Supporter Spotlight // “I am the 103%”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

In our roundup this time we have:
– Jotti, throwing all caution to the wind;
– Connordinho, who is rather at derping things to the face than clicking from afar;
– a TOG player whose name, though only four letters long, is still apparently confusing to me;
– and lastly, Irelandmann, making the rest of us look just terrible.

To find out more about my Patreon, you can find the link below – and even if you don’t want to support me, you can find a selection of screenshots all your World of Tanks wallpaper needs (mostly because Facebook was doing bad, bad things to the image quality.)

Also, I forgot about the Sexton. But you would want to too, if you’d actually ever played it…


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list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun (9.4 and prior)


  1. Has the gun sounds mod updated and everything btw? :P

  2. That leFH replay, average…at best.
    Seriously, that happens pretty much all the time in the leFH (I know, I’ve
    played over 2k battles in mine, lol).
    With regards to firing on the move in that thing, it’s pretty ridiculous,
    even when firing across the map –

  3. I kind of regret now that I didn’t buy the LeFH when it was available
    recently but I didn’t want the bundled gold and premium time. It looks like
    a fun tank!

    • +Procrastinator7 why would you not want the bundle, you get the vehicle and
      some gold and premium time to help grind for whatever you want

    • +Procrastinator7 I’ve been waiting for the LeFH to go on sale for about a
      year now and what week does it go on sale?

      The week I’m on holiday with no internet access of course!!

  4. LOL SU-100. XD It’s one of my favorite TDs to play. That 122mm you get is
    just… it’s beautiful. Against lower tiers, anyway. Not so bad against the
    same tier or one tier higher. Two tiers higher, though…

    Anyway, I thought I was some kind of weirdo for playing it like an assault
    gun. Honestly, I tried the sit-back-and-snipe traditional TD gameplay with
    it, but every time my team seems to go full retard and I end up having to
    run around and shoot people in the face/side/ass with 122mm of glory. I
    once got two Ace tanker badges in it in back-to-back matches that way. Nice
    to see I’m just playing it like most other folk. ;p

    But damn if Irelandmann didn’t make us all look like fools with that

  5. the SU-26 was once such a seal clubber maschiene it was just crazy i still
    have it cause of good memories and now its one of the weakest ary of tier

  6. Nobody on youtube pronounces “Raseiniai” correctly. Want to be the first?

  7. Nice video again jedi!

  8. Personally? If I had to pick between the prem and non prem tier 6 Russian
    TDs, I would pick the SU100Y, if you kit it out, with a rammer and vents,
    you can manage a 13 second reload, and 3 more reloading seconds for 50 more
    alpha(with the stock AP, 120 more with prem) I would say it’s worth it

  9. If you have a 100% crew at tier 3, there is a third possibility…your just
    a filthy seal clubber, for example, I have a 100% crew on my panzer 1c

  10. monkeystandoffsucks

    Actually J̶i̶n̶g̶l̶e̶s̶ Jedi,

    The Sexton I is also a premium arty

  11. Have you gotten a Pools yet PHJ? Don’t feel bad if not. I have still only
    gotten it once. A tad harder game than this, but still was very similar

    • +PCWarMachine Just looked you up and WG EU is saying you did get one. Was
      there a video? I don’t remember it but that could just be due to my old
      brain. 😀

  12. Those Bishop jokes cracked me up :-D

  13. That cromwell replay was just like me in A-43. It’s even more fun with ~2
    second reload. And because I’m crazy I’ve done everything I could to reduce
    the reload time.

  14. So you don’t get a Crucial Contribution medal if you get 12 kills but are
    not platooned. Hmpf!

  15. That French arty… Love to see it on my team, but loathe to play against

  16. Its the best most fun you can have in an artillery piece that’s not the

  17. Su100 game also before global accuracy nerf and introducing of useless
    tanks… nowadays you would have missed half the shots :(

  18. 11 Kills in a TOG? No, I don’t even…

  19. hmmm…being pinned down by a Bishop…not good in either case and doesn’t
    bare {deliberate word usage here) thinking about…

  20. Sometimes it is disturbing when you have the same reaction as Caption Guy
    about one of PHJ’s comments. I think my indoctrination is almost complete.

  21. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    “they ain’t braking for nobody” “put pedal to the metal” ugh… *cringe*
    Jedi you don’t have the right personality nor voice to pull those off…

    You sound like an illiterate British-cross-Irish frog with a slight throat
    lisp. :P

  22. I’m sure there is a premium Sexton…

  23. “Only premium arty in the game” you forgot about the sexton 1 

    • +TroopperFoFo +MrPenguin True, it was also in WoT PC long long ago for a
      short period of time. Technically speaking, it was the first birtish
      vehicle added, as being part of the canadian representatives in the
      american tech tree. Its texture files and such were moved to the british
      tree when the UK was added to the game.

    • +MrPenguin Its just a sexton 1 with improved stats over the British one. I
      think its meant to be Canadian since the Ram 2 is also in the US tree.

    • +TroopperFoFo Whats it called?

    • +PointyHairedJedi There is also a US premium arty on the Xbox version. =).

    • +PointyHairedJedi so did caption guy, he slipped up on yo there 😛

  24. mrlegodude96alt2

    did the sexton get removed?

  25. WELL this is weird… i was the 17th viewer on Jingles latest video and now
    im the 17th viewer on this video..GG

  26. Jon I (Irelandmann244)

    Well Jedi I did say that that game was a bit of a kill stealing game and
    why I thought the other SU-100 replay I sent you was better, but if my team
    was not willing to kill anything, who am I to refuse to get those kills. ;P

  27. and holy shit, IRELANDMAN! Insane! Well played!

    • Jon I (Irelandmann244)

      +Jotti 70 Thanks man but while that game was my highest kills ever, in my
      opinion there was another SU-100 replay that I sent which I felt was far
      better. but there must be a theme to these Videos and Kills it was for this
      video. 😀

  28. My Cromwell-Game was around 10pm, and i’ve had some beer as well 😉
    So it was just for the lols, but went quite well (better than i expected

    • +Siphon Rayzar I also like how he mistook the t-34-1 for a t-34-85 at 7:05

    • +Edy Eduard The point, since you can’t seem to grasp it, is that he was
      playing it with absolutely no caution, and just threw everything to the
      wind and hoped for the best. Something that someone who was drinking, is
      more likely to do than someone who isn’t drinking. Also, how does it feel
      to be a hard ass? Just wondering.

    • +Bradley Walters Then what’s the point ? I’m all ears. (well… eyes i

    • +Jotti 70 Thats pretty good for drunk driving :P, I wish I had alcohol to
      relax me when seeing I had to fight 4 v 1 in an arty 😛

    • +Edy Eduard again you miss the point.

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