Supporter Spotlight // “Hero of the hour”

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This time round, I’ve got two tanks and a warships game for you – but the first game in particular may take a little bit of patience…

If you want to find out more about my Patreon, you can find the link below!


a free-to-play , tank battle game – you can sign up here:

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  1. And me when grinding the T25/2 saying the tank is a dog turd,so bad,cant wait to get to the Tier8
    When get the tier8,holy jesus
    What is that?
    What the fuck is that?
    Raging all the way while grinding with the 90mm

  2. I can’t watch the last replay. The twitchy camera use and the zooming in and out all the time. It’s given me ocular AIDS.

  3. T28 Prot is not bad now after the speed buff. 89.89% on the marks already! Love the video, Jedi! cant wait for another subnautica stream

  4. Did you say Artillery. Don’t you know everybody hates artillery?

  5. Douglas Fleetney

    Where the hell is Caption Guy? Come on Jedi, let him out please…

  6. The T34 is amazing since they buffed it.

  7. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    Sand River replay – using the zoom-out mod, so Meh!

  8. out of curiosity, did we ever get an explanation about what happened to Caption Guy? Did Jedi murder him and I was uninformed?

  9. You have supporters? or are they enablers?

  10. please put the boats in separate videos so we dont have to watch them thanks.

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