^^| T-34-122 Replay Cast

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Source: SirCircon

Time to derp around in style. You should try it!


  1. Omg I thought its some new premium tank. xD

  2. Might have to re-buy this, rushed through the grind and didn’t try the 122.
    Looks like fun. :-D

  3. After seeing your video on the T-34-Derp on Jingles channel I went and got
    it DERP gun . So much fun, I go out in it when ever the games are going bad
    and it cheers me up. DERP power!

  4. the tier 6 derp meds are just the best, like my e8 has 6k overall wn8 for
    600+ games and gets 3k plus dmp if you pen with HE/2700 dpm with heat or

  5. T-34-85 with the derp gun is great, I love mine at least. I’ve had like 2
    Ace tankers and a Radley-Walters medal since mounting the 122 mm gun a
    short while ago :)

  6. #SirCircon What r u shooting @ ? There is no silhouette on the enemy tanks
    anymore when we target them? ? ? ? ?

  7. idk why but almost all skoda t40s i encounter shoot heat at me even in my
    tier 6s

  8. I need more Circon in my life XD

  9. I have the T34-85 unlocked but never bought it.. I really would like to try
    it with the 122mm but I’m constantly low on credits because of all the
    other tanks i have unlocked and i want to buy as well.. and these tier 9/10
    tanks are just soo expensive..

  10. I never noticed the sign on the rock at 4:07-4:08, and I’ve driven up there
    multiple times.

  11. M4 w/ 105 is nice too, at lower tier. I got one of my only marks of
    excellence using it.

  12. erm Circon, read the thumbnail… XD

  13. i’ve had ALOT of success with this gun on the Tier 7 T43 as well. Really
    fun to plutoon with. Alot of people calls me and my friends idiots for
    playing with that gun on the T43, but i assure you, we kick ass with that
    thing! =)

  14. hey Circon ur back from vacations?!?

  15. Might have to pick this tank back up. I did play through the whole T-43
    with 122mm derp and that was so much fun!

  16. when I ground out this tank back in the day, I used the derp to get the exp
    for the 85, might buy It back and have a go

  17. at 4:23 u can see apple tree by the rock and sign ‘caution! falling apples’
    wargaming put there in memory of 2016 grandfinals last battle where
    applewow stuck and lost game!)))

  18. the m4 with derp is so much fun

  19. Next up is three marking the m46 patton or m26 pershing derp.

  20. People should also try the KV-1S-122 if they want an even better medium
    tank. Same gun, a little bit worse DPM and gun handling. (I know it’s
    actually a heavy tank, but there are medium tanks at tier 5 that are slower
    than the KV-1S). It can also pen almost every tier 5 medium tank frontally
    with HE. If that’s not enough to convince you, the tier V German heavy, the
    VK whatever, has the same hull as the Dicksuckwagen 2, so every time you
    see it, you just shit on his 50 mm all around hull armour.

  21. I thought this was a video on the T-34-2 with the 122mm :c But this is even
    better, well memed !

  22. when ever I play lower tiers and it has a derp I use the derp every time.

  23. Since the Scorpions came in game, I actually have fun playing +2 mm with
    Derp T-34-85. I took out a lot of those with HE 🙂 Free damage if you’re
    sneaky enough.

  24. snowisthebestweather

    T-34-112 On the video thumbnail. Now I’m just imagining a 112’s turret on a
    t-34’s hull.

  25. Not naSHorn but naShorn

  26. i guess im not the only one playing the t-34-85 with a howitzer anymore
    ….. i have MUCH more HEAT loaded tho

  27. thought i’d try this in blitz, but they nerfed derp he pen a while back, so
    he pen is only 30… idk if it’d even be worth it without spamming heat

  28. i love derpy guns ive been using my borsig 150mm exclusively on it since i
    unlocked it and its soo much more satisfying to use because you can play
    the up close fire support role extremely well. plus vs real heavy armour
    firing he and doing about 300 damage a shot is pretty decent plus your
    exposed for much less time because you dont need to be precise. i dont like
    the campy style of the 128 much.

  29. Circon you should three mark the pershing with the 105 derp

  30. I played the Alecto with derp, the M4 with derp, the Pz IV with derp… I
    kinda regret not playing this tank with the derp when I grinded through it.

  31. I has Rudy……. no derp only dog. I got it lets load the dog in the
    cannon. Imagine the splash damage.

  32. Haven’t played WoT in a while, but wtf did happen to the minimap?

  33. The M4 Sherman also does this well with the 105mm

  34. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Su-152 155mm Gun, Full Heat :D

  35. You can stick this gun on the KV-1 and it’s really fun, it’s much better
    than the 85mm and much more fun

  36. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Go for the T44-122mm :D

  37. Which tank is the “toaster” ?

  38. Do you think the T-43,being one tier higher,would work with the derp?

  39. Should 3 mark the M4A3E2 next with the 105 and stock turret. I roll around
    with that config and it can be a lot of fun!

  40. i got kicked out of my clan when i used the 122mm derp on the T-34 while
    doing stronkhold. even though i did more dmg then the others combined…

  41. When a 112 and a t-34 love each other very much…

  42. The Sanity Assassin

    Watch Circon use The peep ‘n’ creep ‘n’ Kapow technique. to great effect.

  43. Sherman Jumbo with stock turret and 105mm is very good for such things.

  44. Twitch name ? sir Circon?

  45. hey circon i have the t-34-85 and i finally fully upgraded what is your
    recommendation kv-13 which is good but bad turret angles or t-43 which is
    just bad but is the only way to continue.

  46. No joke when I clicked on this video I thought there was a new premium

  47. Richard Gustafsson

    I use this on the Su-85 where it’s ALOT more fun I tell you :D

  48. Good one, Circon ;)

  49. I lost a bet once and had to use the 105 derp on the M46 Patton, kind of
    like you did that time in a Jingles video… It actually didn’t go too
    badly, and I ended up with 2k dmg while being top of my team on experience
    😀 it’ll never happen again, but it was a nice derpy break from the real

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