^^| T-14 Big Daddy rides again.. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. can u play spic?

  2. T14,turn into a rare tank now
    hardly ever see this thing anymore

  3. Liked before watching, as always on Circon videos ^^

  4. what was that at2 doing? never stop rolling in an at2

  5. lol i bought this tank like 3-4 years ago and sold it for 100,000 credits.
    I wish I knew how rare it will become. 🙁

  6. gold spamming seal clubber with good crew and food Kappa

  7. Let me quickly live up to it and complain about the food and APCR and … stuff … while you are sitting there havin’ a wicked good time 🙂

  8. Love blueberry and fruits

    Is that why I cant even 2 mark this tank?Cuz hardly anyone plays it

  9. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    hey look its Circon seal clubbing again ! LoL

  10. spam that gold son!

  11. phly sent me here

  12. I am now complaining.. food, apcr, crew, bots, mods, woodoo magic and stuff… clearly no skill there… clearly

  13. What is dis gold spam unsebbed back to foch

  14. Best T5 Premium… I love it

  15. apcr BabyRage

  16. Always makes it look sooo easy…

  17. T14 is really crappy… Tier 5 are supposed to make money. Tier 5 premium are supposed to make even more money. Oh wow Circon got ace! Yep, 2k damage and huge deficit = ace. The only premiums worth getting are those that don’t need to shoot money to pen.

  18. I bought this years ago and it’s been gathering dust for a long time. Read they made it HD recently, and took it out for a few rounds as my T29 crew was getting close to it’s 5th skill. It’s a fun tank, but the gold spam is real if you even want a 50% chance to pen vs HT’s. Made a 5K profit on a 3K damage game 😛

  19. I miss the t14 review video 🙁

  20. >T14
    > Circon

  21. Love the title 🙂


  23. this tanks are good just for gold spam

  24. Let Jedi push over the hill first and take all the hits.

  25. “why do I always meet these try-hard’s” as you run premium food and spam premium ammo? Anyways, GG still.

  26. Load premium, pen everything, lose 35k cr.
    “Fun and engaging game play”.
    Ah, no, boring as hell and not at all pay for power.
    WG’s business model at its finest.

  27. how dare you do what you want with your tanks, you should be ashamed lol

  28. Oh look it’s another shitty premium tank.
    “Give me money I give you dogshit, DA?!”

  29. So much great content Circon! Keep it UP!

  30. Ah, tier 5 premium tanks: the U.S. T14 — 92 pen; the U.K. Excelsior — 91 pen; the U.S.S.R. Churchill III — *ONE HUNDRED AND FUCKING TEN*. Why? Because “Fuck you!”, that’s why. (Maybe I’ve watched too many of Foch’s videos.)

  31. Omg the APCRRRRR

  32. You have to run APCR with the T40 if you ever want to pen.

  33. man nobody knows how to play a low pen tank without apcr. i was going to complain harder but you did go for the ram so ill go light.

  34. t14 is such a good tank, its the first one ive ever gotten a pools medal in. also, pffff gold ammo, dont need it, thats why you have HE

  35. WHAT??? Having a good time playing WoT!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that’s just going too far!

  36. Big daddy was still one of your funniest reviews

  37. If they let you run your crew on beer, every game would be an Ace.

  38. T14 was a fun tank for me. I should play it more.

  39. Why so little apcr?

  40. the chieftain is a centurion 7/1 with actual working armor and actual turret armor and DPM that makes the tier 10 Soviet TD cry

  41. Lol you spit out gold…… no need to aim amirite? When gold gets it done rite? Wheres the skills? oh the skill comes when you press nr 2 on your keyboard twice amirite?

  42. yes faxe beer!

  43. So many tanks at tier five are better than this “cangrejo de basura” piece of shit tank.

  44. I never use APCR in the T-14 and manage to pull off good games in it. Top tier with other team missing good tanks you can clutch with this thing. Front port, slow and bad pen brings it down.

  45. Sorry can’t watch you play with Pointyheaduphisass as he ran his mouth about Merican politics and is now dead to me. Never talk about politics or religion and you will have a huge audience.

  46. Faking gold cyka report kurwa!

  47. Ah T14, I wouldn’t have mind the 92mm pen if it wasn’t for the awful 0.46 accuracy. And the slow shell velocity.

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