^^| T-150 Solid Heavy. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. wow makes me want to take my T-150 out… need to blow the cobwebs out

  2. Dude, that was some funny as shit commentary.

  3. Funny, was watching Jingles’ three year old video on the T-150 just
    yesterday. It’s a good one, the tank I mean, and the video too.

  4. Circonflexes, can I ask why did you ban, from your Twitch, a T34 B driver
    in one of your games in the Emil II?

  5. “Holy.. Tanker”!
    R.James Dio.. nice listening on a wot replay!

  6. Holy Diver. Yeeeeaaah

  7. Ah, the T-150, the Beast of Tier 6. And one of the few tanks on its line
    that hasn’t been power-creeped to shit.

  8. +1 for the Dio

  9. T-150 blind as a bat but has that super large commander view ports on top
    of the turret that is a big weak spot…You would think with that big
    cupola, it would be able to see long range but nope…I liked the T-150 but
    the problem is that it sees a lot of tier 8 battles and everything will pen
    all those big flat armor plates. It does side scrape very well but most
    people are just going to flank you because you are slow and they won’t just
    sit there and bounce off a side scraping tank for the entire battle…

  10. snipe with a heavy tank?
    let the team do all the work and spot and circon is sitting at save max
    distance and snipe with a heavy tank!
    WHAT A SHAME! ! !

  11. When the Bert first came out I 3 shot an IS-3 from penning his engine deck
    while he was stationary at max range. Accused me of using gold. I laughed,
    he raged.

  12. Why haven’t they HD’d the T-150 yet… STEP UP WG.

  13. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    lmao Circon you were so nice with that VK xD

  14. How do you manage not to get insane playing these tiers

  15. I wonder if Archer from “Archer” drives the Archer tank.

  16. Feel like I’m noticing a lot more unnecessary prem spam lately in your
    videos and stream Circon; is that just me or have you sort of gone “fuck
    it”? xD

  17. I love this tank. First ever tank I got a mark of excellence on. Now going
    for my third one. The armour is just superb and that gun.

  18. hi and bye

  19. Solid is the best way to describe the T-150, still one of my favourite

  20. Best tier VI heavy. 1,6K avg dmg on it 😀 (elite in 26 battle no prem or

  21. Dejan Arandjelovic

    is this 3 marking again?

  22. T-150 is my favorite T6 heavy.

  23. please use the st-i

  24. too greedy

  25. video does not work on phone :/

  26. Nice game, Circon, I feel it’s quite difficult to have a good game in a
    heavy most of the time, but you make it look somewhat easy. Any advice?

  27. Why it do not work on phones?

  28. I cant watch it

  29. The T-150 is fucking broken. It’s epic.

  30. best tier 6 heavy

  31. Tier 7 game with 3 tier sevens and only 2 real heavys on the enemy team
    still 12 prem fired with that gun! What a surprice, Circon got a good

  32. That retard dick in VK… I feel shame he is CZ.

  33. circon where is the elevator music with 2 idiots from stream : /

  34. how does one pay the bills yet play tanks 24/7 as an adult…just curious
    because i have to leave my house to work. just kind of cements my opinion
    that the really good ones truly dont leave their moms house

  35. Michael Stiles (Phantom13)

    Dat RASHHHAA spam in chat tho.So annoying boring and overused goddamn.Was
    funny the first 1000 times i saw it now its just…ok stop.

  36. Does anyone else thinks heavies should have +-1MM?

  37. transformersguy234

    mfw circon listens to Dio

  38. stop camping please kappa

  39. The ping dot on Circon’s screen fits excacly in the middle of the “o” from
    the word “Solid” in the tittle. Just hover over the video when you’re
    watching it and admire the perfection.

  40. BagelsGamingOnline

    That Chi-Nu….. Circon was like: lemme load HE this guy is clueless….

  41. love the music who is the group

  42. Hi, whats that song on 10:06? :)

  43. I got a 73% winrate grinding through my T-150. Stronk tank

  44. I used T-150 for free experience

  45. same here cant watch the video cus it aint available

  46. You have music playing. If twitch doesnt mute do you assume it’s safe for
    youtube? I don’t think they have the same copyright catalogue but who

  47. I wanted to watch a World of Tanks video, not Farming Simulator -_-

  48. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    WG buff KV5 pen! :D

  49. Circon can you tell me why did you decide to not use xvm anymore? Thanks!

  50. This gun fits good in this tank but it’s a shame that the KV-5 get this gun
    at tier 8.

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