Super Rewards + Super Chaffee are Here! | World of Tanks Super Chaffee Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Well-Deserved Rewards 2020 Super Chaffee, Tier 6 Premium Light Tank. World of Tanks Super Chaffee Gameplay. World of Tanks Christmas Holiday Ops 2021. World of Tanks Update 1.11+ Patch News.

It time to play with Well-Deserved reward tank in 2020 – The Super Chaffee, tier 6 American premium light tank. Is it going to be any good or simply worth a garage slot? Let's find out!

What do you think?


  1. Can not say no to Bond and free credits… Did you receive the Chaffee? What do you think about it?
    Have one fantastic day!

  2. I logged on today, I have a us account and live in the UK (it just automatically selected that and I didn’t realize) and haven’t got it my reward 🙁

  3. Now is the time to play my premium KV2

  4. Next years reward: super amx elc bis

  5. am only one month of being 4 years when i will get the tanks

  6. The 71da has way too many rounds. 6 rounds makes it fairly op

  7. Does a player get all 3 tanks at 4 years? It looks like they do

  8. 9 years for a T37
    … Srry a worse T37

  9. What am I excited for? Books, bonds and Premium time. The SC I could care less. It’s a poo tank. Fun fact you have Skill beat by a year. GG! As for radio operator check out the Chaffee.

  10. i didn’t get the screen that shows what rewards i got but i did get them i guess

  11. Nice, I just got my 9 years as well! 🙂

  12. We want Dezmaz, and what we want in Dezmaz? Face reveal 😀 😀 😀

  13. Wargaming every years well deserved surpries: Lets give them more well deserved tanks so they enjoy the game more

  14. Me: plays game for 3 years and having at least gotten 20 mental brakedowns along the way
    Wargaming: Here have 2 milion credits 😀
    Me: Wheres my free premium? :< Wargaming: Oh yes I almost forgot 😀 * hands over another shty tier 3 premium * there you go buddy merry christams 😀 Me: * Triggered F2P noises *

    • Why is everyone complaining?? You literally dont get anything in 90% of other games no matter how long you play

    • @Jokkemursu Those 90% are probably at least F2P friendly and dont encourage P2W as it sadly is in WoT in my opinion. Getting shot by a Defender in a Tiger2 isnt quite fair is it. Or getting shot by a JPanther in a KV1.. Just sayin 😛

    • @Dominator i dont really think the game is p2w the only noticeable advantage really is gold ammo, but you can still shoot it as a f2p player, you just need to play the game enough, id say im at least decent at the game 2,1k recent wn8 and i havent spend any money in the game in like a year and i have only improved

  15. Dez I have to say, you’re not the only world of tanks youtuber I watch and like, but you’re the only one who gets my hyped for the game in every single video ! I can’t explain it, there’s something about your videos that makes me want to play the game XD

  16. *everybodyy plays chafee*
    ace for O-I and KV-2 is near

  17. Let me guess, the next reward will be a super T-34.

  18. When to take out kv-2 if not now? 😀

  19. I am also 9 years

  20. Does the 9 years still count today? About to reinstall for the reward.

  21. That looks like amazing MM for KV2 and even better for OI…
    imagine the oneshotting power with good armor too XD

  22. It’s so painfull watching Dez dismissing those 100% crew. As a semi F2P player, I tried as hard as I could to minimize gold usage.

    • Its not just money spent but TIME spent in the game. Personally have 45 tier tens and have only 8 lines left to finish and those are all 8s & 9s(not doing arties). In the last few years(been playing almost 7) I have dismissed dozens of crew members and have two not recruited as I dont have a tank to play them in. Also if YOU play a set crew in a premium tank then its YOU who is doing it wrong. You work your top crew in your prems to boost their experience.

  23. Derp Jumbo and KV-2: It’s hunting season

  24. Can never complain about something free 😀
    I played all 3 “special tanks” when they were top tier at tier 5
    I loved the T-50-2 as it was the fastest tank in the game, especially fun once physics were added.
    The VK28.02 was a fun tank as it was heavy and fast…
    But I never really udnderstood the appeal of the Chaffee, never had the high speed / small profile or was that heavy… I never played it much.

    I don’t see the VK28.02 happening as a next reward tank… but a Aufkl Pz Panther I would love!
    Loved that tank even stock with its Luchs turretw

  25. non tier 8 dispointing

  26. Ok, but seriously, Super AMX 40 when?

  27. It has the same slow speed as the T21, but worse stats.
    So it’s a worse T21.
    They could have made it well balanced at least, but no, since it’s free, it’s bad…

  28. Got 4.2K battles in the Chaffee,. Let’s see if this is so super :D.


    What a great day to play the KV2 and E25 ahh love it 🙂 and even more great is Christmas morning when WG give us tier 2 tank hahaha so i can relase my PZ 2 J BUAHAHAHHAAHA

  30. I didn’t play WOT for the past year but I watched your videos all the time, and because of you i’m coming back to that game. love your content. have a great time you all.

  31. I got all three tanks for having 4 years I only expected one

  32. We must be grateful they didn’t give us their famous “Two radio operators in the same vehicle” tanks.. Imagine that phone bill if you got female crew members..

  33. For me Super Chaffee sucks. Bad gun and mobility, Type 64 is just better.

  34. This is my first Well Deserved Reward, I started playing at the beginning of quarantine because I had nothing to do and I like tanks

  35. Me: Huh, guess I’m late, gonna come back in ten years
    *10 years later*
    2030: PurpleGuyCraftYT77 not even in the list
    Me: guess I’ll die

  36. esben lerberg rasmussen



  37. im happy to get credits of this tank for selling, hellcat serve me the same as well 🙂

  38. So for now bring O-I and kv2 nd derp these in 1 shot copy that

  39. LOL I wondered what u were doing dismissing the crew. I had already seen the crew lay out did not match any other US LT.

  40. My current account is only 3 years old 🙁

  41. m44 time 🙂

  42. So I thought I was the only one who dismissed the crew XD

  43. Dear Mr. Salesman,

    We dont want any gifts = We just want ***** tanks who shoot where we aim at ****
    Advertisment : players can t actually one shot tanks when in fact it never happens unless its an *random* ammo rack
    A 90 % chance hit is nerf into = 80 % of 50 % of 30 % chance to pen so a 90 % chance is nerf to 30 % chance *** unless you buy food with 20 000 credits this way you will get back to 60 %…but you dont earn more 20 k / battle and only if you win the game….so its a pay to win game

    A game who punish good players and reward bad ones:)

  44. hey Dez…. Great vid!!!

  45. What your saying it’s the best time to play KV2?

  46. Next well deserved reward tank: Wtf auf e100

  47. my acc made on 2011 also havent recieve the tank

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