T-34-3 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

I usually don’t have problems talking about tanks, but the -3 a hard one to define.

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  1. I love how you explain everything :)

  2. I love my T-34-3! It’s so bad that the sum of all its badness makes it
    incredibly balanced! It’s weird I know, but I prefer playing this to my
    Type 59. Perhaps it’s the challenge of playing it. It certainly isn’t noob
    friendly. Hull down with a rammer, it actually IS fun to play, especially
    on city maps playing peek-a-boom.

  3. The Hummel was stock as well.. Wooow

  4. This is why I did not like the A-44. But you like it, and don’t like this.
    Strange. #NoSteamKey

  5. Irish,
    another quality video and review, appreciate always your candid comments.

    I was blessed to win this in a contest once, and it is nice to blap
    somebody for almost 400 damage, but it certainly is no type 59. Was also
    blessed to Win a type 59 through fantasy wglna, and sometimes must remember
    which tank I’m driving!

    the price is definitely over the top, seems like they’re just playing off
    everyone’s desire for a TYPE. the armor, gun handling, and reload are much
    much less.

    thanks again for the video, look forward to the next one!

  6. I have played more than 200 games in it and still couldn’t ace,but that
    said, I’m not a really good player anyway. Sometimes the tank can be a lot
    of fun and sometimes it can be very frustrating. What it needs most in my
    opinion is a penetration buff, 175 bounces on just too many things.

    But I don’t regret picking this tank in your giveaway, I’ve had a lot of
    fun with this tank aswell.

  7. In your opinion, will this tank be competitive if they buff the aim time to
    2.9(low gun bloom) + a penetration buff to 181 or give it better ground
    resistance for better mobility/top speed, or better turret armor?

  8. Good intro about the supposed history of the tank, I am willing to bet that
    none of Chinese mediums in game would fit a 122mm gun in their turrets.
    Soviet tanks were never known for their spacious crew accommodations. And
    now we’re supposed to believe that a much bigger gun could fit in those
    turrets? Suuuuure. Whether this info is based on information WG got from
    their Chinese sources or whether WG pulled it out of their rectal cavity we
    will probably never learn – they can always blame it on an anonymous
    source. But I believe that those tanks are about as genuine as an eleven
    dollar bill.

  9. thanks for the great videos they have helped me alot.

  10. Dreadshells Gaming

    Grats on the Ace!

  11. I was going to buy this tank but after some research I think it is a bit
    crappy and waay overpriced!
    I think it is a Heavy-ly confused medium. :P

  12. with this review I wont be getting this tanks no time soon , great replay
    ,keep them coming

  13. Premium tank should be premium in every aspect… Especially when we paying
    ridiculous price for it… I have got Cromwell Berlin and I have found many
    times that ordinary Cromwell is faster do more damage and outshoot me as
    well… Video like this prove we need someone like Osirish to tell us truth
    about these premium tanks… Thanks

  14. I find that majority of premium tanks are disappointing, so while i enjoy
    watching the review/ace tanker videos it will take quite a lot from the WoT
    devs to get me to buy another premium. I’m glad I’ve never got anything
    above tier 6 and one of them is Rudy a tank that I actually like to play.
    Prices on tier 7 or 8 are simply way too high IMHO.

  15. welcome to my world :D

  16. smashingmachine99

    This tank reminds me of my IS6. It’s a good tank and it makes a lot of
    silver but the poor accuracy and poor pen and overall sluggishness make it
    not very fun to drive.

  17. Thanks much for the video. Glad to see you have time (and the health) to
    post a video. Keep up the great work.

  18. is the t 34 3 good (can you talk about it more)

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