SWEATING LIKE A PIG!!! World of Tanks

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Today I'm sweating like a PIG in of Tanks playing the Type 4 heavy in a stressful game!



  1. Oh damn

  2. you lost the game QB because you pulled the trigger. they can see the trace of your shell when firing. I do it to unspotted enemies and I can see it in the sky view

  3. one of the cases you know that u will lose if your arty is on bad rng and kept on missing or just lazy player doesnt even care to look for a clear shots while enemy arty is constantly barraging with direct hits and moving around the field looking for a clear angle to shoot from

  4. You probably shot the boxes too soon, gg

  5. Delete artilery!!!

  6. I typically sit in a spot they already shot, because I’ve never had enemy sky cancer shoot the same spot when I was in the cap circle in 10 years of playing.

  7. Next time you will carry a turbo on it, wont you?

  8. Gotta respect the enemy arty, really good play there

  9. HAHAHAHAHA, I think you had to keep on moving, GG

  10. Long live arty !!! Rock on QB

  11. Given the arty saw the shell being fired, or even the props flying in a violent manner indicating a HE shell shooting from a certain angle and not him driving into it, it really narrowed down the possibilities where QB could be in the circle. QB honestly doomed himself attempting to outplay someone, and outplayed himself. Rip QB and the 100IQ plays he tries to pull off lol

  12. nah, I laugh and watch closely when the enemy come to kill my team’s arty, though I do make some attempt to stop them since I am not just going to let free damage get away. Even when I play arty, I rely on no one to come save me, and most of the time I make them work for the kill, or just sit and wait to shotgun them with an AP round, did that before they removed AP rounds, and now do that since they brought them back.

  13. am glad you lost. I’m even more glad you lost to an arty.

  14. L0RDSH0CKW4V3 Gaming & Advice

    Jeez man I would have smashed my keyboard into smithereens 14:36 … good going anyway that was purely a torture match.

  15. One trick that someone taught me back in 2014 or 2015 is to hide in the craters made by previous arty shells. IT WORKS, because most arty players will not shoot in the same spot twice in a situation like that. Whenever they land another shot in the cap circle, move to that new crater. I’ve been able to avoid a lot of shells that way.

  16. Omg i would’ve just gone to the last spot arty blind fired this was sad to watch

  17. this is like playing battleship but only the enemy are allowed to fire lol

  18. Cool bit of etymology. I had no idea pigs were such competent metallurgists.

  19. Oh QB….you should know by now, you ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS go hang out where they last fired. Foolish man.

  20. The easiest thing to do to dodge the artillery in this very situation is to stand where his last shot went… No artillery user would fire twice at the same spot.

  21. Only if his team was less shit

  22. very exciting game, i would have had fun being the Type-4
    Yeah, 10k profit is avg win as free account lol

  23. Yamate Kurasai!

  24. I stand in the place where the first shot landed from the arty, they usually do not fire in the same spot twice…

  25. Why there are no circles on the minimap?

  26. I think in the ideal situation you wait until just before the arty reloads, then shoot the boxes with HE, then move to near the place where the previous arty shot landed. This gives the arty less time to think and respond. Hopefully this gives the best probability to dodge.

  27. You should have tried shooting back at arty. Even if its outside your render distance you can hit

  28. Actual lol

  29. Dear God Dude – that had to be one of the most tense battles I have seen you play – wow

  30. Maybe if he shot he boxes with AP he could have avoided that BOOM THERE GOES EVERYTHING FLYING and possibly avoided losing?

  31. I think arties can see everyone’s shell tracers in sniper mode even momentarily, so it was a bad call shooting the base flag at the end.

  32. LOL..hahahahahahahahahaha

  33. They should really buff the gun for type 4 and 5 H; for being a damage sponge, it’s not that good compared to the maus or E100, even the Jp.E100 is doing a better job as a propper heavy tank, and if not a buff for the gun, then the plating on the hull, because holy cow, 250 ish plating on it’s big weakspot is nothing.

  34. do a video an the turtle 1 asking wot to upgrade it can,t even damage most tier 10,s and i,m really getting fed up of tier 10,s spamming tier 8,s

  35. what a bummer QB!

  36. Go to the location where arty did shoot. They wont gonna shoot a second to the same place <3

  37. Can I just point out really quickly that pigs don’t sweat very much due to their not having limited number of functioning sweat glands so they only sweat a small amount, and what little sweat they do produce doesn’t much affect their body temperature

  38. Watching QB play WoT and also learn about metallurism

  39. QB was in the line of fire of the arty, if the shell fell short, as it did, he’d be hit. And was. If he was off to the side, the arty (if aiming at teh boxes) would have to miss to the side, much less likely.

  40. QB this is exactly what you deserve after the amount of crap you have given to Arty over the years. You and a few other youtubers have to take a decent amount of responsibility for the constant nerf war against arty players. If you had given as much hate towards wheeled vehicles (which have ruined the game more than arty ever could) the game would be far more fun for all the players. Great game though, from you both and hats off for keeping your cool and never giving up.

  41. imagine if the enemy arty was moving the tank to increase the spread till it covers most of the the cap circle and firing without aiming…and with some stroke of luck landed close enough

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