T-22 Buffed, Kpz 07 RH, Charlemagne and Steel Hunter 2021 | World of Tanks Update 1.12+ News

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks T-22 Medium Buffed, KampfPanzer 07 RH, Charlemagne and Steel Hunter 2021 Changes. World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2021 and Blueprint Fragments Exchange. World of Tanks Update 1.12 Patch News.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Topics
01:25 Accouncement
04:05 Details
05:40 T-22 sr. Changes
10:00 Kampfpanzer 07 RH Changes
11:55 Charlemagne Changes
13:55 Steel Hunter 2021 Changes
:50 Conclusion

Information from:
► https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/1-12-CT1/
► https://vk.com/wotclue

Are you ready for the update 1.12 and all it’s goodies? On the top of Battle Pass Season 4, Steel Hunter and other changes, it also introduces buffs the T-22 Medium and some other tanks. Let check it out!

What do you think!


  1. What do you think, where are all those vehicles end up being?!
    Finishing off this month with another Big Golden Shower 🔥 (Or is it bad choice of words?)… Good luck: https://gleam.io/hKu3L/is-40000-enough

    • Kampfpanzer will probably be marathon tank, T22 will be Clan wars or black market and Charlemagne will be black market or Marathon

  2. no more marathons, im so sick of marathons, just no more…

  3. hey dez! 😀

  4. Great and informative video, always enjoyable. Thanks again. Take care and stay safe.

  5. Piotr Montgomery TV

    So: Christmass loot-boxes sucked, let’s Hope for something good from the Black market.

  6. I will add you in raid.. You are the reason why i play it with wot now 😅

  7. Reverse sidecraper God

  8. I’m hoping def makes a video about black market soon as I want to know what there will be this year

  9. T22 could get released again

  10. Hallo there NEWS 😀

  11. Under 10 min 😀

  12. gimmie lowe

  13. Yo I’ve only played on Blitz really but made the PC account years ago and just got into it. When and what is this black market thing everyone talks about?

  14. Stop weeping for the T-22 to come in the Black Market. Dont (yet again, same with WT auf E100) save gold or credits for it. Additionally, not everyone should get it. It should come in CW or Bond shop at least.. and (Hopefully) a minimum price of 50K bonds +

    • Why 50k tho? Because it is old? It was very bad when they nerfed it back in the day + powercreep. The buff is nice but it will be average at best. Only riggers have it currently so they won’t piss anyone off. I predict 20, maximum 25k price. What would be the point of adding it again if noone would buy it? If you have this many bonds just auction a chieftain or 907.

  15. Midnight Demon Reaper

    where’s the Black market 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  16. With good crew and stuff you can get T-22 reload to 5.7 and directive so they buffed a lot

  17. so they’ll let literary return every tank except the WT E100

  18. Athina Christianidou

    @DezGamez Plez, you are too fast we cant keep up

  19. Steel hunter is best event. I will be happy if it was all the time in the game

  20. I don’t get why everyone is hyped for black market… like do you all want to burn your money in the fastest possible way or what?

  21. man im rdy for steel hunt im pummbed

  22. PekySVK NA

  23. I haven’t been subscribed to you, but hey, you gave us giveaway, i subscribe. Fair business. Also, very informative video, thank you! I get almost all the information about WOT from you.

  24. Tolis Georgadopoulos

    Well the come back off t-22 is interesting 😛

  25. Charlemagne is joke

  26. Standard Heat in steel hunter is stupid, german and russian tank’s usually don’t pen sides and brit and american front Even on the lowerplates the pen marker is orange. A little bit of extra pen and Ap as standard would be so much better for everyone

  27. One of the most broken tanks in Wot blitz is getting buffed in Wot


  28. t22 med < obj.140 with a turbo 😏✨

  29. I like frontlines much more you can take time playing that and enjoy it while doing sot this mode would be much better if you didn’t get 2 v 1 team ups ever 2nd match


  31. On steel hunter release, remember to do a second Hare and Hounds challenge!

  32. He Yuri, money goats want us to fix game. Decadent westerners do not like Mario carts, Arta and unbalanced maps.
    Dimitrij! Calm down. Let us do random buff of forgotten sovjet special tonk so it is as broken as it was when we tricked money goats into rigging fiesta!
    Good plan Yuri, Comrade Stalin would be proud. Extra ration of borscht for you tonight.

  33. Love the videos man.

  34. Can i say,,, i hate Steel Hunter,, do i have to play it ?. Besides great content again, thx Dez.

    • You don’t have to play it of course. However, you can get some very nice rewards from completing the stages, so I would recommend playing at least enough to progress through a few stages

  35. Tank buffs… meh.
    SH🤗🤓😵😎 can’t wait for it

  36. LOL! fucking Soviet AGAIN!!!

  37. 9:01 how to solve that mfin problem. Im not playing wot almost 1 month bcz of that

  38. The armor layout of the t22 is totally broken … we will see, how WG will bring it back …

    • The only thing that makes the T-22′ armour broken, is the stupidity of the players shooting at it.
      The turret is trash, and if it’s angled you just shoot the front plate.

  39. Illbegoodinthefuture

    I think T 22 will be in the bond shop once they refresh it. 🙂

  40. One thing I noticed, that leaked BM list, most of those tanks have been on sale in the shop recently, so now I’ve got no damn clue what’ll be in it, but I did buy myself the Leichter Field Haubitze B2, so I’ve stocked up on gold again.

  41. You skipped the blue prints!

  42. Why would you lie to us? No one plays RSL because they have fun doing it.

  43. 8:20 😳 did you say the N-word.

  44. Allot of changes coming to the game, some quite nice others not so…

  45. Ign: countytrooper. I’m still learning this game but so far loving it.

  46. what is bad? lack of steel hunter progresion= no more than 3 tokens can be obtained by free2play player= NO TANKS FOR U AND F U!

  47. i never got any giveaway

  48. Very informative thankyou 👍🔥

  49. I W A N T I T

  50. I thought they would change the steel hunter tanks like before. I was looking forward to exploring a brand new steel hunter season, but I guess it will just be the same as before. Sigh. . .

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