T-22 Medium – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The T-22 is an enigma in World of Tanks; a heavily armoured Soviet medium with tricky protection – here's all you need to know!



  1. WalkingTalkingStephanHawking

    Its for bond, 25k bond

  2. T22 didnt come up for me in the calendar. But the Kirovets-1 did. It was 15,000,000 credits. I passed on the deal as I have all the other Russian heavies (that I barely use). I havent seen rave reviews of the Kirovets-1 so it is a pass for me. I did get a great deal on the Type 59 finally!

  3. Over the course of the last year or 2, I have become of the position that what is called “an accurate gun” in world of tanks these days is laughable.
    Guns that are believed to be accurate still manage to have numbers that indicate it being borderline inaccurate.
    Its a giant farce.

  4. There’s something so annoying about spamming gold at lower tier opponents, I hate these type of reviews

  5. 25000 bounds it costs

  6. I still remember how much Rampage missions was hard to complete to get T22, then people start to rig missions and all fell apart 🙁
    I still have it ( but it’s trash nowadays ) after WG nerf it badly.
    Anyway golden times of WOT

  7. Everyone: HEAT

  8. QB talking about maybe not having a good RU med crew. I’m sure almost everyone who plays this game has 1 to 3 4 skill+ RU med crews. I have one in my 430U, 140 and 62A I also love the KV 13 so its got one as well. lmao

    • I don’t play RU meds I play RU havirs, my best is 4 crew has chuck Norris and is working on it’s 5th or 6th skill. I have other crews with 2-4 skills in various other tanks, and my ISU crew has 4 skills. The thing about the RU meds is that I like meds with gun depression to make them more versatile, like the udes line.

    • @Matthew Yang I’m with you on that. My STB has a 5 skill crew and my M48 is almost 5 skills. I did just get the Cent AX but its crew is only good bc its a Cromwell B crew with like 800 battles played on it.

  9. God, I remember when people were rigging to get the old T-22 sr. tank. It was basically a child between an IS-7 and the Obj. 140. Just drive to the middle of the map and bait everyone to shoot your side armor.

  10. I’m glad I had 27k bonds saved so I got it right now!

  11. That 1st game a 430U could have maybe done that better if it could have got there in time. Oh if only the 430u was faster. lololol

  12. This tank is not worth 1 piece of shit, as most of this so called caravan.

  13. I got mine for 25,000 Bonds

  14. 28:23 The famous russian rng

  15. 25000 bonds that’s the actual price

  16. I had 40k bonds so thought why the hell not…nothing in the bond shop was calling me

  17. i just spent 7mio credits rerolling for the T22 medium just to find out its just for bonds… they never said anywhere that it is for bonds they said its “an alternative for the Kirovets” which is for Gold…

  18. Over halfway through the video and I was starting to lose hope, But then it happened. “INTUITION” was mentioned when talking about loader skills. Thanks for the review and rock on QB

  19. Complaints about the game being pay to play, proceeds to spam HEAT at a tank 2 tiers lower. WP QB.

  20. Away on holidays atm so missing out on all the fun right now.

  21. Played against a hull-down T-22 yesterday with my Leopard 1. Gold APCR to turret: all shots penetrated. GG EZ.

  22. Does things go up for a different value everyday?

  23. Nice Warhammer III icon over there :^)

  24. More 340heat to -1 and -2 tier tanks. GG

  25. Who has 2500 bonds to blow on one vehicle

  26. 1st hour! Let go. I might get that with my free xp (console player)

  27. 25K Bonds.. im short 2k lol

  28. yeah this tank is BROKEN in blitz

  29. Alexander kjellberg

    this tank needs a ” before it was nerfed”

  30. This event is dumb as hell,I got 1 offer for an e75 ms or whatever and about 10 for camos,absolutely retarded!!

  31. I was actually looking for this video yesterday 😀 I had the chance to buy it but didn’t know the tank at all.

  32. Omniludis Omniludis

    QB already got Warhammer Total War 3!!!

  33. woah people spending 50m credits and 25k bonds for this tank and im out there trying to max up my IS-3

  34. The T22 is completely useless now. Any T8 with gold will destroy it. 25K no way i will spend that on this garbage sorry.

  35. Imagine crying low tiers shoot gold at you when you spam gold at them. QB is just sell-out these days

  36. Another Russian Premium tank…

  37. Went in to caravan and got told all sold out after 10 mins ? WTF

  38. Some oldie tanks in the World of Gold shell’s

  39. Hello guys!
    Does anybody has an issue with purchasing gold in the premium store?

  40. Why not a video about this event scam ?

  41. just bought it for 25k bond lol

  42. You get error message that holiday ops is over

  43. 15:48 yeah exactly, at this point they should just remove standard rounds because nobody fires them anyways. Gj wargaming

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