SUPER TROLL TANK- ZUT-37 Autocannon [War Thunder Troll Gameplay]

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SUPER TANK- Autocannon [ Gameplay]

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  1. Take out the derp combo
    The Brummbär and the DO 335 A-1
    Lets get 1000 likes

  2. play porsche tiger 1

  3. Play with the p-51d Mustang pls

  4. Return to sender! German KV-2 give the russians some of their own medicine

  5. 4:32
    Phly just summed up my life

  6. Play the Brummbar in the Highest Tier match and get at least 3 kills. attempt 8th

  7. Attempt #6

    German KV2 and German il2 “Karma Combo”

    Goal: destroy at least one hostile KV2 and one hostile Russian aircraft in one game!

  8. what does tango mean help

  9. German SPAA.
    Tier 1 Gepard
    Do 17

  10. RP3 CHALLENGE! ~WITH A TWIST~ Take out the RP3 Cromwell in Tier IV! Aim for the sides! Get an ace with rockets only!!

  11. I one shot a t54 with my m15 from a quarter mile away

  12. Tank out the smallest combo ASU 57 with IL-16 type 26 take our vodka back

  13. can you get back into world of warships too. The sea calls to you

  14. Take the Panther 1 and the Focke Wulf 190 Crush the Allies!!

  15. Me irl 4:32

  16. phlydaily i have a ? for you HOW THE FUCK DO YOU GET battlestations pacific to WORK on steam if tryed every thing and it wont work PLZ!!! help

  17. Super-anti-random combo T-34-85-D5T and Yak-9T 37mm!! Good luck and russian bias for u? # Attempt 2

  18. PhlyDaily can you make a montage of the almighty German bias in warthunder

  19. Challange time Play the M4 Sherman with only HE and get 4 kills within 5 matchs good luck good bless

  20. It’s okay Phly, I have depression issues too

  21. Luis Martinez Gamboa

    Dude you should try MDK game is very fun in my opinion

  22. I’m no good at war thunder 😀

  23. I’ve never seen you take an i-16 out before. My request is the T-50 and whichever i-16 suits that br. #2

  24. The ZSU 37 has 108 max pen at 10m, but a slower fire rate, and it is at 4,7 not at 2,7, the ZUT 37 doesen’t need 108mm pen at his BR.

  25. Fellas? Did you just assume my gender???

  26. Take out the M41A1 Walker Bulldog!!

  27. comrade Phly, take Type74 & Kikka combo and get at least 5 kills for emperror!

  28. T-34 1942+ chaika… The one true bias combo

  29. Play the Maus and use HE only

  30. hey phly I need help on tanks to grind with I’m going through the German tank tree and need a good tier II tank

  31. Always annoyed when someone says “LOVE THIS THING!!” for OP anything… Playing OP anything is boring as all fuck. But I guess if you’re in it for the keks..

  32. Phly..

    I have a challenge.

    Play the panzerbefehlswagen IV (p)
    Sneak around the map without being spotted. No shooting either.
    Then go to thier spawn and get 3 kills. Then try to get back to your spawn.

    Use the m-18 after if you must

  33. whats up whit the Slovenian flag and camo. on the video pictuere?? xD i bet phly thought it was russian haha

  34. i love this video + it has flag from slovenia in its cover?

  35. take out the B17 flying fortress and the t20 the t29 little brother

  36. KV-2/KV-220/SU-100Y in top tier match.

  37. Best troll tank every. Powered by the very soul of Stalin. Powered by Vodka. The T-35 Land Battleship

  38. Hey Phly, what does one need to do to get to play War Thunder with you?

  39. there was a slovenian flag :0 *likes*

  40. Red Alert 2 challenge
    Kirov airship – any russian heavy bomber
    Apocalypse tank – ZSU 57-2

  41. Challenge: do the Bouncing Betty challenge.
    Instructions: Destroy an enemy by bouncing a bomb from the water, its already been proven, it can be done.
    2ndary objectve: Try to destroy 2 enemies with one bomb if opportunity arises or try to do the challenge with a controller.

    Reward: Nothing you twat! hahahahahahahah.
    Attempt 3

  42. Phly, the evolution of warfare has gone beyond tank treads and simple kinetic weapons. Play Mwomercs and take out the signature mech of death the Atlas onto the battlefield. (attempt 4)

  43. i bought the ZUT-37 only for that bucket

  44. You should revisit toy soldiers theres still a game you haven’t played its called toy soldiers war chest

  45. Sneaky beaky challange!

    Get an ace while being undetected while wearing the most bright red decal all over your tank. You can make it more difficult when fighting in snow maps! (Attempt #4)

  46. yea i got a better troll tank t44 122 and pe 8

  47. keep that intro pls its catchy p.s another great video

  48. Challenge Time!
     Indirect Fire 1:
    Take out the Brummbär and get a tank kill without line of sight. For
    example on berlin shoot form your base to the other base or behind a

    Viel Glück Kamerad!

  49. Realistic challenge! Use a joystick, sabre (doesn’t matter witch model) and get 3 air kills and 2 bomb kills
    Attempt #1

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