T-34-2 Goes ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. I havent been playing for more than one year now but I always considered the FCM 50t to be pretty good. Was it power creeped that hard?

  2. im glad i went for the light line
    wz 131 is super comfy

  3. President Donald Trump

    Those who watched SirFochs stream will know the pain he had with this shit tank

  4. This and the A-44 are the only tanks I’ve used freeXP to get pass, not only are both god awful but the module damage and fires are just amazing

  5. This tank is terrible but I really liked it. It’s cute and has a challenging playstyle. The T-34-3 is hands down better though. The only advantage this tank has over it is that it accelerates mildly faster and has better camo. That’s it. No pref, the 122 is worse than the one on the T-34-3, it has a weak, easy to hit ammo rack from the front and sides, and has less armor on top of it. (T-54 lightweight has more armor than this thing) Especially compared to the broken new premiums WG has added to the game, this tank sunk really low. I played it before it was buffed too. (it wasn’t buffed nearly enough as it should have got buffed)

    Speaking of when I played it, I fondly remembered one game where I was having a monster game in it. Racked up 3k damage while having taken none in return which is amazing for this tank. I finally felt I had to push on a wounded KV-3 to finish him off so our team could win as I was continuing the carry—he was staring my way so I thought I could take a hit and easily survive. Wrong. He shot through my frontal hull and hit my ammo rack, killing me instantly. Apparently 390 damage is enough to set this things weak ammo rack off. This just proves why the Chinese tanks are not competitive. If you get shot at any point through the UFP you can be set on fire or ammo racked by RNG.

  6. Jacob Tan Jing Hong

    But… The T-34-2 is so cute :3

  7. fun fact 1: i played like 60 games in the t34-2 and gave up this piece of shit, but some how end up with a win rate of like 60%+ while playing solo
    fun fact 2: the 100mm on the t34-2 is shit, can you imagine a tank with a same 100mm gun but with LONGER aim time and MUCH LONGER reload time? yes, thats the gun on the overpowered type 59 (but the thing does have good turret and relatively good gun depression but i just dont see how other tier 8 premiums can have 210mm plus penetration, only aim for 2.5 seconds and shoot every 5 seconds while you aim for 2.9 seconds and shoot every 7.3 seconds and end up bouncing or miss because u have awesome 181mm of pen and .39 DERP accuracy)

  8. Nothing sadder than people camping on this map when there is no arty. Such a fun map when you can actually move around it.

  9. I think he does not like the tank…

  10. “Hull down like a motherfucker”. lol

  11. Why did you keep the tank?  Or are you keeping everything until you 3 mark it?

  12. Nice team lol!

  13. I wonder whether Foch is such a masochist or he just enjoys playing “underpowered” tanks 😀

  14. comparing this with the 122mm to a t-34-3 it’s actually a better tank in many ways. you get better aiming time(2,9 vs 3,2), better p/w(~16%), better terrain resistance, better shell velocity(900vs800), better gun depression aiming back(3vs0) and last but not least it has a superior premium shell (apcr instead of heat, same pen). only thing worse is the hull and turret armor, but the turret is still able to bounce a lot of shots + the dpm is even shittier. the only thing the t-34-3 has going for it is the premium mm and that it earns credits.

    still both tanks are absolutly terrible and they need a stronk buff. I would keep the god awful gun handling(chinese meme), increase the pen to ~220 and give a dpm buff ~20-30%. both tanks especially t-34-3 could use a p/w buff aswell

  15. I actualy like the T-44. Even managed to get 3 marks on it Not saing its good or anyting, but I was able to make it work.

  16. t-34-2 is one of those tank that is designed to make money for wg. wg wants you to skip it by converting xp with real money. in fact wg forces and bullies their customers to pay more an more money every update by introducing more op tanks, rendering previous ones outclassed.

  17. If my type 59 have some aiming buff like 2.3 or 2.5 sec aim instead of that fucking 2.9, I will be so happy

  18. THE worst? Foch? Are you okay? t28? I mean, t28 Prot. got off the list of shame but t28 is still terrible.

  19. The Rev is a tier 10 medium compared to this

  20. I tried to restart the grind with this tank after not playing wot for 2 years. 17 battles and 16 losses later, I gave up, disgusted and played other tanks and did much better.

  21. Emiel van der Neut

    the 100mm gun is the same as the one on the Type 59 (IT SUCKS DICK)

  22. im not even feeling bad for liking the T-34-2. I had crazy awesome games and some nice carries.

  23. I am at the T-34-2 now and just cant force myself to play it. I liked the Tier 7 one, have the Tier 8 premium…but this……. god no…

  24. Haha 😀 this is literally the only tank i gave up grinding, actually after 40000 XP! But thanks to it, i grinded the Chinese light tanks, they are good.

  25. I was playing IS today and I bounced of skillfuly not angled at all flat OI side, and E25. So IS-3 ass angled at about 45deg is like a house to me I wouldn’t even bother shoting it.

  26. One of my favourite tanks in the game, but only with the 100mm. For some reason I constantly have good games in it. Yeah, it’s shit compared to the russians, but it’s my shit ! I guess the speed and turret armor is nice.

  27. A strong contestant for the worst tank at tier 8. I never bothered playing any chinese mediums after the T-34-1 because of this roadblock in the medium line.


    The funny thing is its a worse tank than the t34 3 which on its own is a pretty bad tank

  29. Well honestly I cant imagine tank worse that TVP VTU or M5 Stuart…

  30. Fuck WG with their neglected free exp sink tank. I refuse to spend FE on these junks, finish grind my with the daily bonus after almost 3 years.

  31. FINALLY one of my fav tanks played by foch …. lets see how much he rages about it :3

  32. snowisthebestweather

    So basically, go through the lights to get the t9 and t10 meds. Especially since the wz 132 unlocks a gun that doesn’t get unlocked by the t-34-2.

  33. I had to grind this crap without premium account, got PTSD from it. Sold it right away.

  34. I play on console, but I believe the stats are the same on this tank. I have one mark of excellence on it and I love it. It is good at getting up close and personal using its 100mm, taking advantage of its maneuverability and reload time. Love your videos though Foch, I respect your opinions on this game more than any other reviewer on YouTube, and share your thoughts on artillery. Keep the replays coming.

  35. William Linklater

    How is this Ham? Jacking off in a crevice, ughhh.

  36. H2 and K3 are secured!

  37. The good thing is that i grinded the 121 as my first tier X line like 4 years ago, when i had like 200WN8 so i did not realise how shitty this tanks are 🙂 I have like 500 battles and 43% win rate on it , then i was playing without thinking 🙂

  38. Foch’s commentary is so fucking hilarious lol

  39. It is almost annoying to see you doing spectacularly well in horrible tanks like that when I struggle doing well in the good ones!

  40. Call me crazy, but towards the end of the grind, I started to enjoy the T-34-2. It bullies lower tiers and makes a great support tank for tougher targets. It teaches perfectly how to play in preparation for the WZ-120 with the top gun. I just two marked the WZ 120 today after 200+ battles. Great video, as always, Foch. Keep them coming. Love your bones.

  41. Top notch is3 commentary. Btw, imagine this tank “fighting” 😉 skorpions, libertes, pats, and defenders…

  42. 50t was really good, then power creep and it sucks now. =(

  43. I still wake up with cold sweats remembering this grind…

  44. i refer to the T-34-2 as the “middle child” as its just so mediocre to anything it compares to, like to its younger sibling the T-34-1, its eldest sibling the WZ-120, its slightly older twin T-34-3, the superior older sibling Type 59 and the mixed race cousin 59/Patton

  45. Xp sink? Have you ever tried the Churchill GC?
    I have 2 marks and I’m almost done grinding it :'( lolol
    (that’s before the buffs)

  46. game is so easy when there is no arty

  47. my type 59 needs a buff,it feels like a slug

  48. Herr Schicklgruber

    “Abyssmal”, “Shitty”, “Terrible”, “God-awful”, “Free XP” tank. Nearly 300 battles later with the thing Foch is still a masochist.

  49. Perfect timing just bought this tank well so far 5 games 5 wins. But I really like it so far I’m not sure why people hate it.

  50. the tank that powercreep forgot

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