Supporter Spotlight // “I am the 103%”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

In our roundup this we have:
– Jotti, throwing all caution to wind;
– Connordinho, who is rather better at derping things to the face than clicking from afar;
– a player whose name, though only four letters long, is still apparently confusing to me;
– and lastly, Irelandmann, making the rest of us look just terrible.

To find out more about my Patreon, you can find the link below – and even if you don't want to support me, you can find a selection of screenshots for all your World of Tanks wallpaper needs (mostly because Facebook was doing bad, bad things to the image quality.)

Also, I forgot about the Sexton. But you would want to too, if you'd actually ever played it…


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  1. +Procrastinator7 why would you not want the bundle, you get the vehicle and
    some gold and premium time to help grind for whatever you want

  2. +Procrastinator7 I’ve been waiting for the LeFH to go on sale for about a
    year now and what week does it go on sale?

    The week I’m on holiday with no internet access of course!!

  3. +Cnf 60
    box tank is beautiful, but it does have worse camo values than a tog:D

  4. +monkeystandoffsucks I get that part but It doesn’t work since he corrected
    his mistake unlike Jingles ( who stay oblivious).

  5. monkeystandoffsucks

    +Bradley Walters It was a reference.

  6. +monkeystandoffsucks Ever heard of video description ?

  7. +PCWarMachine Just looked you up and WG EU is saying you did get one. Was
    there a video? I don’t remember it but that could just be due to my old
    brain. 😀

  8. +SnowwLupus Yeah wish MM would give me those matchups. 😀

  9. +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man
    ahahahahaha, what a great fucking simile, man, i love it!

  10. +TroopperFoFo +MrPenguin True, it was also in WoT PC long long ago for a
    short period of time. Technically speaking, it was the first birtish
    vehicle added, as being part of the canadian representatives in the
    american tech tree. Its texture files and such were moved to the british
    tree when the UK was added to the game.

  11. +MrPenguin Its just a sexton 1 with improved stats over the British one. I
    think its meant to be Canadian since the Ram 2 is also in the US tree.

  12. +TroopperFoFo Whats it called?

  13. +PointyHairedJedi There is also a US premium arty on the Xbox version. =).

  14. +PointyHairedJedi so did caption guy, he slipped up on yo there 😛

  15. Jon I (Irelandmann244)

    +Jotti 70 Thanks man but while that game was my highest kills ever, in my
    opinion there was another SU-100 replay that I sent which I felt was far
    better. but there must be a theme to these Videos and Kills it was for this
    video. 😀

  16. +Siphon Rayzar I also like how he mistook the t-34-1 for a t-34-85 at 7:05

  17. +Edy Eduard The point, since you can’t seem to grasp it, is that he was
    playing it with absolutely no caution, and just threw everything to the
    wind and hoped for the best. Something that someone who was drinking, is
    more likely to do than someone who isn’t drinking. Also, how does it feel
    to be a hard ass? Just wondering.

  18. +Bradley Walters Then what’s the point ? I’m all ears. (well… eyes i

  19. +Jotti 70 Thats pretty good for drunk driving :P, I wish I had alcohol to
    relax me when seeing I had to fight 4 v 1 in an arty 😛

  20. +Edy Eduard again you miss the point.

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