Supporter Spotlight // “Who’s been sleeping in MY battleship?”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Just as in World of Tanks, one of the key ideas in Warships is that there is, ideally, a for everyone – whether it be the slower, hard-hitting battleships, the fast-paced cruisers, or the sneaky assassin destroyers – and in this supporter spotlight edition, I’ve taken a look at all three.

Oh, and obviously the ships are all captained by bears. Obviously.

(Also… I may maybe have used one of these games before, and not realised. Um. Whoops.)


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship game – you can find out more at worldofwarships.

Mods (all from ’s WoWS installer): Extended with damage counter + clock, Aircraft carrier name target markers


  1. Cmon Jedi, I stood there on the edge of my seat waiting for the FurryTaco
    awesomeness and felt totally disillusioned at the end. It was kind of a
    dull game. On the other hand, guns on Jap dd’s can, and do work, despite
    people usually do when driving them (as in, forget or ignore they have
    Slow turning? Yes! Slow firing? Check! Low damage? Not quite! They do quite
    a respectable amount of damage! If you consider that they have an excellent
    shell trajectory, and the dd itself is very nimble, you can successfully
    fight off enemy dd’s, even cruisers (some say AP on broadside cruisers at
    low tiers does wonders).
    You can do 1000-2000 damage with 1-2 HE shells, knock out modules, set
    fires, the reload gives you time to maneuver, the speed helps with incoming
    fire, and at tier 4-5 the enemy doesn’t have that much health. You should
    encourage people to try that rather than ignore the guns completely.

  2. What sort of rumors are going out? I am curious to hear what may happen to
    AA and Carriers, well any rumors about what we may see in an upcoming

  3. Re: premium ships being good or not – it is not random at all:

    if it is russian, it is good
    if it is japanese it might be good
    otherwise it probably sucks.

  4. Who else here sees the irony in that?

  5. Umm JEDI i saw PoinyHairedJedi tooning with redman on na server i assume
    its u not a fake. You ignored my greetings.

  6. Rework the Carriers/AA . .
    So their whining is somehow more important than the BBs?

  7. The whole World of Tanks “Not just in bundles” sales strategy seriously
    needs to be applied to Warships :/

  8. Does Jotti not watch the fall of his shots? He can do better than that in a

  9. I’m pretty sure Zone is still in the game

  10. I dunno, I’m rather enjoying playing my carrier.

  11. The lack of streams is disgusting.

    Also, BB’s OP hue hue

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