T-100 LT – Russian Pancake Scout Tank (Tier 10!)

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  1. shoot tenks

  2. Stalin’s Pancake, da!

  3. McNoScope The 1st

    Its not op is feature da

  4. Circon i think that the sheridan is the best now

  5. More like Stalins skateboard 😛

  6. Type 5 heavy. Fair and balanced they say!

  7. I think SirCon hates japanese food … all he does is frying japanese food trucks 🙂

  8. You didn’t happen to drive STalin’s matress during your live stream did you?

  9. “I’m not gonna have enough shots to kill these fools. *Blindfires*” – Circon 😀

  10. this thing is like a fucking rocket

  11. I dont want t 10 light tank !

  12. Way too small maps for this kind of mobility and viewrange IMO and lights really dominate the game (at least in tier 10 but other tiers too). I guess I’m alone on this one tho.

  13. when do you think this patch will go live?

  14. Light T10 tanks f*cks the game completely…so much view range, mobility etc…

  15. That is “The flattest panzer” da?
    Good meme!

  16. just imagine the sounds of a race car there in the first minute of the game XD

  17. The 7k damage + 1,4k assist game I had in this thing was surprising to me considering the gun stats aren’t that great and I didn’t think the tank would be a great fighter. But then again I did shoot tanks with no armor at short ranges.

    I’m enjoying the new lights, I think they won’t replace mediums in terms of fighting capabilities, but I still think that the new lights pack quite a punch.. maybe a little bit more than they should, at least in my opinion. I guess I’ll have to play them a bit more to see if that’s true or not.

  18. Russian meme wagon

  19. too bad Bert doesn’t get stun effect

  20. wait, what happened to your rhm video? i just watched it and now it’s gone from your channel? dafuq

  21. What a t10 scout is the best?

  22. Why was everyone trying out the Type 5 Heavy? 0-0
    It is getting popular in clan wars ,maybe that’s why.

  23. This thing is so flat that y=1 seems curved.

  24. no dispersion what so ever..

  25. did circon ever set up the replay site idea he had?

  26. Much memes

  27. what happend to the Video with the new german Tier 10 light ?

  28. when Russian light tanks are better than every medium in the game… it’s not bug it’s feature da

  29. I still can’t understand how this tank can have ANY gun depression…

  30. Damn you’re not kidding with ‘pancake’, that thing is flat as hell.

  31. That gunhandling tho 😮

  32. Alexander Krikorian

    I thought that tank had ridiculous hp/t, how is it not reaching the top speed on flat ground?

  33. can you upload a ru251 game,so we can see the difference now please?

  34. so I’ve got the 54 lightweight with 150k exp on it, went on the test server, there was an LTTB in my garage with 150k exp on it. Is this an error? Theres no reason for me to have that exp on the lttb when I already have the ltwt

  35. it’s blin lol 🙂

  36. Hey Circon, could you please try out the Bat-Chat 12t, because I am wondering if it is even worth playing.

  37. That thing is crazy mobile! T-54 armor and T-50-2 mobility on a tank that weighs 15 tons. What is it made of? Impossibilium?

  38. So out of pure curiosity, all the scouts got moved up a tier, and only 10’s were added…so what….does scouting now only start at tier 6? or did they add new tier 5’s?

  39. i like this russian pancake it is a cute tank.

  40. Waarom 720p ? Niet om aan te zien.

  41. in that first engagement, how is it normal for the target reticle to stay on the target that way. Looks like it was glued on….

  42. Idk what it is but circons videos I find very hard to see

  43. I call this tank “The Tick” Look up a tick bug then look at the turret.

  44. wow,just wow… Thats an awesome thing.Seems that i like these new lights.

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