T-29 MONSTER TANK – American Heavy Tank (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

T-29 TANK – American Heavy Tank (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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  1. Hey Phly could you do the strv 81 next Please!

  2. Now play the t28 or the t95 with its new apbc he shells

  3. Itz “ItzDJ” DJ

    3 mins ago

  4. I checked since he hadn’t uploaded yet and when I look on subs page it says
    uploaded 1 min ago

  5. Please help prove Soviet light tanks are viable! ASU-85!!

  6. Ahmed bulbul fakir


  7. Clockwise Whooves

    ASU 85 and the Soviet B-29.

  8. Phly can you please tell me whether you have to be on max. video quality to
    have the new hangar ’cause mine doesn’t work? I updated War Thunder and
    it’s still the old one.

  9. Also phly you didn’t change the scaling of your camo ?

  10. su 85 and yak plz

  11. Christoforus Abimanyu

    please do Sturer Emil next time

  12. m48 please it has epic reload time

  13. asu85 heat rounds

  14. asu85 heat rounds please

  15. the Halifax and the Achilles plz

  16. What a beautiful American tank <3

  17. T13 new Nuke Round for Americans. FInally an American round that can go
    through panther top plates 😀

    EDIT: Also Phly, you just need to get that turret down. You’d be surprised
    how much you can bounce. Had a Panther and a Tiger II in front fo me… It
    took them about 12 rounds to kill me as I had to rep my barrel and track
    and they just kept bouncing… Then a bomb killed me

  18. Hi Phly firt time commenting by the way, umm could you please do the
    Hurricane Mk. IV and the Comet

  19. Do ze M48A1 american freedom tank, mate!

  20. She’s a beautiful tank

  21. If The T30 Was Added It Would Have The Biggest Gun Ever In The Game

  22. Yes! First thousand veins and 100 commonts!!!!!

  23. The t-29 has 406mm of turret front amor, the second layer is just hard to

  24. music at 13:06?

  25. Can someone teel me how to use binoculars?

  26. Phly there’s an ammo bug with a bunch of American tanks including the T29
    you could take 5 rounds and it would be full…

  27. 13:07 Immediate memories of Battlefield bc2 Vietnam ._.

  28. I’m guessing that the Dicker Max has crippling depression! Anyone? I need

  29. Take out the Cromwell with rockets and the hurricane with rockets :)

  30. With that apcbc it’s really good and that’s why I’m playing the t28 again
    because that’s ammo is op

  31. I’ve been head on with this tank. Same like that intro. Sudden he appear in
    front of me with my panther D. I’m shocked and dont know where to shoot
    him. Can u guys help me where its weak point head on? Hehe. Im still new.

  32. strv81 or t29

  33. Phly you can see what are you going againts if you press TAB and look at
    the top of the scoreboard. There you can see the little flags.

    You don’t need to watch the kill notifications for it.

  34. I like this new dank side of you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  35. love the editing this vid, it was dope

  36. Nazrenda “NZ731” Redy

    i feel sorry for that tank, Lol ?

  37. Phly what’s with this trashy ass editing? It’s obnoxious and annoying as
    hell, stop it.

  38. The T 29 actually had better turret armor in real life. I guess that’s what
    the forum discussion is about.

  39. Too OP, shouldn’t be premium. Should be researched. Perfect example of pay
    to win.

  40. #SAVAGE VIEWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  41. Lol that fucking song coming from the t54 XD Nice editing bro

  42. they need to buff that t 29 kill like 10 or 20 of them last hour seriously
    there like 3 or 5 of them in every rank 4,5 battle maybe more in AB

  43. T29 armor in wikipedia:
    hull front 4 in (102 mm) maximum
    gun shield 11 inches (279 mm) maximum (unlike 203mm in war thunder…)
    turret front 9 in (249 mm)

  44. the T32 shot can penerate the slope armor of tiger 2…

  45. good vid Phly, as always ! (greetings from France)

  46. Love the editing in this :D

  47. what song was it that played when u bombed the is 2

  48. Halifax and Cromwell rp5

  49. memes

  50. This was just a 20 minute long meme

  51. panzer III b plz

  52. t29 105 gun- 6.7
    t32 90 mm gun – 7.3

  53. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    22:25 rip ._.

  54. the 105mm sounds like pure horse shit

  55. I swear I get a tumor everytime something penns panthers upper plate…

  56. Notsosneakyninja11

    This means T-29 is secretly an american king tiger 2h

  57. Didn’t expect Eddy Wally to come back from the dead, but okay. ^_^

  58. pls do a vid with t1 Cunningham and b2 bomber

  59. Mister derpy Durp

    Phlydaily use the ASU 57 russian m18 :D

  60. AirProduction AirB

    Apparently I don’t get the new hangar !

  61. play the charioteer #getphlyverified

  62. at 9:03 is my most favorite moment that moment when phlydaily knew he
    fucked up

  63. Is it now possible to preview camos?

  64. Dank memes brah ;)

  65. Why gaijin hate american heavy tanks!! T32 and T26 are all on BR that makes
    they’re armor useless.


    Pls show the is2

  67. Good editing man. But next time use green screen edit think for “wow” man.

  68. I love when Phly has extra time with his videos and adds memes

  69. I love what you did with this video, I enjoyed it much more than the
    original “This is war thunder. This is an IS-2. Boom. He is dead. See you

  70. I want the T-29 with the Bunny Ears

  71. do the rockets on the strv 81, when hit, destroy the tank?

  72. One of your best videos in my opinion!

  73. i really enjoy the extra work in this video Phly keep it up :D

  74. R.I.P. Eddie Wally #savage

  75. This video had more memes then a mph montage video…

    I like it


  77. true turtle man gaming


  78. wow,now i need to fight a tank that big like that with my Tiger II (P),RIP
    Tiger II P and H users
    H isn’t RIP yet

  79. this game is becoming pay2win 😀 – T29 premium 105mm gun and 14s reload and
    T32 not premium 90mm gun and 18s reload xD and of course that turret armor?
    200 mm ? wtf is this? do not even say USA is not being completely harassed
    in that russian game, so pathetic behaviour

  80. thank you for that video phly 😉
    nice editing there

  81. What’s the name of the song at 13:21?

  82. hey phly I love the random bits of music at the perfect time keep it up

  83. play the asu-85 pls

  84. sick edits bruh

  85. “When you think the Americans have been defeated but you hear the sound of
    fortunate son and helicopters and AD-2s +PhlyDaily

  86. i like your editing of the video :D

  87. ThePantheon10Gaming

    Phly, what do you think of the changes in RP needed to research the early
    era jets and Tier IV and V tanks and planes?

  88. HAHAHA Buchka Bass Kolbaser!

  89. 08:57 what’s with the sound effects? Not the KillBill music. The jibberish.
    Someone explain pls lol its funny AF

  90. I really enjoyed this video that was ssooooo funny to see ?????

  91. You said lots of Vietnamese tanks

  92. Idk whats wrong with the editing?but its flippin funny :D

  93. I can tell Phly had a lot of fun editing this. :)

  94. m48a1 and AD-2

  95. I swear.. Phly is best YoutubeGamer!.. Has videos more interesting than
    most of the Tv shows ( not Game of Thr.)

  96. those edits got me so hard ;)

  97. Wow that sound system in the t54 made me lol hard

  98. If it only wouldnt be a premium damn…

  99. take out the T30 tank destroyer

  100. this is the tank the American heavy line needs. not the 7.3 shit t32 joke
    tank. but I bet once gajin make some good coin off t29 they’ll up its br

  101. It is worth every penny.

  102. WOW


  104. its funny because in wot the t29 fron turret armor is unmatched and almost
    nothing will go through it

  105. Omg xD ahi cabrones

  106. I’m still wondering what that big ”hookish” thing is on the top of the
    turret to the right of the commanders hatch

  107. I miss the plane request series

  108. I’m not trying to be a dick, Phly. I’m just offering my honest opinion. I
    generally like the editing of your videos, but it felt like you went a
    little overboard with the meme edits in this one.

    I would expect these in the videos of those small youtubers who literally
    don’t say a single word in their video. I know you’ve seen them. The video
    is just a sick kill or funny death followed by some meme bullshit.

    You don’t need that in your videos IMHO. You’ve got the gameplay, the sense
    of humor, and a likeable personality to where you just don’t need that
    junk. But that’s just one man’s opinion. Have a great weekend.

  109. bombs on point m8

  110. m19 was mad you didn’t say hi

  111. I Fucked up this ,,monster Tank” with my Panther D, From 700m, In RB xD

  112. I love that Vietnam song, fortunate son

  113. 9:00 It was at this moment, Phly knew he fucked up

  114. what are the songs on 13:00 till 13:50

  115. It does not help that it has extreme turning rate on dat cannon then it has
    really good penetration lol

  116. Ertuğrul Turker


  117. for a heavy tank i feel like its much more of a sniping tank. which is sad.
    t34s are more heavy tankish thank this one. stalinium op.

  118. thanks for the seizure from 9:01-9:12 it was worth loosing 40% of my brain

  119. Love tank man

  120. what he calls a jadgtiger is actually a jadgpanther

  121. Wow!

  122. Wtf happened to your hangar?

  123. Thoroughly enjoyable vid me old cocker. ?

  124. He-219 and Stuart Emil best combo

  125. Peace Army (박준효)

    hi mate :)

  126. 0:03 “hallo gais! i am here for da t-29?”

  127. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Itz ze monster!

  128. Yo phly you should do some more custom battles with the viewers and post on
    twitter or facebook a strawpoll so that we can vote on what to play!

  129. which tank do you think you play the most phly

  130. Man, WT nerf other tanks and not their own nation, hahaha idiots. Btw the
    T29 has 279mm of frontal turret armor.

  131. >be Tiger I
    >be in match against 3 T29’s
    >team gets rekt
    >what a surprise?

  132. Matthew Williams

    Play with the M551 Sheridan next

  133. should I buy the t29


  135. play the crusader

  136. fucking great i love this guy keep tanking on

  137. love the new editing style man, made me laugh especially with the T54

  138. this thing is a absolute monster, the answer to the IS-3 ?

  139. like the editing phly

  140. try to use ASU it has 5mm armor u can use it i believe

  141. how did that bomb kill u?

  142. Lucas Porcelo (the Coquena)

    “ay ay ay cabrones” lmao

  143. “spotted a jagdtiger here” spots jagdpanther.

  144. what song was that when he nuke the is 2

  145. AWSOME

  146. DJ Gartin Marrix

    WTF? He also took the T32 with him which has a way higher BR? Is he
    retarded or am I retarded?

  147. Fucking 6:48 ?

  148. I like the edits

  149. Phly ssshhhh don’t say hax or they will strike you

  150. MooseTheSyrupMan

    Hey guys, I have a serious dilemma. I got the T29, and I have been
    absolutely loving (and spamming) it. It keeps getting put into 5.7 matches.
    Anyways, now that I have 1000 Golden eagles, I am troubled by 4 options :1)
    Use your GE to get the M262) Use your GE to get the Centurion Mk.33) Use
    your GE for more Premium timeAnd finally,4) Use your GE to get the Ho
    229I’m not sure about what I want, can you guys give me recommendations?

  151. Evelyn Villahermosa

    tiger h1 and Hinkle h 6 show the Russian who is boss

  152. dem antennas tho

  153. Phly I have a challenge for you: (if you do) land the catalina without
    wheels on the runway (and yes it’s possible I’ve done it) tip don’t land at
    7fps or lower you will crash and burn

  154. I wish I could play like Phly, he literately knows everything hes doing
    while im here ricocheting all my shots.. also getting killed

  155. FallenBut NotForgotten

    Pretty sure the T29’s frontal turret armor was 279, not 203

    WTF Gaijoob

  156. 13:03 oh phly i love you that gave me instant memories to battlefield
    vietnam. such a great game

  157. SgtJack BR (xXSgtJackXx)

    Make america great again combo: M4A3 (76) W HVSS SHERMAN and B-17
    Show those facist how great America is

  158. pls Yak 30, pocket jet (seriously, half the length of the hunter)

  159. Francois Verwoerd

    loving those memes and loving that hardbass!!! more vids like this would be

  160. make a giveaway for goldden eagles please

  161. Let them complain. The edits made me lmao so much my mom told me to stfu.

  162. Brendan Fatheree

    I’m sorry Phly, I love your videos, but I really don’t like the new editing

  163. Maybe that M19 was trying to warn you Phly

  164. phly, please do the T-34-100, ive been waiting patiently for it to happen

  165. Vodka infused 200mm reload??

  166. Dat russian house mixed in, its pretty good, da komrade?

    Im… im getting this feeling… the vodka invades me
    Cyka blyat mate! …wait, im one of them now

  167. Hey Phly can you take out the He-219 and the Jpz 4-5 (or Jagdtiger)

  168. More!!

  169. Kuwatchaka Le Canard

    the br of this tank is just unlawful damn too high imo

  170. I’ve already reported a bug in the model, if you elevate the gun to it’s
    max and fire the gun breach comes out behind the turret
    it’s only for a fraction of a second but it happens and you can see it

  171. seriously? T-29 BR is too high? Thats a really funny joke hahahahahahaha.
    It has better armour and pen then most of the 6.7 vehicles, so stop the
    complaining. Got cancer from this “so not OP” tank, and phly ive been a fan
    for a while, but too many shitty ‘memes” in this one, the cringe was real

  172. will that updated hangar come i the next patch?

  173. Now your videos must have those music funny things… :D

  174. HAHA! Try the stock t44, the gun on that tank is so bad, cant even pen a
    stupid KT from the side.

  175. Do m4 with the pb4 Catalina.show em who’s boss

  176. Phly… Please… Try out the Yak-30… This is my 3rd attempt…

  177. play sturer emil again m90

  178. commie destroyer

    do a vid on the ASU-85 please with its HeatFS that can pen up to 300mm

  179. TheMarineGamer IGGHQ

    So I played for soo many hours to get a Tiger II with a “better” turret,
    and it gets pened by everything, but then they add this which didnt even
    become a thing, only the T26 came out of it and it was after the war

  180. T-44: “oh dog….”

  181. @PhlyDaily Phly the Tu-4 bomber the new Death Star!


  183. pourquoi pas (jikill)

    love this éditing ^^

  184. Dat editing. Lol.

  185. Nice tank but in the EU 39€ damn are they crazy… who pay´s so much for
    it… don´t get me wrong I will have this tank too but 39€ no way I gonne
    purchase it. maybe in a sale.. but not for that price, it´s crazy for that
    money I can get a hole new game….

  186. I’m world of tanks any tier tank under the t-29 can’t pen it’s turret

  187. Found two sites saying it had 279mm of armor protection on the front mantel
    of the turret.


    So how did they F-up this tank when the info is out there?

  188. Achilles and helifrax

  189. I love when he does this much editing

  190. Put a one second delay on your bombs maybe even two if it’s a 1000lb bomb I
    learned that assault fuses actually work now.

  191. φ Wehrmachts Fury

    *adds tank that has great armor* *ATGM* *tank Explodes* GG

  192. YOU HAD THE WOW GUY!!!!!!

  193. Do the new ussr tank destroyer

  194. Jack Killingsworth

    Where have you found this awful song?

  195. This video is uploaded on my birthday but no one wished me happy birthday..
    not even my parents

  196. Rozell is a Dank Memer

    He 219 would be cool

  197. Music 8:58 before that killbill ????

  198. how can Phly still find this game funny for him

  199. Lmao War thunder keeps adding things that World of Tanks did and everyone
    Example: Super Pershing
    Great in WoT, terrible in WT
    Pretty good in WoT, pretty bad in WT

    Come on gaijin, what’s next? Japanese paper heavy tanks

  200. Use the new Halifax bomber if u don’t like bomber gameplay then use a
    British plane of your choice p.s use the RCAF decals thx phly:)

  201. Too much unnecessary editing

  202. I play it like a glass cannon sniper

  203. well memed

  204. Is there a certain tier at which you can use the binoculars and which key
    do I press to use them ?

  205. How did you get the new hangers?? because a got the update a day or two ago
    and still have the same ones

  206. play the Caernarvon!

  207. think the turrets to be 252

  208. Sebastien Cuadrado

    Phly, take out the amphibious combo (Lvt a-1 and the kingfisher or

  209. I think this thing accelerates faster than the Pershing…That’s

  210. tbh if you have the choice you shouldn’t use bombs over rockets these days.

  211. AD-2 i chose YOU!!!!

  212. They got the turret soooo wrong

  213. Wonder why they didnt model T29s ears?

  214. What is the song at 13:22 pls ?

  215. did you guys know, you have to aim in order to hit.But that’s just one
    man’s opinion.

  216. I wreck with this tank but If I take it a hit at this tier I get one
    shotted almost every time

  217. Bolla-NORSK GAMING

    Can you take G8N1 VS TU 4

  218. Sharpshooter Gaming

    Phly, you should try the P-51 with 20mm cannons, it is IMO the best 3.7
    plane in the game.

  219. Thats what happens when you drop nukes on a tank, every patch I think it
    gets more unrealistic!

  220. Inevitable Truth

    Ow, the memes, they hurt…

  221. BR too high? Try to use IS2 44 stock, that thing is much better than IS2

  222. this is making me regret choosing russia ;-;

  223. Diego Alejandro Pinedo Rodriguez

    how can i get the hangar ? i already actualized war thunder :/

  224. i bet my first born child phly wont respond to this…

  225. phly. get the new hanger user mission and check out the area where the
    ships are going.

  226. Awesome video Phly! 🙂
    Is the Strv-81 worth it for $40?

  227. The editing tho ???? #hilarious

  228. What were the 2 songs

  229. Phly, when are you gonna take out the successor of the Flying Dildo, the

  230. In World of Tanks, it is 273mm of armor. But, for a competitive game, it is
    not always the most accurate game, but it is balanced.

  231. Brother Ptolemaios

    went from CCR to TheFatRat, in a matter of .05 seconds. wunderbar

  232. Brother Ptolemaios

    top tier edits 😉 but really, funny, i kid not

  233. thank u

  234. lmfao. i can’t stop replaying the beginning of the video. the reaction is

  235. wat are u going to do when u reach 400 k subscribers

  236. XD love the editing

  237. I was about to sing the first line to War to Fortunate Son until he gets
    shot out of the sky

  238. Count the memes

  239. he hit the tree and blow the tank up and him self LoL

  240. tu 4 please

  241. what were those songs you were playing through this vid?

  242. 0:04 Obi Wan-Why hello there

  243. T-29:Battleship Turret

  244. hopefully they add the T30 and T34. I think that would be most interesting

  245. u sure u werent high during editing?

  246. The gun of that tank is supposed to be different along with the turret.

  247. Yo Phly, the over the top meme edits make the video great, they don’t know
    how hard it is to edit sections in like that because they obviously don’t
    want to render out the entire video so most guys just record, and post to
    make things easier. When I see you add stuff like this I know you’re
    actually thinking ahead and adding cool content for us as viewers. Don’t
    listen to the guys who don’t like it.

  248. Gepard more Leos

  249. this video was pure gold hearted memeatry

  250. The “Saunders” combo:
    The M4A1(76) Sherman
    Sherman Firefly

  251. I am an Australian and if I wanted this tank I would have to pay around 60

  252. Why is Gaijin making the T29 an premium? We need better american tanks with
    better guns and the one tank that can make a difference on the American
    side turns into a Premium…

  253. Yeah the mantlet actually had 280mm in Real Life

  254. Stalin’s jizz combo: Tu-4 and IT-1

  255. Nudelsalat ist lecker

    I love how you implement little clips and jokes like at 9:00 and 12:50-13:30^^…
    Keep it up!

  256. Orbiting thunder

    Thank you Phly for playing the T-29

  257. Westland Wyvern in air RB next pls.

  258. Deutsch KV-2 and deutsch t-34 747

  259. asu-85

  260. Russian tanks and hardbass -> GLORIOUS!!!

  261. Btw Phyllis the Canberra is pronounced Canbra

  262. great video as always but I’ve been wondering what’s happened to the world
    of warships bids? haven’t seen any for a while

  263. I haven’t seen you playing T-44-100. New soviet combo then: T-44-100 and Tu
    4 . soviet bear combo

  264. whyareyouwastingyourtimereadingthisname? XD

    “i saw him, i swear”
    *T34 ROLLS UP*
    “ey yo wassup”

  265. america=murica

  266. i just went confuse

  267. Michał Cieloszyk

    Great video man, had a real laugh mate, cheers!

  268. Best edit ever

  269. Song name plz. m8 9:23

  270. Kommandant Franz

    Phlyyy, I’m sure you know this already, but the delayed fuse renders the
    shot useless if you shoot against tracks. Should save you from raging
    against IS-2 Mod 1944s lower glacius like I did.

  271. I challenge you to get a kill with the T30E1 shell

  272. The Jurassic Guy

    do m-551 sheridan with wyver n

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