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  1. I really hate the new bouncing shell sound now

    Btw , nice video phly

  2. Day 6: He177 triple Fritz X orbital strike in ground RB

  3. Remember to turn off your heater too

  4. When it comes to the Maus
    Is it me or should the size of the round do more pen?

    It should cause some serious cracks

  5. this guy sounds alot like phly’s wife’s husband

  6. Conner • 5 years ago

    Great job turning your heater on! We are all so proud of you, We just want you to be warm and happy.

  7. phly : played war thunder since it came out
    also phly : never played a charioteer a single time

  8. make another short movie please

  9. Dont forget the A.C. phly.

  10. 13:18 aww that is so wholesome.. I love it!! Eeeee ☺️

  11. Alleric 'Ulti' Enslin

    Why aren’t my teams EVER like Phly’s teams…

  12. “They can reload inside you.” Phly 2k21

  13. Melancholy Medicine

    Well Balanced

  14. Day 1: Please end the Day XXX meme

  15. Ok lads, google isn’t doing me any favors and I haven’t seen it in the comments. Anyone know why there are sparks coming out the top of this tank?

  16. sparklers are best, helps me a lot to spot enemies in night batlest using sparklers

  17. I love how Phly doesn’t filter out his personal life when it gets in the way of his recording, just shows how proud he is and how much he loves his fam🙂

  18. Turn off your heater

  19. Idk why those smoke barrels on the back reminds me of depth charges.

  20. 12:36
    T-10A gets shot
    Phly: Ouef

  21. Stalin would only use a tank to go to the grocery store.

  22. SoviEtS suFfers

  23. mountain doolicious

    Phly pls shoot barrel more, I flip out when you just stare at an enemy hoping to find a weakspot.

  24. Why didnt you blast this tank for being *hot garbage* ? It really needs all the hate it can get because this tank being in its current form reminds me of the old armour meta when heavy tanks had a actual purpose in WT its just a sad reminder to those good days and adding it like this is a great insult

  25. Phly vs M103 every video “OH man, he is tough, I am terrified of him. Run away”. Me playing as a M103 = 1 shot dead every time from anywhere, any angle, don’t feel threatening at all. 🙁

  26. Can you tell

  27. Soviet heavy tanks: oh yea this is some good thick angled armor
    L7: lol

  28. This vehicle is terrible. Just letting you know, you get one shot by EVERYTHING literally. Lowerplate…
    If you dont get hit on the lowerplate apds and heat penetrates anyway.
    You might aswell pick a light vehicle and get heat and a reload that doesnt kill you 9/10 times.
    Oh, and you cannot frontally penetrate other tanks because you dont have apds. So enjoy.

  29. Would be nice to see a ww2 match maker and a separate Korean war era and up match maker.

  30. My friends, I want to open a tank. Fridnand Do I open it or don’t want advice?

  31. Day 1: phlee play the you know what

  32. I was playing a game with phly

  33. Whenever I watch Phly’s vids i want to play WT again but when I do I get shit on by the “I got here first so you die now” players.

  34. Hey Phly! I just reached the Jet Tier for Japan!
    My first ever jets! I am 7k RP away from unlocking the Sabre! Wish me luck!

    Also that spawrkly warkoly sparkle on the tank is VERY SPOTTABLE when you get shit you turn into an even bigger sparkler would you look at that!

  35. Is gaijin a malware that slow the computer?

  36. Is it just me but it seems like the commentary is made after he records it, while he’s watching a video of him playing?

  37. 6:52 That 90 degree bounce off from the turret armor into the hull roof armor is nice.

  38. god that shot at 6:54 should nerver happen

  39. You love armor meta? I love Meta-Knight, who wears armor.


  41. 1:58 *f u n d a i ly p a y* is our secret how every single day I am sent 183

  42. How do we unlock this?

  43. Phly, land a bv 238 in tank rb and cap a point.

  44. I think I’m getting to salty for War Thunder. I just see my US tanks as nothing but RP pinatas between 8.0-9.7. Played 14 games and we only had 3 wins (at 9.3). Help us Phly, youre our only hope.

  45. Tank so good even comrade Phly can leave it front facing the enemies while taking calls from Putin

  46. I don’t understand why people put sparklers on the turrets of their tanks, I’ve killed so many vehicles that were hiding but were snitched by their sparklers lol

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