Surprisingly Fun Tank! – World of Tanks

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  1. Great, now im stuck with the A-team theme in my head for the rest of the day. Lovely..

  2. Can we get some more of thise amx

  3. French A-Team.
    “Hon Hon Hon Hon..”

  4. I picked up the Defender this weekend, really to see what all the fuss was about. Maybe 2 years ago the Defender was op but that pike nose lower plate just gets easy penned, it has horrid gun handling, terrible view range and bad dpm to boot. It’s strong if your top tier, or people are auto aiming but I much prefer the 703 II to the Defender. Defender is worth it maybe with the 20% tank rewards discount but a bit overrated in 2020 for sure!

  5. i hate this td with all my heart, you reload whole magazine just to miss two shots and bounce the third…

    • @Turninator my dude, t25/2 is really solid, this amx mle is horrible, agree with OP

    • Turninator Yep, cause the AC 48 which is actually pretty decent is worse tier for tier than stuff like the archer, achilles, S35 CA, all of the Chi tanks, high tier german lights, etc. There are so many tanks that are worse tier for tier than the AMX AC 48 or 46. I did prefer when it was not an auto-loader but its still a good tank, people just don’t use it correctly.

    • ongon68 he’s talking about the T25/2 which IS fucking terrible. Only 170 pen with mediocre dpm. It’s a tier 7 TD, not a tier 6 med ffs

    • @Turninator the worst tank tier for tier is clearly the TVP VTU or the T34-100.

    • @LBHammers its literally like every tier 7 medium lol

  6. Toolbox? Rly? :O

  7. Holy shit hes playing the game….I’ve unironically started using that and ” what are these potatoes “

  8. circon had fun in a turretless tank? who are you and what did you do with circon?!

  9. Holy shit, he’s playing the game – Ahahaha LMFAO 😆

  10. Toolbox is a great choice but I’d still choose GLD over it.

  11. In the first minute i thought u played the foch 155 xD

  12. the French A Team can make a white flag out of anything lol

  13. The A team?
    Sure, youre a total like alike with B A.

  14. nice bounce on that double shot from the 703-2 btw. Even on the foch, I never expect the armor to ever work anymore.

  15. Star Platinum ZA WARUDO!

    So Circon, you have learned the art that is AC 48. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Foch compared to the Foch b. This may just be me, but I find the Foch’s mobility to be both absurd and fantastic. Gives me conniptions.

  16. 3.4k dpg PogChamp

  17. But…you’re a French TD, aint you suppose to sit in the back sniping and surrender?
    France may have to give that tank to the Spanish, because nobody expected that…

  18. So is circon going to be militracks this year? I went last year and it was pretty fun. Tempted to go again, so I can say hi to the legend himself :-p

  19. Playing the game what a bold choice.

  20. Sławomir Grzegrzółka

    I have this tank for like 5-6 years now and I couldn’t even manage to grind gun. Stock gun is potato launcher and I’d rather play Leichtractor than this. I grinded around 25 X Tiers and didn’t struggle so much ever.

  21. Lol idk why your version of the theme song bothers me. Here is the real shit.

  22. You’re my spirit animal

  23. Clandestine Reactionary

    That aim time is so bad.

  24. Let’s get real, the french td line are for sadomasochist players. You are stuck with the same gun from tier 8 to 10, only getting more shells in the magazine. Precision of the gun is crap and because it’s a french tank you get negative RNG, you would expect WG to give good armor because it doesn’t have a sniper gun but it’s not the case, the frontal hull has decent armor but 80% of your front is weakspots. I believe wargaming want to punish the french tech tree for having the EBR 105 so they are making every other tanks trash.

  25. Reported for playing the game.

  26. Love your vids man. Awesome how you can play like a hooligan and still do well because of years of experience xD

  27. Never knew that this one is pretty good, i played the tier 7 and it was like dog poo

  28. Just need a black camo with a red swoosh and you’ll be all set for A-Team fun time.

  29. Those capers scrubs… Smh

  30. How do you play the same maps over and over and over and over…. and not get bored out of your skull?

  31. Great video. The A-Team though? I pity the fool who doesn’t get your dated pop culture reference.

  32. Circonflexes…He’s playing the game!

  33. Ook Nederlands?

  34. Sure, it’s fun now, but back when I owned it, it only had a sub-par regular cannon that could hardly pen anything, and armor that never bounced anything. Sold that turd as fast as I could.

  35. Will never forget the weekend the released the IS-6 premium tank. Meet a Platon that had Forgotten the golden ammo. Well to this day it’s my record regarding potential Damage received (8700 dmg) on this French TD

  36. Circon’s like a militant Kool-aid Man. [Smash] “Oh yeah!” [BOOM BOOM BOOM]

  37. Ah the old trash bus. People didn’t believe me when I said it was delicious post autoloader. But who’s laughing now? twitch person likes it too. #OpinionValidated

  38. Seems like leclerc brought the snorkle this time

  39. Is there TD rehab for Circ!

  40. when he got hung up on the corner….

  41. My lil brother calls this tank the Blue Submarine (for some odd reason but I actually like it xD)

  42. ah yes, the F-team.

  43. Playing the game. A revolution !

  44. So avant gardiste !

  45. Did anyone else notice influx of very very bad players (less than 2000 player score) lately?

    They seem to occupy majority of my team (and enemy) lately

  46. It’s like when you just FEEL the moment and take it… man, what a time to be alive

  47. So I guess a lemming rush on the western flank does work…screw the forest…:P

  48. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I have not played them since before they were buffed but I always played the 48 and Foch as assault TD’s since their guns are so bad, if you’re not in people face you’re going to miss half the time.

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