Surprisingly Effective! – ARL 44

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Source: Circonflexes

Taking the for a test run. (first game in it!)

Upload your replays here: !


  1. Just like the BDR before it the ARL is a solid tank for sure. I never have any problem doing more than my share of damage even in tier 8 matches.

  2. “ I don’t feel bad”

  3. I don’t know why surprisingly good, I always knew and loved how good the french tier 5 and 6 heavies were. Oh well, at least our lord Circon found out as well.

  4. The Senate of the Galactic Republic

    Did anyone notice the KV-2 killing the T-34 at 3:16

  5. I loved when he switches to APCR for more damage, and gets only low-rolls.

  6. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    First game in a tank is not alwas top tier

  7. Bazil Grimstride

    100 views will be 1000 in 2 mins lol

  8. Ooohhh ARL 3 Marks

  9. this is my second favorite tank of all time. but i always carry tool kit. that way when they take the bait and shoot the outside track, you repair faster then they expect. roll out and kill em with that 105. the 90 is shit. more bounces. i have a ton of steel walls in this tank.

  10. WTF All those snapshots without aiming.. I know what will happen when I try that.

  11. “Ally (KV-2) killed Funeral_Director”

  12. “who needs to aim when you have enough faith”- Warhammer KV-2

  13. 3:02 sidescaping in a hellcat yeah good luck with that

    • Mathieu Couture

      In all honesty, it still reduces shown sillouhette, so it’s a smarter move than just presenting half the tank to return fire….

  14. Got my first pool’s medal in this tank using the 90mm. ;-;

  15. French 105mm has the stupidest ammo layout in the entire game

  16. What a coincidence, I just bought the tank today since it was on a discount. The stock turret is a bit on the bad side(nowhere near what it was, but it actually weighs more than the upgraded one,500 kg in fact), but the tank surprised me with its speed. I wonder if the buffed 90mm F3 is better since it has 2.7s aiming time compared to the 3.4s that the 105 has. But that alpha is really nice. Anyway, good tank, shame about the horrible turret armor, the hull is decent at least. It’s one nice looking tank as well.

  17. I just 3 marked my arl 44 today. Great timing circon

  18. First game = top tier guaranteed is no longer a thing. They changed that a couple of patches ago.

    • @Gewel, source? other that your arse?

    • wtf caniuse get spaghetti for sauce
      But really, ask anyone. It’s very much true. And yes 90% was out of my ass but meaning with very high probability.
      If someone told me few years ago to collect data then I would have it. But noone did. Cause noone was not-lazy ebough to do it

    • @Gewel Plenty of people hoard data sets. Basically you have no proof of actual figures, just anecdotal evidence that predates MM changes and is server specific.

    • wtf caniuse go beeing an ass somewhere else

    • @Gewel, so stating facts is being an arse? Go be an idiot somewhere else

  19. Wait, didn’t you already show us 3 marked tank? In like 46 battles?

  20. APCR has 30 plus alfa,loads APCR, shot: rolls 269…..

  21. You high-rolled all AP and low-rolled all APCR lmao

  22. Why you not using 90mm?

  23. 4K for 330 yet 20pdr has 4800 for 230 lmao #balance (WG srsly need to revisit ammo costs and base them on pen dmg and tier (and maybe make the same gun have different anmo on different tiers so the costs can be different))

  24. Russian level accuracy !

  25. I’m triggered by the fake two dot ellipses.

  26. Bait with track? Yeah asking for derp gun on the track for 300+ dmg

  27. TheTiredBobcat6222

    Russian accuracy? Pfff. Who needs that when you have French accuracy, longer the aiming time, the better

  28. “Only pagans need to aim”? Only fat fucks with no ambition need to earn living by playing games. Bet your parents are so proud…. Your attitude is shit fat boy. Jesus thinks you’re a cunt btw, I sent Odin an email, and he asked allah, who fired off a facebook message to Jesus. Wasn’t impressed. doesn’t like gays apparently.

  29. So, according to HISTORY: real-life tankers in WWII rarely used APCR and its variants because the damage they did was much lower (no explosive charge, unlike AP and its variants).
    But in WoT, where the Devs think they know better, same caliber APCR does more damage than AP.
    Despite the fact that APCR is a subcaliber round. Yeah, go figure.

    • APCR isn’t a subcaliber round like a modern sabot, but rather has a hardened core. While it might make a smaller hole than an AP(C)(BC) round, it’s external diameter is the same.

  30. well, the 1st game always top tier is just not true 🙂 but hey nice replay!

  31. But that enemy team, 6 players, 0 damage. WOT at it’s finest.

  32. What is this top tier for first battle nonsense? I get bottom tier in first battles all the time.

  33. Dem low rolls 😐

  34. OberWaffleMeister

    i get frustrated every time he complains about rng lmao his is like 100 times better than mine

  35. Herr Schicklgruber

    “First battle always top tier”
    Not with NA population. My last 8 first battles with new tanks have been bottom or mid, not counting tier 10s. Most of them were lucky to be top tier twice in their first 10 battles. Cry every time.

  36. 3:25, dat min roll tho

  37. I forgot about the barn turret.

  38. of course, aced the tank in his 1st ever attempt playing it… :-((

  39. First battle? You’ve never experienced the glory of this tank before? It’s amazing at top tier, and this gun, with APCR is incredible. I even managed to pull off 1400 damage or so when I accidentally fail platooned into a tier 10 game. Then the 62a noticed that the tier 6 could pen him and obliterated me, but still…

  40. love how APCR..which is smaller projectile does more damage than AP XD

  41. The loader bought the farm…

  42. Pretty fun in War Thunder

  43. Pretty sure the armor used to be even better on that tank. I remember every clan ran at least 1 in tier 6 cw. And they were a pain to deal with when using their gun depression.

  44. Such a underated tank, i love the top 90mm gun for it.

  45. People mocked me when I said I wanted to rebuy the ARL 44, since I had a fun time with it a long time ago. That’s it, I’m rebuying it!

  46. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    Does the 105 still get slightly more damage with apcr?

  47. Damn, I’ve has this tank awhile and never have I played it so well…

  48. I got my first mark of excellence in the ‘44 I was so surprised as at the time I didn’t know what the white stripe round the barrel meant!

  49. The only weakness to this tank is the potato gun handling imho.

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