SWINGFIRE GAMEPLAY – Guided Teabag Launcher (War THunder 1.63)

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SWINGFIRE – Guided Teabag Launcher ()

War Thunder 1.63 News – http://warthunder.com/en/news/?tags=Development
War Thunder Dev Notes – https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/330625-preliminary-update-notes-for-163-desert-hunters/




  2. Every body loves some War THunder

  3. Please take out ki 87.

  4. play the new flak 88 truck! please

  5. why dont you play with baron or slick anymore, are you like not friends

  6. What’s the intro music?

  7. Guided “Teabag” Launcher oh boy Phly just what is going on in your head? ^^

  8. phly how do u feel about the Americans top tier tanks not being historicaly

  9. Hey Phly, can you control the ATGM in binocular mode?
    like, if you hold mouse 1 in bino mode your gun will point to where you’re
    looking, so would that work with the ATGMs?

    If so, then the swingfire could easily get some sneaky kills from behind
    full cover (thanks to its ATGms that fire up before going full horizontal).

  10. Hey Guys i make montages if u can come and check them out it would be much
    appreciated please and thank you

  11. Dip dip potato chip

  12. Phly! show us the F9F Couger! I love Cougers!

  13. Yeah, ATGMs are not overpowered at all…FFS. Just give them a Cold War
    tier already, there is no way a Maus or Tiger 2 105 should see these tanks.

  14. Fucking games a joke un subbed

  15. Play with Baron and i will make 50 accounts and sub to you on each one! :D

  16. can u show us the 8.8mm flak truck plz

  17. the 88 truck that you hit is the youtuber ManyMilesAway. I really recommend
    you check his channel out as well as subscribe to Phly if you havent. two
    amazing WarThunder channels

  18. Do a Tu-4 gameplay

  19. I hope they add lock on missles for planes

  20. TheDevildogGamer, ” think it’s still in service”, not any more mate both
    Swingfire and MILAN replaced by Javelin in British service in 2005. My unit
    had loads of Swingfire to CMD from about 2006 onwards! :D

  21. Rest in pieces my Flak truck 4:50

  22. im interested to know. Can the M163 shoot down an ATGM rocket?


  24. ─────────────────────────▄▀▄
    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

  25. The swingfire was retired in like 2005

  26. Play the la 7 with the t44-122


  28. It’s so awesome seeing you and Baron in a Video together. You guys defo
    need to make some World of Warships videos together again :(

  29. lol that many miles away is a youtuber

  30. Lol War THunder

  31. Can you check out the Flak Truck?

  32. Why do tank premiums cost so much than plane premiums? I mean a tier 3 tank
    premium costs more than a tier 4 plane premium. why is that?

  33. Please play the Strv-81! I really need to see if it is worth buying.

  34. Do a custom battle. 1 Gepard vs many rank 1 planes.

  35. Use the swing fire vs bombers custom map

  36. Where are smoke shells too

  37. phly how do you make your intro because i wanna make one for my new channel

  38. they add guided missiles but don’t add more jets

  39. jesus christ your intro is loud dude

  40. M22 master race

  41. Every single time I watch your videos I have the faintest of an idea that I
    might have fun playing this game.

    Then I go into 1BR arcade and realize that no matter what you do, everyone
    else will immediately completely immobilize you, and also you get put on
    the team of idiots all the time.

  42. Devo and Tor lol

  43. Love it when you do videos with Devildog :)

  44. Why are the enemy names yellow instead of red?

  45. Swingfire was retired in 2005. It was replaced with the Javelin.

  46. Muhamad Harith Akmal Abu Bakar

    Use the new Sd.Kfz FlaK, attempt shooting airplanes!

  47. 88 flak truck plz

  48. @phlydaily New challenge for you is to use this tank to kill an air target
    in RB.

  49. Play some world of warships pls

  50. Does any1 know his pc specs

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