Supporter Spotlight // “Paging Dr Pavlov”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

You would think would be caption guy that’s been trying to condition me… but apparently that one’s a two-way street. Well, Nietzsche wouldn’t be surprised, that’s for sure.


World Tanks is a free-to-play online, multiplayer game – you can sign up here:

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Mods list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s extended stats, Seafalcon’s Hitlog & Damagelog, XVM minimap & garage features


  1. Personally i play quite aggressively in my Chaffee and my 3MoE show that. I
    only have ONE scout related medal, everything else is damage or kills
    related. Found the passive type in the first game somewhat.. tedious… but
    each to their own playstyle. Also the Chaffee can run out of ammo fast so i
    am curios as to why he has HE loaded in….

  2. “wasn’t going to bounce a shell like that on someone’s rear”

    You must be new to WoT! Wait, no you ain’t! After all the games you’ve
    seen, the proper commentary should be about how RNG was by his side to the
    end and that shot wasn’t eaten by the T1’s tracks or bounced off some
    deformity in the model that granted the pixel it hit an auto-bounce. Search
    your feelings, you know it to be true!

  3. patrol duty is one of the medals I value quite highly – theres no way to
    kill-steal or fake it, you have to be at the front, spotting a lot of tanks
    for your team

  4. I liked the T-49 as it was then called. Well worth the time. Hiltibrant
    missed the opportunity with AP, but he also failed to use his scout when
    taking on the last Minikaze. Nice game, though.

  5. Fadin’s medal…got 2 in 1 tank… Su-5. (but then its only got 12

  6. t67 is a wot must Jedi:-)

  7. i dont know but i find WoWS replays really boring to watch but maybe thats
    just me not liking the game

  8. If you had XVM installed, you’d know the enemy Pz IV H in the first battle
    was a bot, and that is why ‘it’ did very little.

  9. jeee first comment

  10. I would like to ask anyone who has been playing world of warships if they
    present decent gameplay instruction. I’m getting a little burnt out with
    WOT. I ask because I’ve started playing other games before and they didn’t
    help much with learning the controls and such. Thanks for any help. Sam.

  11. @21:58 for the 2nd WoT replay.

  12. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Because sometimes you go, “Hmmm cap or kill…wait do I wanna make sure
    this is a win? Yes, yes I do.”

  13. I kinda disliked the Chaffee’s gun. The shell velocity felt like a German
    howitzer -.-

    IMO the real fun starts at the T37.

  14. That PZ IV player in the first game, I couldn’t resist looking him up on
    noobmeter. Seems that game was pretty standard for him. 1,800 battles and a
    WN8 of 49. Average damage per battle 76. And the Pz IV is his most played
    tank with over 200 battles. I’m not knocking the guy but it does make you
    wonder what kind of enjoyment people like that get out of the game

  15. Less than 0.001% of WoT players know Nietzsche.

  16. I made a fadin’s in my T57 Heavy :)

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