T-34-2G GOES 1 v 5 in World of Tanks!

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World Tanks – T-34-2G FT. Today jura20702 is going show us what the T-34-2G FT is made of as carries himself into a heart attack!


World Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. This is the video that got me to play World of Tanks instead of the Blitz variant these maps are so much bigger and good looking

  2. I like this tank and even the tier 8 one. I know low hit points is a problem but if u do 3k damage in expense of 1k damage it is always a win win situation.

  3. 10:50 Daily Quackybaby videos, HELL YESSSSS!!!! You have made my day. Was so hoping you would do this again this year. Thank you 🙂

  4. After seeing this, It made me want to post a replay of me nearly getting Kolobanov’s medal in my renegade the other day. Made me rage and quit playing the game for the day. GT is below if anyone wants to watch.
    GT: Nikolai576

  5. now you put daily videos you diiot … when its quarantine … hope you get sick and cant do shit

  6. I wonder what Omar and Mohammed are doing right now

  7. Chines td’s are underrated

  8. Hope quickybaby can find the highest damage game of the M56 Scorpion the ultimate glass cannon thumbs up anyone?

  9. Jakub Komorowski-Marcjan

    Wasn’t it called the T-34-2G Fake Tank?

  10. LETS GO!! Love how qb likes his fans best YT needs more subs

  11. Pls QB make a video of T95E2 american medium, because not a single of video flying on YouTube about it. It is very under performing and it’s needs a buff! Even the superpersing have better penetration and that only can meet tier 9.

    Love channel, take care.

    vsac1989 from EU server

  12. عبدالرحمن بلهراوي

    Hey @Quickybaby
    I have got some nice wot blitz replays recorded, 7 kills (entire enemy team) while also standing alone vs 5…
    If u interested in featuring some different wot during lockdown, or just watching them urself…

  13. Spooky SkinnyTinny

    It’s actually su 122 54 for sure xD

  14. That T34-85m likely didn’t have bad view range or a dead commander, it is more likely a failure of the system. Two tanks with similar view range on Himmelsdorf can be driving opposite each other between the buildings, both catch a brief glance, one gets spotted one doesn’t. There are too many of these surprised “oh he wasn’t spotted” moments to be anything other than pure luck.

    • most likely he did, the T-34-2G FT has exceptional camo rating, on par with the E-25. While moving i have a 33% camo rating on it. add some bushes between me and an enemy and you’re gonna have a very difficult time spotting this thing

    • @Jura20702 Very true, I have to just unlocked this tank myself. My objection here is that the T34-85M was 150 metres away even with the 360 metre base view range he would have been spotted; that and the T34-85M is surrounded by bushes; still very likely to just be lucky

    • @Phil Lewis he must’ve had a dead commander or just not a very good crew yeah, even with just a 100% crew i would’ve been spotted after firing at him

  15. Well i definitely would pick the Chinese tank destroyer.
    Awesome game

  16. Answer me this: why do mediums in the south on Westfield trundle forward a couple of map squares to K6 and grind to a halt? Why do they give away the east flank to the north team? That Strv that went all the way to the corner is a surprising exception.

  17. Hey QB, a few suggestions :
    – Update on the rankings of tier X tanks and premium
    – Another video about new equipments now that you have experience with it

  18. Manipulative MM! WOT is the most manipulative game ever created!

  19. אליה יצחק כהן

    i had a game with my t110e4 with 6k dmg in the 14 campaign…
    one game after i completed the 14 campaign with the T-34-2G FT….now im stack at triumph 🙁

  20. funny how that first asshole he killed was cheating. haha

  21. I was deciding to grind this vehicle and then quicky brought it 😃

  22. Chronis Chochlidakis

    Have you considered trying more technically challenging games, like an FPS for example? CoD, Overwatch, Apex Legends?

  23. OMG how is that a year ago already?! Releasing daily vids feels like 3-4 months ago.

  24. Looking forward to the obj 277 platoon vid! On that topic, more platoon/cooperation magic videos would be awesome. QB bringing the feel good vibes to survive the “Winter of Isolation” 😉

  25. Really nice to reward him with 30 days of premium. I think he will be super happy.

  26. That is the worse spot to sit on during capping.

  27. Well the time last year u had videos every day it make my life better, and at the end of it i met my gf! So its good luck for me

  28. That looked like a lot of fun. Great job and thanks for featuring QB.

    Good luck with your daily videos. Gonna be a slog towards the end!

  29. Unable to be able QB? 6:30 LOL

  30. What if Jura was a girl..

  31. Suffering on blitz

    QB, try play world of tanks blitz.., watch meadsy69, droodles, or pantoufleee, they are WoTB youtubers,

  32. Why did he cap out?!

  33. I am proud to say I completed my TD-15 (T55A) in the most unexpected TD ever……St Emil.
    14 AP + 1 HE. Hit 12 AP shots with 2 full HP ammo racked, hit the last HE shot on 800 HP Borsig, killing him with fire. A total of 6.3k dmg, I was like WTF just happened.

  34. really great game and nice the end caping base because chasing the last m44 could be a really bad decision…m44 is known to be sneaky and fast so nice decision at the end !! congrats dude

  35. Intelligent Vegetable

    i get the su-152 has that blyatiful 152mm, but you gotta know its a good gun, but its not the right hull. its slow, has dodgy gun firing angles and its super slow shell velocity. i’m slowly getting better with it, but its just a tank that will only do well (really well) with HE and HEAT, the AP is appauling (in most cases, considering you play as a heavy tank shadow)
    edit: it also has some really bad view range, blind as a bat, and a slowwww traverse

  36. Spartan_Reaper_ 777

    pls say what mic you’re using in your faq it’s not there and your voice is very clear, also i saw you had a phd in geography and now I’m thinking what you look as a professor lol

  37. Seen it before at Lacho WOT

  38. DailyBaby is back, great news!

  39. Yesterday i did TD15 mission in JagpzE100 6080 dmg then some T7 covid boi make even more

  40. Ah, the ad revenues going up again during winter. Time to squeeze the most out of it, daily. Enjoying it though.

  41. Great gift for him, nice job QB👍🏻,looking foward to see more youtube vids

  42. Daily qb!! Guess i gotta play wot and try to get a good replay… it wont happen but i can dream

  43. Is it time for world of tanks in 4K quality?

  44. *U.K lock down* QB go Brrrrrrrrrr

  45. Top 10 Light Tanks! NO WHEELED VEHICLES PLZ

  46. In my opinion Chinese TD are best TD’s to play. You can hide, you can damage, and mostly you can kill. Tier 5,6,7 are best in hiding and damaging even in there own. Tier 8,9 and 10 lose to much camo and mobility to win only alpha is in your side.

    Best TD I mean are tier 5,6,7 on Chinese

  47. Do map walkthroughs
    How to play maps using a specific type of vehicle
    Also look at different vehicle play styles
    What they are good and and what they are bad at and how they can be modified to benefit their play style or mitigate their weaknesses

  48. do you ever get the feeling sometimes that QB starts a sentence and then doesn’t really know how to finish it

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