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  1. Yeah, thanks for getting that song stuck in my head…had to pull an Eric Cartman and look it up to get it out of my skull…

  2. what a savage Phly with that scream in the beginning 😀

  3. Hey phly When is your wedding day/you should live stream it ha ha ha ha LOL

  4. 5:41 When You Watch Too Much DollarPlays Videos

  5. Hey Phly play with the crazy derp 150mm sturmpanzer in a top tier battle against the mighty abrams all you have to do is get 3 kills. 3rd attempt

  6. I got an Ikea ad for this video, fitting.

  7. christopher Remmers

    Nazi Wonder weapen is not cool dude
    what you’re saying
    I’m disappointed with you

  8. 4:48 “i hope that a wasn’t the same guy” I have to give the bad news yes it was the same guy that was in the IS-4M

  9. That intro was funny. In a historical, sarcastic kinda way. “To bad they couldn’t win the war” hahahaha

  10. Honestly the best video you’ve ever made

  11. Panthakarn Deeruek

    Song​ name​ pls

  12. I’m just curious that how the f**k do you see your target when the rocket covering the vision?!?

  13. Phly, you need to start linking the tracks you use in the videos dude.

  14. Please Phlydaily play the t 50

  15. Looks like phlopy wopy does not do the request series☹️☹️☹️ if you still do the request series i have a request please play the T50 attempt no.100

  16. Sebastian Castellianos

    5:50 isnt this a little bit of DollarPlay’s inspiration? X)

  17. 7:40 my ground forces experience is

  18. benedictus Putra

    Is that coffin dance meme 🙂

  19. Quarantine is getting to phly

  20. More meme vids like this pls

  21. Filip Jabłoński

    Yo i have the same issue with my GF xD i have to show her that vid. Love you man 😀

  22. Filip Jabłoński

    Phly is so broke lol

  23. Man, i love your silly memes and jokes you put in your videos. Keep ’em coming!

  24. 0:13 Toga-channnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  25. I see reference to dollarplays 😮

  26. “Only” 200mm pen on a SAM

  27. What song was that during the fast forward part

  28. Do youhave a new editor phly?

  29. Phastest way to deliver MEATBALLS

  30. Yeah dudes G.F eahhhhhhhhhaahhahahsdhasd 😀

  31. Not linking the songs you use in the description is a cardinal sin.

  32. Day #2 of requesting Phly to do a collab with Bo and Dollar or a 1v1v1 showoff with them all

  33. Yolo with the YT algo rithms for copy write strikes? I spelled them wrong as to not jinx. (:

  34. Getting influenced by DollarPlays more and more each video…. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, or something

  35. Dreamteam Gaming

    Awesome 🙂

  36. I don’t recall commenting about my girlfriend not liking your voice, but maybe I was in a mood because I couldn’t watch your annoying voice gameplay vids?

  37. Anyone know the night game song?

  38. the sanity part ahahahah

  39. Phly: “too bad they couldn’t win the war”
    Me a Wehraboo: *angry noises*

  40. Orangendirektsaft

    Erstmal einen Köftespieß

  41. 80s music in the background

    _DOLLARplays has entered the chat_

  42. The Swedish are so OP near 3.7 that I’ve stoped playing anywhere near that BR, which means basically that I only play Germans at 5.3 with Tiger and my other tanks are 4.0.
    Do you still believe that Gaijin will fix this swedish premium 1946 nonsence?

  43. I know what you’re saying, you’re late! I know I know, I can explain. I had this tab open for around 12 hours now and I just didn’t get round to it. With that said, play the damn L44, you never played it on the channel and it deserves some love. Attempt #14

  44. that night battle sums up 99% of my RB games 🙁

  45. If you play as Sweden, shouldn’t the game be called Nowarthunder

  46. Lol chubby boi’s mating call was really annoying 😁

  47. Pls make a swedish missile line up Pls

  48. Hey Phly don’t forget to site what the music that had started at 5:42, other than that, love your vids Phly going on 4 years watching your vids, keep it up. Hope you have a great day. 😉

  49. 11:34 Phly detected using propaganda to XM-1

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