^^| T-30 RNG & Teamwork. (World of Tanks Gameplay.)

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  1. I very love your replays, thank you. Keep it going Circon!

  2. I shot a G. W. Panther with my T-44 yesterday: That one bounced.

  3. whats really sad about the t30 is those gun mood swings. the 120mm is a
    decent gun (as a reliable fire method), but to use it on the t30 is bad
    because the ammo available is the same for either gun, so to not use the
    155 means you are sacrificing thousands in max damage. but the 120 isnt bad
    to grind with… it just cant deliver damage like the rest of the tier 9s

  4. XVM is one of the cancers in wot that’s need to go, as it let bad players
    be berated and insulted,and extreme cases of unicum or better players be
    targeted even in lights

  5. Yes ! Commentary!!!! Awsome to hear your thought process!!! The raging is
    funny as but not v helpful! Gg!! X

  6. Nice to see the T30… one of my favourite tanks, and definitely my
    favourite TD (although as you say not really a TD, more a heavy/TD hybrid)
    always great when you have those ‘moments’ with a random player…

  7. great advice on playing this map, T30 love this tank

  8. Yea I would stick to not mentioning the T30 in your videos. Worse armor
    than the T34? its the same armor lol seems like a heavy tank? That’s
    because it was!!! best fucking heavy in the game!

  9. Pubbies have been platooning late game for medals a while now Circon.
    Thats the lazy mans way to pat stad…

  10. glad im not the only one who gets trolled by that fucking gun………155
    mm vs bulldog,critical hit no damage…..155mm vs any light tank…tracking

  11. Nice to see sharing of BIA medal. Way to go.

  12. The T95 after get a speed buff it will be a beast too.

  13. I like the T30 it plays like a heavy tank and that gun makes tier Xs back
    off but must be hull down all the time otherwise it will get rekt but when
    is top tier it’s a beast penetrates tier 7s and tier 8s like butter.

  14. You are pausing way too often circon, it gets frustrating after some

  15. make more videos like this pls

  16. It is nice to see you play a TD Circon…even if it is more exciting to see
    you play the fast movers.

  17. finally found out td is not “easy mode” circon?

  18. the way you talk reminds me of rad Brad’s way of talking…….

  19. The M55 is a troll arty piece when it comes to shots like that crit. I
    played it on the test server and bounced a Jg Pz E 100 shot with it…then
    me and my platoon mate executed him for his failure.

  20. Circon is one of those tubers who i can like before watching, cuz i trust
    the content :)

  21. had a 7.7k dmg game in my T30 3 days ago , it was a t10 game but still lost

  22. Circon, I had a similar thing when i was in my JgPzE100. Fully aimed AP at
    the side of the Bat.-Chat 155 58 arty; only damaged the track…

  23. why do you call them a WeePlay Cast? Replay starts with the letter ‘R’.

  24. Back in the days , td used to be good tanks… now? Play with heavy… ths
    wg xD

  25. More like this please. My favorite of these is still the E75 replay you did
    a long time ago.

  26. why did the jagdtiger sit there? I take mine to town like a heavy tank…
    sitting in the field sniping is a waste of armor :(

  27. Any game where enemy arty plays like shit is a good game have a like

  28. How did number 15 die? there are only 14 kills

  29. Scott Killian (Animo06)

    It makes me happy to see you do a replay cast on my favorite tank in the
    game! The T30 is amazing. Good gun depression, great gun, great turret.
    What’s not to love about it? :P

  30. this beast is my absolute favourite… having 3 stars with it and it has a
    correct place in m garage

  31. IME you’re NOT arty safe under bridges, inside buildings etc.

  32. I have a challenge for you!

    play the WZ-131 with the autoloader and get the most damage done in your

  33. Not to complain but at 10:42 … It was not fully aimed just saying.

  34. Tier 9’s get the best matchmaking?!

    Would love to have your matchmaking in that case. Most games are over 50%
    tier 10 and the rest, save for 1 tier 8 scout is tier 9.

  35. wargaming nerf circon he stet pedder <3 love ya circon xD keep the memes

  36. sadly too many retards play this tank like a “classic” td… camp as hard
    as possible

  37. I’m like these kinds of videos you’re doing Circon. Feels like a good
    format to help people learn how to play better!

  38. Lol I was the enemy mutz in the replay :D

  39. You gonna 3 mark this thing? I’ve done it, my favorite tank in the game. I
    think you’ll appreciate it a lot more if you do try for the marks. It’s a
    different play style but it’s super reliable.

  40. Richard Gustafsson

    9:18 I guess you bounced in the side


    they need to do something about that “critical hit” bullshit, u shoot a
    projectile with so much destructive power that woud destroy the house
    behind the fucking m53/55 , and he casually moves away like no fucks
    given…. great vid circon keep it up

  42. You are dutch right?

    I feel like I can hear it in the way you pronounce the “V” in VK :)

  43. that’s not the worst rng i’ve seen the t30 get, i got shot in my 12t twice
    by the same t30 and only got detracked both times XD

  44. Richard Gustafsson

    00:36 *WRONG in Trump voice*

  45. Constantly pausing the replay is very tiring to watch.

  46. hey guys, uhhh….. whats a teamwork?

  47. Ye these replay casts are great.. like a tank review and battle tactics all
    in one :)

  48. havnt watched video but if its a t30 and rng is mentioned, im ready to see
    some ridiculously ridiculous shots

  49. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    Hey Circon! Here’s a good replay from my highest-ever damage game. It’s in
    my M4A1 Revalorise, and I do think that WG over-buffed it. Anyway, I did
    almost 8,000 damage. Here’s the link.

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