T-10 review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 350, GTX 760,
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  1. Ironic that the arty player is going to call Foch a “lucker”. Oh well,
    guess pancakes need something to carry them to tier 10 too.

  2. “Magnets: how do they work?” lol

  3. 400 miss tier 8 arty on a heavy :^)

  4. The letter i is not a 1 lol get reeked subscribe for an actual tanker

  5. ST-1 haha it’s ST-I duh cause russans did not use Roman numerals your dumb
    cause it’s KV-1S KV1 not KVi lol learn tanks iv played for about a week and
    u r retarded

  6. if my memory serves me correctly the gun stats and terrain resistance’s
    were not changed when the T-10 was converted to HD, only the amour.

  7. Matematik! -Foch 2016

  8. Thanks for the T10 review.

  9. Thanks for the T10 review.

  10. hmmm have to cross check which T9 Heavy is my favorite. So far it’s the
    Conqueror, should still have the best dpm of all of them. And 7 degrees of
    gun depression comapared to 5 of the IS-8. Will buy the IS-8 when it will
    be discounted at a christmas special hopefully. Which one do you like
    better guys?

  11. 13:17 haha the chat says that youre only lucky

  12. Ladies and middlegen. Fuck the “mentelgen” believers, they’re delusional.

  13. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    the fuckin russian spaced side armor was only 5mm thick! not the stalins
    shit 30mm BS

  14. Different tanks I know Foch, but if you were to pick the STI or the T10 as
    a keeper which one would you go for. I have had the STI a long time and I
    like it, but sold the IS 8 a long time ago in my WOT career as I found it
    difficult to play as a beginner. Have been playing this game for about 4
    years not and this looks like it may be worth reconsidering.

  15. Thanks for the review. This is really useful because I just got the T-10.

  16. Russian black hole!

  17. So funny, the Lorraine writes: You only have luck… Yeah Foch is a good
    player because he has alot of luck….And the Lorraine was a bad player,
    because he never get luck and only bad teams :D

  18. Wachira Narongsack

    @SirFochhow to grind it? first gun or turret?

  19. lel and it’s getting more buffs next patch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. Dat first shot. OFC commie tanks don’t need to aim because shells are
    guided by the hand of Comrade Stalin.

  21. E50 said it: “foch is beast”

  22. MoLày MèmO SObHi

    Hey Foch.. Can You Give Us The Link To Your XVM Modpack Please ?

  23. Hwould like to play with 60 gps, mime is afrond 10 now

  24. I R8 T-10 10/10 M8. Sorry I had to :P

  25. I feel Foch kinda rushed the review considering new buffs to T-10 are
    coming and it wasn’t even changed that much in 9.12 unlike some other tanks
    (cough Action X cough). But since this was already 3rd IS-8/T-10 review on
    this channel maybe he will do a 4th one too.

  26. Foch what did you ever do with your old ASUS laptop?

  27. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    why review this tank? it could be said in 1 sentence: IS8 with buffed
    turret. end of story

  28. T-10 is too balanced, wargaming please buff!

  29. Magnets are powered by magic electric pixies.

  30. Sirfoch – Great videos

  31. wow you really hate Russians do you?

  32. Good game. Dat little arty scum was so mad at the end.^^

  33. its just like t34-1, both great med tanks

  34. 1m armor, yeah, totally legit.

  35. Needed gold to kill the 704 noob

  36. Full HP KV-13 and Centurion … and they wait and watch you get shot down
    … epic players

  37. its getting buffed next patch

  38. and next patch the T-10 got buff

  39. lol im a cunt

  40. ひらつか しずか

    Nice la :D

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