T-34-2G FT – First Impressions

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Probably one of my favorite of all the new stuff in 9.20. Kinda hidden away at tier 7 🙂

  2. Circon no new replay videos from subs lately?

  3. It has terrible terrain resistances. Because WG thinks it’s a good idea to use hidden stats.
    Circon, how’s the camo of the tier 10?

  4. So does anyone know if these tanks are made up by wg or if there were some prototypes ?

  5. Every time i see this thing getting spotted i think its a t6 med tank lol?

  6. tier 6 and tier 7 look kinda sexy and after all that is all i rlly care for ….

  7. Dang this machine looks nice, even for a completely made op tank destroyer! 😛
    But TBH, seeing this kind of gun performance, with 390 alpha, on a tier 7….humm it feels a bit disconcerting when thinking of game balance.
    What I have seen (stats wise) up to tier 6, seems the most balanced in pen & dmg progression of the Chinese TD’s. But this tier 7 start to stand out from it’s peers on tier 7.

  8. It`s an IS but as a TD…

  9. The WZ FGT

    WZFaggot, gud nickname da

  10. Why only 14 players on each team???

  11. What is the stock view range on that thing???

  12. It looks like they took all the small annoying things with all the other TDs in the game and made sure to at least smooth them out if not fixing them altogether. I suppose players should be happy about that except for it still leaves all those annoying things still active for the existing TDs.

  13. T-34-2 Fgt lul

  14. CHINESE tank destroyers?! They actually remembered there is a Chinese tech tree?



  16. common test?

  17. So it’s got the same reload as the su 122 44 and better gun handling? That’s awesome lol might get it since I have the SU 122 44

  18. Piotrek Trembecki

    SU-122-44 powercreep?

  19. What’s up with the 14v14 mm?

  20. Holly shit,is thus a better version of SU 122 44?

  21. ISn’t this a test server? Then why do people still playing with their old tanks ( like lkv 103, kv 2 )? Wouldn’t they be testing the new changes and tanks ?

  22. All other tanks are inferior to Russian stronkness. They have Stalin on their side. This IMPOSTOR poses as a better version of Stalin’s hammer aka SU-122-44. This IMPOSTOR must be sent to the gulag and hand over his dissidence to Stalin himself. Now……BEGONE IMPOSTOR……BEGONE!!!!!

  23. The Sanity Assassin

    Circon… “did someone order a Low Roll? ”
    Sanity… “No, I ordered the Bacon Roll!”

  24. FT stands 4 ” Fake Tank “

  25. Remember wht happen japanese heavy after first release??????

  26. If it’s slower than it would seem in the garage then you know WG destroyed the soft stats.

  27. HAHAHAHAHA… Enjoy those new TD’s. I am done with the game for good. Not going to bother with that shit. Either spend $ or get an ulcer from stress.

    Before anyone says “they need to make money somehow.” 5 Billion in 8 years… Now STFU! -_-

  28. Lmao derp KV-1 firing heat? Back to the gulag komrade!

  29. That’s what you get for running food on a Chinese tank

  30. The tier 6 and 7 have pretty much Swedish camo levels. I was sitting in a bush with camo nets on, and the enemy drove 60 meters in front of me and I didn’t get spotted.

  31. Can anyone tell me, *how do i get the same reticle as circon ?*

  32. So they basically made a chinese su 122 44 … great idea WG and thats why i quit the game…

  33. lol die friese flag 😛

  34. this kinda looks like a sluggish su 122 44 to me

  35. Marshall Allshouse

    you mentioned a little about tier 6 and 8 mm at the end, what are your thoughts on the mm at the moment overall?

  36. im not early, lets make a joke….

    low tiers

  37. The gun handling on that thing is DAMN sexy!

  38. The only T-34-2 that’s actually good: The TD variant.

  39. ChristianMan777 [69TH]

    So it’s a Chinese SU-122-44 that you can get through grinding?

  40. Out of the whole tree this one stood out as one I’d like to play as well, also better pen than Russian TDs at that tier.

  41. SO it’s a 122-44 with better aim time and frontal fires? I actually kinda like the sound of that 🙂

  42. Hugoboss on Blitz

    Does ft stand for fake tanks?

  43. Mooie groente fruit en tuin bak!

  44. Pressed R once, complains about poor mobility LUL

  45. it seems like a slightly slower t25 at… im looking forward to these tds

  46. Circon, do you make your mod pack publicly available or no. Because if you do i would like to use it

  47. Ah the T-34-2Get Fuckt nice memes

  48. A mini su 122-44 with 1025 concealment maxed

  49. Circon makes it look easy..

  50. Fuckin’ Pay To Win

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