SWEATY NERDS PLAY WAR THUNDER (War Thunder Russian Bias Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

SWEATY NERDS PLAY WAR THUNDER (War Thunder Russian Bias Gameplay)

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  1. Olli Hakkarainen


  2. Love the unloved: Blackburn Firebrand TF MkIV Attempt№1

  3. Christopher Doman

    The KV-220 that phly was using had A113 on the turret… Easter egg anyone?

  4. Phly has really bad luck… he has every vechle in the game. *HOW UNLUCKY*

  5. Yeah Mike and Phly!

  6. Oh God, who let Miles in here? Once you let BHIVE hang around, you can’t get rid of them. They’re like racist cockroaches.
    (Tongue in cheek, I’ve been bros with those dudes for years. Love the collabs.)

  7. Baron left you for Blitz, Drae and others. How sad. 🙁

  8. When do we get the KV-220-220-220?

  9. Hey Phly can you play the t 92 I am just finishing researching it and would like to see you play it

  10. when it said russian bias then the first half was german and i threw computer through window.

  11. great vid and fun as always thou have not seen you take out the Italian “duck” p108 in along time.

  12. Once this game is free I might be German bias I’m sorry

  13. THE ((((((((((BIASING)))))))))))

  14. KV-220 is a KV-3 body with a KV-1 turret

  15. Phly you killed me twice. Frst in the avenger then the AA. This is a great honor 🙂

  16. TheIronArmenian, ManyMilesAway, MikeGoesBoom, and PhlyDaily??? This is frickin amazing!!!! You guys are all awesome, and seeing all of you in a video together made my day!!!

  17. whose voice that always voicing the German in Squire video?

  18. Phly please take the shitbird for a spin

  19. They are funny YouTubers . But phly is just bad at the game. I want war thunder YouTubers to be good at the game and he isn’t, very disappointing.


  21. Phly try to unlock the IS-7

  22. Russian superiority is best superiority comrade.

  23. You need to play with bo

  24. why no ships? 🙁

  25. i hate you phly always with hype music fails

  26. Asking us to subscribe to 3 different channels that’s a pretty big commitment

  27. It’s good to see MMA because no as many know of him.

  28. I smell German accent.

  29. Premature shell ejection lol

  30. Phly honestly I wouldn’t even have started playing warthunder if it wasn’t for ur videos man ur great!?

  31. Phy its wargaming of course they made a mistake but i still like to play world of tanks

  32. Oxids probably crying right now

  33. Fuck iron tank vandalizing POS

  34. *TURN DOWN FOR* quack

  35. I need tips on playing the M22 🙁

  36. Too bad that speirstheamazingHD wasn’t here


  38. Really Enjoyed watching some of my favorite WT players all having a good time together, I hope we can expect more like this in the future!


  40. something's not right

    Where did you get the thumb nail picture?

  41. Russian bias, xoxoxo noice one phly

  42. which German TD tree is better ?

  43. Phly 🙂 Play Cod WW2 on multi there are planes there. BF109 and P47

  44. In Geneva convention massive destruction weapons get restricted…. the Squad in WarThunder shouldn’t be allowed too.

  45. 14.25 i fell bad for comet

  46. No baron

  47. Adrian Vedvik Mehammer

    NO World of WARplanes not planes warplanes oof god

  48. Top 10 best anime crossovers in history.

  49. Top Ten Anime Crossovers.

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