^^| T 3 2 B O Y S Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon


  1. when is going to be payday2 stream ??

  2. 9th Like in channel in Circ video. I’am The God Of Youtube!!

  3. GJ Circon! Nice bottom tier performance!

  4. You can only become a unicum if you have money for a premium account and
    gold ammunition.
    There is no way he would have pulled that off with regular ammo.

  5. After watching this I tried to grab my bottle of beer, then I realized its

  6. lol all those mediums leaving that spot early was hilarious, the struggle
    of no gun depression

  7. Circonflexes Illuminati confirmed?

  8. -OnlyWorldOfTanksFR-

    Please Circon what is your computer ?? :)

  9. Whenever I try to use that position on El Haluf I usually get nuked by

  10. Can we sub with sextons? XD 

  11. JG PZ E 100……0 damage.

  12. The clicking in the background is real!!! O.o

  13. Even though you only have 198 pen with the t32 I basically never used
    premium ammunition during my grind to the m103, I firmly believe it teaches
    bad habits.

  14. Apathetic Bystanders

    J A I N A N U D E S B O Y S 

  15. BRoncofm I’m assuming is Bronco FM. Maybe a Denver Bronc’s fan.

  16. So. Much. Gold.

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