Sweet Camouflage! – T-34-2G FT – World of Tanks

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This tank is amazing! Give it a lick? Erhm.


  1. 23 seconds after upload, pretty nice

  2. “Just like Vietnam”

  3. 😉 first time happened to me to.

  4. It’s a very old reference, sort of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUl9_5kK9ts

  5. look at my tank, my tank is amazing.

  6. Nice meme

  7. The art of playing a TD picking a spot and double bush whilst having one hand in your pants farming damage

  8. I play for quite some time, but i didnt even know about that position. I feel embaraced.

  9. 10:29 clearly it was me who knew what the title would be……100% my idea…..no circons idea what so ever….

  10. Unfair plane you clearly kempt bush. Circon is such a violet stet pedder.

  11. Circ You look so mutch like Eddie Hall bro….. Are you him? ?

  12. JUST. SPAM. THE. BUSH!!! Where else he could be shooting you from lol. I swear these players are on spectrum man…

    • to be fair, they tried, the kv-122 missed and the other ones only hit one but shot several times.

    • @Circonflexes Fair enough. KV-122 didnt get much chances and VK tried aswell but that T 25/2 was like “Uh? whats that? must be arta if I dont see him”

  13. I like the tier 6 (already research the tier 7) but the tier 7 I might like it when I see you play it but should I use the 122 or the 100 mm ?

    • The 122mm actually gives you a really decent dpm buff at the cost of gun handling and it loses a bit of camo. The 100mm isn’t a bad grind either since it handles pretty well and maintains its Max camo value.

    • 122 allows you to pen tanks like the tier 8-9 Swedish tank destroyers, and also has a chance of over matching some tanks on the side

  14. Working the bush like a 70’s porn star.

  15. @circon you look like you are enjoying wot a lot more lately. Early 2019 circon was a lot more depressed by the game. Or am I just stupid for thinking that?? Anyways I’ve always loved your content man

  16. I wonder in how many games did i play with anonimised Circon and got made fun of XD

  17. 2:57 first shot

  18. Didnt rig BiA, dislike 😉

  19. Sweet upload!

  20. Wait, KV-85 is not that great? I have 2K avr damage in that tank, that 100mm gun is just plain broken. No gun depression is no problem.

  21. Sweeeeeet camouflage, pam pam pam!!!!

  22. Thinking that the challenger was stream sniping at the end

  23. And they say the EBRs have the highest camo

  24. Where does the “I would pay good money to see Circon hang from the roof” thing come from? Or rather who?

    • not entirely sure but it does kind of sound like snooze

    • If I recall, I think Circon said it came from someone that was trying to say something more along the lines of ‘Circon plays so well I’d like to seem him play while hanging upside down from the ceiling.’ Instead, it came out that way, and thus was born that clip.

    • Where is that clip? I saw it once, but now I can’t find it.

  25. Today in “BS map positions of WoT” Circon will be showing off a sweet location on abbey

  26. Such casual excellence in achieving victory.

  27. ok I was expecting that in the tune of sweet caroline but whatever it works.

  28. I would pay good many to see Circon camping in the bush
    Don’t know why but this got stuck in my head

  29. Pretty sure those bushes are gonna press charges or even restraining orders. Perhaps both.

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