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  1. 4:14 i DIED 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  2. 5:00 Jeremy Clarkson what?

  3. Ikea delivery truck capable of firing instruction manuals.

  4. Breaking News: Local man gets angry because an Anti-Air vehcle can’t kill Tanks!


    they don’t need to be normal, they just need to have effective vehicles.

  6. it was proposed to used in swedish woods there its cloaky as hell.

  7. Phly complaining that an Anti Air is ONLY doing Anti Air, not Anti Everything. :-/

    I blame COVID lockdown.

  8. they are normal
    they just take a different approach to a problem to solve it

  9. not normal sounds like Nonomo Nanomo Nanomo

  10. n o t n o r m a l

  11. The ItO 90 is a French/Finnish self-propelled SAM system. Wait , did Gaijin just changed the history again ?
    Finnish is not exist in warthunder just like Taiwan XD

  12. As a Swede, I think it all looks normal

  13. Ulises Melgarejo

    You should try the TAM

  14. It is called DEVELOPMENT! Ever heard about it! ;P

  15. Its not swedish

  16. My ear drum went kapput with your swedan screaming 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  17. vive l’ANP

  18. Big Phly phan, but a very boring video tbh. 👎🏻

  19. can we talk about why that guy in 12:02 using BF109??????

  20. The NOT NORMAL rant made me worried about your mental state and happy about your editing skills.

  21. Some times a can’t hear planes ,tank and helis that is BS

  22. “Sweden! Why can’t you just be normal?!” As a Dane I say that out loud every day…

  23. Stupid, ITo 90m It’s not Swedish.

  24. Editor dreams the sentence ‘not normal’

  25. skiing crocodile

    USA advantages: better vehicles
    Sweden advantages: 100% more Mister Moon than every other nation

  26. It’s meant for air defense and not as a tank destroyer.

  27. Any tips to play lowtier sweden

  28. I agree, blame Sweden for anything slightly Scandinavian 😀

  29. “nanormul”

  30. PanzerKampfWagen_Ausf V

    This is the third time phly was gonna make a top gear reference and then gets shot and forgets

  31. Phly I wish I could hack and play with your warthunder account.😢😥

  32. Day 43: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  33. Wait, the radar rotates clockwise but the radar display rotates counterclockwise?

  34. There’s a bug with tank engine sounds where they sometimes don’t play if you turn your overall volume too low Ingame. It’s been like this since before ships were introduced and I’ve reported it countless times

  35. What about
    Make a long tank
    And put a A10 gun on it
    Or atleast it uses the same rounds

  36. Anger Management required – Phly – 2 days ago you got shot down by a Swedish in your YAK 28B (you were having so much fun) – and you went into rage mode ….lmao!!!
    Time to let it go brother…. hahaha

  37. Tbh France isn’t normal ether (cloned gae vehicle)

  38. NormallyMute 01

    I cannot kill Swedish vehicles because I am so accustomed to regular tank construction and then there’s Sweden. Just Sweden. I shoot for a gunner and hit a loader? Then I shoot for a driver and hit a commander???

  39. we are normal …. it’s everyone else who’s weird! ……right ? XD


  41. It’s not just you. The Red Skies update drastically reduced engine noise in Ground RB. But Aircraft in both modes still have loud engines.

    We desperately need separate sound/audio volume options for aircraft vs. tanks and trucks

  42. its French misile 😉 derien

  43. Mr Moon!!!

  44. Ah sweet old PASI, serverd on em in Estonian army

  45. Made me giggle. The secret is the following. “how to design a vechile that will kill atleast 10 soviet things”

  46. we need a mod with all of phlys qoutes… ammo storage is empty “NEED MORE AMMO NEED MORE AMMO”

  47. Kaokaew Sahassawas

    I dunno man We have to improvise

  48. Red S0vietArtilery

    Its taller than its wide ;—;

  49. “Nästa mål!


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