T-100 LT Unicum Guide/Review, Spotting Hill in Prokhorovka in 1.0

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Source: Taugrim

I the T-100 LT, a tier 10 in (WoT), with replays of tier 10 battles.

In the previous episode, I talked about how to spot the 1-2 lanes on the west side of Prokhorovka. In this episode, I show how to spot the east hill from either spawn. Hill much more flexible compared to the west side of the map, as you can fire on tanks on the hill and in the middle of the map, whereas on west you are sometimes reduced to only spotting for stretches of time.

The T-100 LT is widely regarded as the best tier 10 light tank. is currently ranked at #14 overall for win rate for all tier 10 tanks at 50.82% according to vBAddict.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb camouflage (over 40 with BIA, Camo, and Vents)
+ Superb dispersion values
+ Very small, flat profile
+ Excellent protection: upper hull and turret provide ~220mm of effective armor
+ Excellent speed and acceleration
– Awful accuracy (0.46 base)
– Very poor gun depression (-5)
– Relative to other tier 10s, low view range (390)
– As with all tier 10 lights, suffers from high penetration loss over distance

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. Vents

I use VStab in almost every tank, but the dispersion values of the T-100 LT are so low that VStab offers small incremental value and I mount Vents instead.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Great video as always 🙂

  2. so uh do u know when u can review the m48a5 patton? the American tier 10 medium tank

  3. that quantumgravy comment just makes him sound like an asshole to me cant help it, and not a very smart one either

    • QuantumGravy’s points were 100% valid, and I’m glad he posted what he did. It wasn’t disrespectful at all IMO. Very constructive.

    • if feels a little over criticized, and from what I got from your videos you always made it pretty clear to people that none of the tier X light tanks are that good so if anything at least that was kind of a pointless argument to me

  4. Brent Doerflinger

    Will you do videos for the new K-91? Or have you already covered tanks like it being rear turreting brawling tanks… Thanks for the awesome vid as always!

  5. the point you made about overbalancing heavies and making lights really weak. i heard from one of the other big WoT you tubers i think it was circon. the guy responsible for that got demoted. thought you should know. maybe they will get a buff in the future. anyways love your video as always.

    • Yup, Murazor was demoted:

      Murazor tried to claim before his demotion was public that he wasn’t responsible for balance anyway, but I think he’s lying. He was trying to save face but ended looking stupid.

    • thanks for the link, interesting articles.

  6. Your ability to explain tactics and your thoughts while playing are the best. Thanks for this video and keep up the good work!

  7. That was some lovely hill spotting

    • It helps to have friendly tanks in mid to fire on them.

      I’ve had games where I’ve kept the enemy team spotted all day but got little to no assisted damage because my team either wasn’t in good positions to take advantage of it or they had terrible aim.

  8. First of all thanks for sharing great content! I am still struggling in my lights but is improving thanks to you. However, going through the chinese line I find it really difficult since their cammo values are not that great and also view ranges are rather poor. So i try to keep moving to avoid being outspotted by fx. the “pancake”. Any advise?

    • If you are getting out-spotted by French and Russian tanks that have better camo, you have to relocate. There isn’t any other valid choice.

    • Depends. Actually most light tanks (at least up to WZ-132) has pretty decent camo, most likely middle of the road in the general scheme. Definitely stealthier compared to all soviets (except T-100), all USA (except T92), and almost all Germans as well. If you get outspotted by stuffs like ELC EVEN or T-100, it’s more like the case of both of them are broken.

      Chinese LT in general are jack of all trades that has someone that better in another category but perfectly capable in all light roles, with the exception of WZ-132-1 that suddenly has some armor as well but became a bit bigger.

    • > Actually most light tanks (at least up to WZ-132) has pretty decent camo, most likely middle of the road in the general scheme

      This is generally true.

      There is one notable outlier: the Sheridan has very poor camo, worse than tier 10 RU mediums.

    • Taugrim I actually was refering to Chinese Light Tanks lol

  9. What ‘s the best light tanks branch for you ? Not only for the Tiers X

    • I’ve enjoyed the American, French, Russian, and Chinese lines, for different reasons.

      The American lights have gun depression.
      The French lights have autoloaders.
      The Russian lights tend to have turret armor.
      The Chinese lights have alpha and pen.

      The only line I don’t really like is the German line, because I think they’re too squishy, and I think their excellent speed doesn’t make up for their other limitations elsewhere.

    • Taugrim thanks ! I will play the chinese and I’m already playing the american.

  10. Perhaps it’s selfish but can you do a unicum guide about the T71-CMCD ?

  11. Actually looking at the server winrates for the tier 10 lights the 132-1 is not underperforming in the slightest… its running a 49% win rate on RU, a 50% on EU and a 50% on NA. Top LTs are the 132-1 on RU, the T-100 LT on EU and the 13 105 on NA. The worst across all 3 servers in the RHM PzW.

    The 132-1 is a good tank. It has its issues, but its a good tank.

    • The T-100 LT dropped on NA from #11 to #14, with the latest refresh of the vBAddict data.

      What data set are you looking at? I want to take a look myself.

    • VBaddict is not a representative sample of server data. It is an opt in system that generaly only good players use and we really need to stop using it as an indication of anything relating to tank performance because its an incomplete snapshot of data.

      Click on ‘All Vehicles’ or ‘All Equipment’ then you can choose a time period and filter by tank class, tier and nation.

    • The funny thing is that even on VBaddict, the wz is doing fine. Usually it hovers around 49-50%, and jockeys with the t-100, and 13/105 for position, at least on NA. I was surprised as well by how hard that dude came down on the WZ. Maybe at the extremes of performance what he was writing is true (trying to 3rd or 4th mark tier 10 lights), but as far as winning games and having fun in tier 10 for average players it seems perfectly legit.

      Thanks for the other data points, looking through them was rather illuminating, and would be a great springboard for discussion. I adore the black dog, but wasn’t surprised to see that it had an NA 47.85% global win rate. It would be nice to see some more discussion about the quirks of that tank, especially now that there is going to be a rush of people buying the non-skinned version, and dumping bad crews into it.

    • Thanks for this. The 132-1 is the first tier 10 LT that I researched, but I was hesitant to buy it after QuantumGravy’s comments. (I had the credits collected about a week ago, but I decided to instead spend them on buying an Object 430 and rebuying the T-10, which was the IS-8 the last time I played it.)

    • The tank is by no means perfect. It needs about half a second knocked off its DPM, and the tier 10 lights as a whole have a few issues as a collection of tanks that need fixing (mostly their silly penetration drop off on their standard rounds) but they arent actually bad tanks, despite what most people will tell you.

  12. Your videos are extremely helpful. I love how you explain the pros and cons of map locations. Thank You for the excellent content!

  13. Taugrim, I absolutely love your vids and I have learned a ton from you. I’d like to make what may seem like an odd suggestion for a future video — can you have a video where you have a couple of games where your team got steamrolled really badly and you had to really push to be effective during the loss? Seems to me like a lot of my games lately are: 1) steamroll the OTHER team really badly and do fairly well myself (which isn’t a good measure of performance), or 2) get steamrolled really badly by the other team and do very poorly because we all got overwhelmed. I imagine we could all learn a lot by seeing how you try to address it when you get a team that is performing REALLY badly and just melts away like an ice cube. Since these types of games tend to be very short, maybe you could have several in the vid.

    Just an idea. Keep on releasing content, I learn new stuff from every single stop on the Road.

    • > I imagine we could all learn a lot by seeing how you try to address it when you get a team that is performing REALLY badly and just melts away like an ice cube

      Hmmm. To me the 2nd battle in this video is an example of my team playing very foolishly.

      The only reason we had a lead in the 2nd video is because I was spotting and dealing damage effectively. Had I not been there, I suspect my team would have lost badly. My team mates had very poor map awareness.

      > can you have a video where you have a couple of games where your team got steamrolled really badly and you had to really push to be effective during the loss

      In general if your team is losing badly, pushing forward into multiple guns is not the smart play. I do what I’d do in real life – gradually retreat, get 1st shot advantages, wear them down as much as possible before I’m killed.

    • Your team was definitely making mistakes in that second one, but it was still a mostly seesaw match until the end with lots of back and forth. The kind of losses I mean are the ones where everybody goes valley on Lakeville while the entire enemy team swarms town, or multiple mistakes by your teammates mean you lose eight tanks in two minutes, and go on to a 15-2 defeat. The kind of games where you feel like it’s a 1 vs. 29, the 15 players on the other team plus the 14 on your team. 🙂

      I do try to retreat when facing overwhelming odds but when you’re getting swarmed from multiple directions it’s hard. Maybe I just need to go back and watch your “retreating and counterattacking” videos again.

    • > it was still a mostly seesaw match until the end with lots of back and forth

      We had a deceptive lead. The only way we would have won, based on how my allies were deployed, is if their TDs were stupid and not using soft cover. But they were smart, my team didn’t cover the 1 lane, and so we lost.

      Or we could have possibly won if I had gone full Dances With Wolves and yolo’d like a moron around their TDs and lived. But at half health I didn’t think it was a high percentage play.

    • He did that in a few videos, if I remember correctly the end result was if you can not carry, make sure you make as much damage as you can,

    • bartek Bgraczyk

      Phil C. Absolutely agreeing with Your suggestion ,
      I was thinking same think.
      PS did you noticed that after 1.0 we are getting a lot more of this very short battles when enemy team just destroy you in 3 minutes or opposite?

  14. Richard Forrest

    pls do stb-1

  15. Thank you for your quality content.
    Btw do you have video on obj. 140. That would be useful

  16. Max imale Beschleunigung

    in 2nd game i had gone for cap with my 2 allies in the back on the railway and the 2 guys in the mid.

  17. I suck at light tanks so I enjoy playing with you when you use them so I can try and learn routs and game play so I can get better at them. I have always said that the drop off of pen for t10 lights is just to much. From 100-200 meters its ok but anything past that is just dumb. There is no reason to struggle with penning t8-10 hts from the side at 400 meters, except on the odd Russian turret or Super heavy like a maus. The pen needs to be fixed at range that is for sure. Thoughts on the STB1 and Leo1? I feel they need a big overhaul. Also with the new game mode of Frontline, should WG nerf the defender? I personally feel its basically a t9 posing as a t8.

    • Also 1 more question, what t10 med next. 430u, M48 patton, or amx 30b? I am almost done with the Standard B

    • > I feel with tanks like the amx 30b and patton, the leo, stb 1 and even to an extent the Cent AX are so out classed the tanks arn’t worth playing unless you just like the tank for a 2nd type of cool.

      So the 30B is a side-grade compared to the tier 9.

      The Patton is generally well-regarded by unicums, so I think it’s fine.

      The Leo is too much of a finesse tank. E.g. 15 Leo’s would get plastered by 15 430U’s.

      The STB-1 seems to be as you said – not quite good enough turret, and people complain about the gun handling.

      The Cent AX was recently buffed so it’s decent now.

      > I would like to see tanks like the 907 and maybe even 430u take a nerf to the hull armor

      Those tanks are stupidly imbalanced – their hull armor is too good.

      > If you want to play the tanks let me know I have all 3 and you are welcome to try my account for it

      That’s cool of you Spatty, but since it’s against the ToS I don’t use other people’s accounts.

    • I’m personally thinking of going up the M48 Patton line.

      I’d do the Italian line but it would be a long grind since I have nothing unlocked.

    • Well let me know know man lets toon it out and grind a line. I am down for low tier to t10 as you know.
      To your point about them being out classed I agree. Also I know you like the progetto t8. Lol just dont play any other tank in the line. That premium is so good and fun, everything else up to t9 seems to be just lack luster. I am currently on the t9 and I have all upgrades for it, I can tell you the reload kills the tank. Now it does have an auto loader type gun so yeah being able to blast around 1100 dmg if needed is good, the reload on the tank kills the type of play style it needs. You cannot grind your way out of a situation like if you are trying to help a team mate that was rushed. Yeah you can do a bit but once you spent your load its just a slow bad tank. The skoda at t9 was far better. And it has a 3 shot auto loader. I am holding out hope for the t10 but its looking pretty dim so far. Thanks again for the suggestion. I think i might do the Patton for my next med tank. I think w/o looking I am at t7 but idk. If I didn’t hate myself so much id just grind the OP 430u and make stats look better than they are. But I play a ton of tanks that are sub par so it is what it is.

    • Mihael Miličević

      wowspat M48 is IMO best t10 med next to the 430U but unlike op soviet trash it’s pretty balanced. 9 depression is bit akward cuz most tanks have either 10 or 8. Turret is very good just dont play peek a bo game with crap like JgPz e100 and FV 183 and shitbarn. It also has pretty good hull. It can bounce stuff like t8 and 9 heavies, they often think: “pfff, it’s just a Patton” xD. Amd then they bounce and u slap them with one of the best guns in the game. That is best part about that tank. That 105mm is laser gun. It just shits on people. If u miss it either your potato aim or lag :D. I’m joking ofc. but srsl, gun it soooo good only bad side is if u try spot stuff like hill on prokhorovka u need to be very careful. It’s one the biggest t10 meds soo camo sucks also it pretty big target soo when people spot u and other meds can u guess what will they shoot ? AX is just worse version of Patton. Gun is trolling from time to time and it’s also a bit bigger with waay weaker hull and turret. But it’s not bad tank. It also has 50mm of side armor so sidescraping is bad idea and HE will wreck u. It’s pure support tank. Soo similar to FCM 50t if your team sucks u suck with them… Patton can hold his own for some time cuz it has ok DPM, AX just can’t… But like i said people will also be stupid and think: “pff Centurion” but in that case only show your turret. Also both tank are slow af m48 is max 45 at flat and AX is 50 if i remember right, idk didnt play them for about month( im just playing RB6 atm 😛 ). One more thing, a lot of people will say that Centurion is bad cuz it’s tall… Do not listen to those people. Tank is tall with with purpose. That angled roof always has to be ABOVE enemy otherwise it will get penned every time. Also dont be afraid to snipe commander kupolas with those tank, they have plenty of ammo. For some reason WG is spitting more tanks with no commander hatches cuz russians were drunk when they were in tanks idk xD Guns on both tanks are amazing soo u will hit kupolas with ez if u have ok aim. Will it pen? That goes to good old RNG… For Leo idk. didnt play for a long time lot of people say it’s a sniper tank- pro tip: it’s not. It a complicated tank to play with current meta and crap mm… Just shoot stuff that can’t shoot back at u. But dont snipe. As u can see complicated shit so not worthy time and invesment IMO+ u will need to play PT A which is just… uhhhh… Leo is like E5 atm good on paper but is u compare it to competition it’s just uhh, mid at best u need to have ton of map knowledge cuz of TD’s and artys and u need to predict what will happend which is not always ez. Im able to keep 2.4 k wn8 in my e5 atm and 65% victories in 240 games played. and btw. im not that great player i think my wn8 is 1650-1700 at best since i last checked. Anyway gl in your games m46 is blast but m26 and t20 are pain. But it’s totally worth it! 😉

  18. how about getting teams like that, 99% of the time? I have given up, on this game. not only because of the constant braindead idiots, on the teams, I get on! but also, the op Russian tanks that recently have come into the game. not to mention the ultimate wargaming fuck up!!!! taking away our pref mm. why did I spend all that money to buy this premium tanks in the first place? thanks for fucking us up the as wargaming. you finally raped all of us loyal players. sins I am not unicum player, and never will be, I wanted to have all the tanks in the game. but 1 coming every 2 weeks? that is sick! even for me!!! I’ll just keep shooting my own team. they have no clue what to do, or how to play anyways. wonder when I get perm banned? am at 2 months for now. lmao… prob, end up on biggest a.hole on claus channel. lol
    maybe, when people learn team play again. the game might get fun again. first, they need to learn. like I did when I started in 2011. grinding true the lower tiers. learning what tank I drive, and how to use it. and boy did I make mistakes.
    still, do. but mostly get fucked by the teams. sorry for the rant taugrim. maybe you could make a video about that? like your videos mate. keep them going.

  19. In the description you should add in the negatives the .4 dispersion at 100m. Great video as always! Also super cool to see and be able to say hi to you in-game! 🙂

  20. Really glad to see your videos on the tier 10 lights, it’s kind of getting me interested in grinding up to them again, what are your thoughts on the panzer wagon? Seems like that tank has good accuracy, 420 view rang, and good camo, surprised it isn’t the dominant scout at tier 10

    • I need like 300 battles in the Ru 251 to unlock the Rhm Panzerwagen, so my opinion is not based on first-hand experience.

      The Rhm Pzm is, by far, the worst performing of the tier 10 lights. It’s super susceptible to more than triple overmatch by almost everything (i.e. no bounces) and it’s very vulnerable to HE. It’s a finesse tank in a game where there are plenty of opponents with meaningful armor.

    • Taugrim yikes, glad to know and thanks for the reply! if the armor is the only problem, I guess I’m fine with that, haven’t had much luck in any light tanks really bouncing anything but I’ll try grinding out the 132-1 then, good luck with the grind!

  21. guillem fuster adrover

    I really like your approach, no premium ammo, calm guy, good communication with the team, very constructive criticism…I can say you are the best wot YouTuber

  22. Great stuff as ever. More lights please! Cheers

  23. Great video. To me, both games highlight how important spotting is to the game. Many people seem to think spotting is dead and light tanks are just poor mediums. I think this shows that’s not really true. If a LT is played like a medium, then yeah, it’s a poor medium. But, that’s not how it should be played.

    I need to try that hill spotting run on Prok. That seems like a really high risk/high reward move. The spots from there are invaluable (especially considering a lot of teams end up camping the back of the hill, which lets middle get wrecked). My problem is usually when I try to go too far on hill I get lit and insta-wrecked. I guess speed and camo are the key…maybe only a handful of tanks can effectively reach that area and be able to stay there?

    • > Many people seem to think spotting is dead and light tanks are just poor mediums. I think this shows that’s not really true. If a LT is played like a medium, then yeah, it’s a poor medium

      Totally agree.

      There are tunnels on many maps – I simply avoid them or use my speed to flank and disrupt on city maps.

      > I need to try that hill spotting run on Prok. That seems like a really high risk/high reward move. My problem is usually when I try to go too far on hill I get lit and insta-wrecked

      In the 1st battle, from south spawn, the only reason I was able to spot at F0 was because I knew what tanks they had there because I went there immediately. If you try F0 spotting too late, you won’t know what’s there, and it’s more risky. It’s also risky if there are autoloaders who can clip you out. Also, I knew in that battle that due to our presence mid, that once I spotted tanks, they’d eat shells, which discourages them from pushing to the top of the hill. To some extent, I’m playing an area denial game, because I know the risk is limited.

  24. I had a game with 9,300 combined in a M41 90 GF and it was a 2nd class. It seems damage is all that matters for ace tankers. Its up on my channel Taugrim. I hope you can watch and maybe give me some critique on my play or I can get you the wotreplays file if that would be better. Always great playing with and against you.

  25. Still one of the best commentators and informative WoT players. Only have had the privilege of playing with/against you a handful of times, but you’re always great and communicative. Keep up the great work, Taugrim!

  26. ArtyPreventsCamping

    No disrespect but I don’t think that the first video was a good strat that can be used consistently because in your replay nobody on the enemy team really challenged middle which in my experience they usually send a super conq or a couple of other heavies to fight in the mid and when I try to use that position on the hill I just get hit by the heavies don’t get me wrong I’m dot trying to talk crap about you or anything like that on the contrary I really enjoy your work

  27. hey Taugrim thanks for the informative series. a request I have would be to show some harder scouting maps and situations, sort of like how you try to show us a mix of top and low tier battles or not showing us unbalanced matches. I’m not saying a video like this isn’t useful but it would be great to see more like your Paris video where you show some non standard light tank gameplay that isn’t as meta as playing this hill. sure you play this hill well and show us awareness, but there’s maps where I feel really lost as a “tomato” scout tank driver and prov isn’t one of them due to the obvious hill spotting route

  28. hmm… I’ve always been annoyed by scouts going to the hill. I guess I’ve been wrong about this being useless.

  29. From my experience 80% of the games on Prok are decided by who wins the middle, rather than the hill.

  30. I like your videos, but I would suggest a different approach also.
    I guess many people have problems with things like being a light in an urban setting.
    It would be good to have guides on techniques to get the best out of sucj situations, map-specifically.
    Would be kind of you and I guess would add a huge added-value to your already valuable videos.

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