him

  236. Lets destroy some heavy tanks with the T34-57

  237. game is broken a bit the tracers do not sync and that penetration thing ,
    btw shooting as soon as you reload makes the gun inaccurate

  238. the thing with the anti-air guy was the funniest thing i’ve seen today

  239. Russian bias

  240. geez phly, which drugs were you on whike recording that video… 😀 its not
    THAT special to have a stand-off around a rock…

  241. 6:45 Phly I’m sorry I blocked your path 😛 I was trying to find a good stop
    to bunker down my chassis for protection. I knew I would make it big on

  242. All U.S. tank armor has this bug, or is it the Soviet shells? Should we
    make a bug report?

  243. Valdemar Gaardsted

    Gotta love that intro! XD Good work Phly!

  244. “if arty gets me ima sue obama” some trump logic right there

  245. wow bitches needs to stop complaining about russia bias –

  246. Is it just me or did he get a lot less interesting and a lot more annoying
    in the past year?

  247. rusia op wtf

  248. 6.3 germans vs 7.3 russians, your average matchmaking in rb

  249. Do more WoWs please !

  250. Russian bias confirmed

  251. Love that entro clip, LMAO…. Stalin APCR deal with it.

  252. FIRST SCENE – LOL HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Deal with It

  253. Funniest video I’ve ever seen. I just saw the truck drive up and I almost
    cried of laughter.

  254. cast homogeneous armor (95%, instead 100% like rolled homogeneous armor)
    So you have 80 + 108,6 = 188,6 mm of armor. Also War Thunder have +/- 10 %
    random to penetration values (T-34-57 183 mm+10% = 201 mm of penetration)

  255. Phly fly the P-51A it is hella op right now i cant believe that no one flys
    it it dosent over heat at all anymore.

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