Surfing Sandriver.

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Source: SirCircon


  1. you heard it

  2. yeeeeeee

  3. daily dose of fresh stream memes

  4. Boosts and climbs are two separate things.

  5. I agree fuck’em all!

    I also view boosts in this game, like cheats in other games. Fuck them for doing it, fuck them for showcasing and selling it!!!

  6. The Joker Channel

    Proud Mary anyone? By Tina Turner?

  7. i can understand during time (<10min)battles with low tiers,but this ...

  8. wait….consumable boosts? or people that boost stats?

  9. After “push it to the limit” one, i will never complain a lack of memes in our world

  10. Nice vid, I linked a replay in your Discord of 7k spitting in the 59-16.. just fyi

  11. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Cool thumbnail Circon 🙂

  12. Circon play 13 75. Most fun hit and run apart from like T49 or 13 90

  13. Alexander Snowden

    you say, “fuck them all”. By this I assume that you addressing e-sports WGL players, who are very good at the game. Youtubers, especially Quickybaby and Jingles. And also wargaming, as they have made boosting possible and it has been for some time but dont seem to think its too much of a problem.

  14. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Ow now i know why my 3 mark grind on that Thing is getting slower 😀 He is playing it -_-

  15. You say fuck people who boost, I say fuck people who use premium consumables. So pay to win, yet no one complains about it

  16. jingles has showed some boosting spots 😛

  17. How to tilt circon 101, mention boosts

  18. Is this tank decent now with the Vstabs and new LT MM?

  19. BoosterMan – gotta fuck ’em all!

  20. Circon have you started the 3 mark grind for the T25/2

  21. Circon, you the man!

  22. The tank master Circon, back at it again. Yeah fuck the boosters and goats.

  23. Hey Circon,

    You say, “they’re called ‘boosts’ over here” and, basically, “Fuck anyone who does it and fuck anyone who promotes it.” If boosts and mountain goating are the same thing, then I would really like to understand your opposition to them.

    I’ve been watching your streams for a while now and I’ve seen that you’re a brilliant player with an amazing, if not actually unique, understanding of how to use cover and terrain to your advantage, but I don’t see why that makes mountain goating to locations that offer shots any less valid an idea than exploiting an advantageous ridge line, or using spotting mechanics to pull back behind bushes to shoot. Getting into a very high position is very double-edged. The player who does it takes his tank out of the fight to try and get the position robbing his team of the damage he might do in the time it takes him to get into position. It isn’t a free advantage: there is a definite cost for it.

    With this in mind, I have to ask: “What are the reasons for your opposition to it? Why don’t you do it and why do you dislike anyone who does do it?”

  24. Beggining: SaY WhaT? YoU ArE TalkinG AbouT MountaiN GoaT

  25. Kurosaki990Ichigo

    Ace tanker in 6 minutes. GG indeed

  26. Damn, I was rooting for the E-25, sadly he went full retard against the KV-2.

  27. Why does he have the flag of Friesland above his webcam?

    Great gameplay by the way, well done.

  28. Surfing san driver?

    Read more

  29. Carlos Valenzuela


  30. I love how chinese lights look. They are the only line that looks like proper tanks, rest of nations with few exeptions look like the ate mcdonalds menu twice over or got sat on by someone who has

  31. aren’t you bored of this game already?

  32. boosts ect are the least problems in this game who gives a shit :)) people exploit any aspect of the game they can, .i think fps and ping rate accuracy and aimtime far more important

  33. 3:47 sick shot

  34. Looks like this tank is a beast. I liked the SPIC before with the 3shot magazine but it sucks now.

  35. i hate, HATE, sand river

    EDIT: jesus what’s the pen on the Type 62? how do you not pen a strv 74?

  36. You and pewdiepie are my favorite youtubers…. Yeah I know I should kill myself… Keep it up.

  37. First 15 sec 😀

  38. Fck em all tot death!

  39. Canadian Tanker 777

    Jeezuz christ, in canada your live stream starts in three in the morning like!?!, ;.;

  40. I wish I had under 50ping 300 is still the best we get and people wonder why there is no Australian team.

  41. First sentence already gets me laughing.

  42. The rant against boosting is pointless. Most can’t take advantage of it properly or end up hurting their team even. Only been part of ONE lousy battle where a booster on my team won the game for us. But he had to come down to do it anyway and did almost nothing when he was up high.

  43. I say fcuk anyone who doesn’t like climbing or boosting. Its one of the few things left that add spice and variety to a game that is very staid. If you cant make the effort to learn climbs or how to counter them then you are the lazy fcuk and fcuk you. My two bullets worth.

  44. “Fuck climbs!” he says as he zooms out to practically satellite view.

  45. I really wish I’d bought this light when it was on sale just before the Light Tank rebalance 🙂

  46. Honestly I just think fuck WG for not redesigning maps based around the new physics engine

  47. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    i win my Type 62 in a mission

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