T-26E5 THE AMERICAN TIGER 2 | Insane New American Heavy Tank

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Source: PhlyDaily

T-26E5 THE AMERICAN 2 | Insane New American Heavy


  1. does anyone have Phlydaily sound mod that he using right now
    if anyone got the link pls give me it, Thanks alot <3

  2. why does every heavy get better armor than the tiger, and better mobility??

  3. I guarantee you if I ever get that tank, I won’t get a chance to really use it before dying

  4. T26E5 could be 6.7
    War thunder community: please stop talking

    Also: it’s not the tank that’s good you’ve been playing for 9 years but I still love you

  5. put that shot on the jpz in the montage damn

  6. This was a really fun vid to watch man. good shit.

  7. I just never got the m26. Even after they nerfed the t25, the t25 is still the better tank. It’s just… okay, I guess?

  8. Day 1 on asking Phlydaily to fly the B7A2

  9. Ima be honest having played tanks in hell let loose. Having a gun while driving is so god damn useful.

  10. Phly. Please take out the I-16 TYPE 10. It’s been requested for 3 years. I have proof of it

  11. Phly you have to check out the German Do it’s been lowered a br and the compression problems in a dive are all but gone

  12. Hell ya brother! Dam for-f250 got that damstablelizer

  13. that is not THE M26 Pershing, that is a low quality M26
    “the more expensive the tank is the Greater quality you get” -Me

  14. Day 13: We want whole “Phly Album”, its almost done (Long Range Yeets, The Missile Knows Where It Is, The Final Countdown…), just put them all on one LP and I will buy it.

  15. Wt: oh no wot has t26e5 we need it too quickly

  16. can you plz do the JaPz.K A2

  17. Day 2 of telling phlydaily to play panzer war definitive edition

  18. Strange, played 2 games and insta one-shotted by a Tiger 2 H 🤔😑

  19. Wth, this vehicle is perfect at 6.3! The other Pershing should go lower if we want the countries to be objectively balanced.

  20. yup the’re called Mantlet mask

  21. That thumbnail is pretty interesting tho

  22. Another cursed tumbnail, another happy day in life

  23. also i need tip on how to not get shot by those damn Nazis
    get gud is not a tip

  24. I love how even in realism mode you can just replace an entire blown up tank barrel haha

  25. Omg that snipe critical hit on that aircraft. How do you do thissssss. Jeez and that 1850 meter one shot lol

  26. Super pershing is crying now

  27. America making their mantles stronger than FRONTAL ARMOR has to be the funniest thing to me

  28. Will get moved up bc German mains not being able to lolpen it…

  29. how do i bind the controls for that scope adjustment thing

  30. ‘Mantlet Bra’ lol & thats me with the ‘Whirlygig’ one of the few i enjoy without the salt! lol

  31. That accent😆😆

  32. Mārtiņš Velentinovičs

    cant wait for gaijing to up its repair cost to 20k

  33. 10:20 LMAO 🤣

  34. 152mm of hull armor ? stats says 101… gaijin has broken its own tanks now ?

  35. make the outro 3 seconds longer, please.

  36. Finally american bias for once still will an is2 oneshot it?

  37. The pershing jumbo

  38. Diego Fernández Ruiz

    Oh no the Patriot has arrived to War Thunder

  39. And the repair cost is like 4x less then the original M26! Makes sense…

  40. Ah yes the king tiger killer king tiger

  41. the tank got buffed

  42. I think gaijin replaced the super pershing with this tank, so they will keep it 6.3 nice. But m26 should go 6.0

  43. Moinul Islam Mahin

    so this was the shit that I was shooting so much with my tiger h1 and nothing was happening until APCR was shot at it this thing is a 7 br thing not a 6.3

  44. It’s going to get uptiered lol

  45. Hey phly could you surprise us with ur old intro sometime? 🙂

  46. Kinda wanna see Phly do a full sweat try hard game

  47. i love playing SPAAs and actually do air defence.. tho in higher ranks i noticed stingers are really bad at tracking planes..

  48. Can you play the M24? I am new to the game and so far this has been my most effective tank by a long shot.

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