SUPER SHERMAN – T14 American Tank (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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SUPER SHERMAN – T14 American Tank (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. love this tank, this was my first premium in WOT

  2. G’day Phly. How about a video on your setup there? What mouse and keyboard do you have? What WT settings do you use and why? Cheers BJ

  3. Dr Pancake Face Gaming

    The Russian Buffet Combo: SMK + IL-2M (1943) with bombs and rockets. SMK has 2 turrets of death and the IL-2M (1943) can have cannons, bombs and rockets. So much death dealing to choose from.

  4. Phly more COD:WOW pls comrade!!

  5. The M10 GMC American TD and the P-40 American plane

  6. Newbie combo! BT-7 and I-15bis

  7. lwolface R.W.K CLAN

    perfect intro

  8. Try b-17 bomber air battle.

  9. M4 Sherman “Zippo” with bulldozer. oh wait……..

  10. Oshttttttttttt

  11. I have the T14 on World of Tanks Blitz

  12. ” ah, so peaceful.. ”

    *Bombs Whistle*

    ” Oh God, uhh “

  13. Smallest tank and largest plane

  14. Jesse R. Obando Madrigal

    hahaha that intro clip 10/10

  15. another super fun intro!! XD

  16. Zis 30 and kv2…

  17. KV-2 zis-6 amd you pick the plane.

  18. Very Honourbru! J7W1 Shinden + Chi Ri II

  19. best intro yet!!! 😀

  20. play the lincoln and try to kill some fighters with the mk v hispanos, god save the phly attempt#3

  21. Personally, I’d love to see some more rocket tank footage, like the Cromwell with the tulip rocket mount or even some more recent Calliope gameplay, paired with something fun n big, the PBJ maybe?

  22. BF 109 G6 or G10

  23. I’m just saying, but enjoy time with your dog while you can. You can make videos whenever you want, but the time you can play with your time is limited

  24. Good shit tank guy.

  25. Do you ever post world of warships videos?

  26. Fucking Russian bias

  27. BeymasterK gaming

    attempt #1 88 flak with ju 87-d

  28. The Legionary Romanian

    fly the PO 2

  29. therefore I hate plane tank battle!

  30. yeah the matilda on wot has a lot of hp and has vey good reload time etc. but still good tank

  31. Illiminatie overlord Gurglekoks

    0:33 That transition in music though. Nicely done.

  32. Kristian čolak-barać

    I wanna see panther F

  33. Another thing to hate as german tank driver *sigh*

  34. Cromwell tank please and Sherman firefly

  35. Attemt #1 Please try the Russian bias church the SU100Y and i know you can get in the battle with some serious soviet plane to.

  36. Larry Kelbaugh Jr.

    Do you have the P-51 Mustang? Or, I should say, does it exist in War Thunder? & the P-38 Lightning?! They are my 2 favorite aircraft of all time!

  37. Lol that bomb drop “oooooooohh nooo”

    Phly would love to see the Canberra, or even the meteor now it’s br 7

  38. Do a Banzai charge phly. A6M2 and the HO-RO Attempt 1

  39. Can you please Play the Sd.Kfz 6.2 37mm Flak.Please Please!!!

  40. I wanna see your dick

  41. you should play the T-44-100

  42. Really enjoy your play style and commentary!

  43. For some reason I hate watching german tanks getting owned

  44. What is a Panzer shit???

  45. Challenge time! Kill a Leo with the Russian 14.5mm KPVT MG! Take no main gun ammo so no cheating!

  46. Play Russian bias xaxaxa use the T-34/85 S-53 : Stalin’s god tenk

  47. maus plz :3

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