T-34-3 – Buffed! Review – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Yea, but they didn’t give the Tog a much needed speed buff did they?

  2. This is my favorite t8 premium, never let me down before and now it’s better 😀

  3. As silly as it is for Type 59 to be so much better than T-34-3, it’s even worse that they’re both better than the tech tree tank, even without preferential matchmaking.

  4. does type 59 HAVE 390 ALPHA

  5. I really like my T-34-3 before the buffs that they have given it. All these do is just make the tank much easier to handle for those who couldn’t work with it before the buffs. Thanks for bringing this tank to peoples attention Circon.

  6. These review vids are fantastic and enjoyable Circon. Thank you.

  7. Biggest gripe with the tank is the gun. I could have made the gun depression and everything else work if it had decent gun not the IS2s gun but something that would not require me to fire so many premium rounds to stay competitive.

  8. Aside from crew training, there’s really no reason to play this over the 112, which also got buffed…

  9. 487.5 is the maximum roll for a 390 alpha gun.
    You rolled for 488, which is basically 487.5 rounded up.

  10. I’d have rather had a significant pen buff rather than another 1.5 degrees of gun depression. The last buff where they increased the gun depression to 5 degrees from 3.5 was pretty welcomed, but then again, and perhaps it is confirmation bias speaking, you weren’t perpetually in tier 9 matches. While the 122mm will wreck tier 6s and 7s, good luck in the corridor maps with 186 pen.

  11. Having watched your review and games, I’m surprised only by not being surprised.

    From what you show, the buffs just aren’t enough to make up for the thing’s deficiencies, and, more importantly, even with all your advantages as a player, the T-34-3 didn’t look anything *like* fun to play. Its ROF, pen and alpha damage make it one of the last tanks you want to use for brawling and sniping with that kind of accuracy looks like a thankless task.

    They should just change its name to, “WIH-59” for “Wish I had a type 59,” and be done with it.

    I’m disgusted.

  12. guillem fuster adrover

    I like your team’s woffle name… LoL

  13. I still dont understand why we cant have Ps4 version of Prohorovka with houses in the 1 line and some other good changes
    Tank itself is not worth the money

  14. Well, you could always play the 59-Patton instead…..

  15. @Circonflexes 4:14 E75 is definitely NOT stock because he cant roll higher than 400 with his stock gun. he just lowrolled you. 🙂
    13:05 that 488 damage roll was maximum for 390 alpha gun, you cant roll any further.

  16. I had bought the T-34-3, only because you can never buy the Type 59.

    It’s an okay tank, nothing special. And of course you know the 122 is going to be inaccurate.

  17. 293 is the lowest role…from experience…cuz why would i kill an amx 50 100 on 330 hp with my is3 when i can role stupidly low and then die because that bastard reloaded ?

  18. I bought this when it 1st came out, and it was 1 of the 1st prems that I owned. It was a HUGE mistake being a relatively new player, and with a raw crew. I racked up so many losses from not being able to perform well, from my own lack of skill, and with the tank’s flaws. I can’t tell you how many times I rolled out and was full-health ammo racked lol

  19. I personally enjoy it

  20. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    I really like those short PMM Tank reviews.

  21. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    We’re the buffs to the fcm 50 anything interesting?

  22. This tank is fine now, you show it to be OP in good hands no need to further buff it. The Type 59 is just overbuffed now. This tank (T-34-3) is already better than the Sherman Rev in armor, camo, and mobility. Buffing the gun would be unfair to the NON pref MM-M4Rev.(remember the Rev faces tier 9s-10s all the time) I think we have forgotten these tanks are still pref MM.

    • Pavel Secka (BolginNT)

      Type’s gun really needed some love and finally WG delivered. Especially reduced aim time a gun dispersion in general makes it, I dare to say it, enjoyable to play. At the same time I agree with you that turret buff was not necessary at all and same goes for engine buff. But hey, they can always tinker with soft stats and tone it down again as they did in the past.

  23. “if we high-rolled even further” .. said after maxrolling that arty for 488 😀 good meme

  24. I loved my t34/3 before they buffed it ( just fits my play style perfectly) so now i cant wait to test it out

  25. J. The Happy Wyvern

    With with the buffs to the T-34-3 I wonder if the T-34-2 will ever see any love whatsoever

  26. I love the T-34-3….but the rof hurts this tank despite the great alpha. Actually the turret and the alpha make it able to trade with some heavies. Let say in the right situation at the right time it’s can be awesome. But unless you stick to that script, you’re pretty fuqed. Would love to have one day with improved equipments!

  27. I thought the same thing. It needs a little better reload/aim time or it needs to be quicker. The shell velocity is better but yeah, could be a little quicker. It’s still pretty laughable when you have to fight defenders and such in it.

  28. That was a good map for that tank.

  29. Gotta remember these are Pref MM tanks they should be treated as if they were tier 7.5 if there were such a thing. Some of the buffs on these tanks have easily exceeded that, based on other standard tier 8 MM tanks in the game now. So I am not so sympathetic with this vehicle either. I know the gun handling sucks but it still has better pen and armor than say for instance a T-44-100 that always fights higher tier and most of the time tier 10 games. I hope WG has plans to rebuff or nerf many of the standard tier 8 mm vehicles in order to set some kind of fresh standard based on these pref buffs.

    I just think its a bit silly that we complain our newly buffed pref MM vehicles who cant pen an E-75 reliably when almost all of tier 8 has the same problem. Circon is better than most all of the people in these comments easily including myself, so results may vary, but this replay is not a good basis for telling you a vehicle still sucks….He kills 3 of the 5 tier 9s has 5 kills over all and 4k dmg in a tank that’s being complained about as still crap and no one should buy it. Just to be clear I think buffs were in order on many of these vehicles, largely things like the IS-6 and Wz-111, 112 and tanks of that ilk, but there still should be a limit to how much.

  30. Considering I’ve had the T-34-3 since before they buffed it the first time I can’t wait to get a new PC and get back in the game to try it out, compared to how it used to be it looks much more flexible…

    I think comparing it to the Type 59 isn’t exactly a fair comparison simply because A) you can’t buy the Type 59 anymore and B) from the start the T-34-3 and Type 59 had different styles of play with the Type 59 being faster with a more ‘reliable’ gun…

  31. It needed 190/260. None of the pen bluffs were enough

  32. Now all they have to buff is the T34 Heavy Tank.

  33. Thanks for the video and advice on this tank. I don’t think I’ll be getting this tank as the accuracy is what kills it for me

  34. Still prefer t-54 prototype.

  35. Most informational youtuber so far on this patch. Well done, keep up the content!

  36. needs 225 pen

  37. Start the game with nearly a min roll and end it with a max roll. RNGesus, you so silly

  38. They should atleast bump the pen to 212

  39. Bloody hell is an alpine tiger?

  40. the T-34-3 is alot better now but it still needs more, love the tank but man its still poop

  41. this match you are insanely lucky…. at this range at the T30 and at the Pershing 95% of the shots usually just miss, or bounce… this is maybe 1 in 100 game.. a normal performance with this tank is half this dmg, or less…

  42. Now for a buff on the T95E2 WG, one of the forgotten few.

  43. WG plans are all tanks to be premiums another 15 are on the cards, wtf is going on as you say dez, cmon call wg out,…

  44. Funnily enough I have both Type 59 & T-34-3 and I still like the T-34-3 a lot more than Type. Might be just because I’ve owned the T-34-3 since its release so I’ve learned how to work its features, Type I got from those gambling crates last christmas and haven’t really played since as PC WoT is just garbage that I don’t have the interest investing my time into it anymore.

  45. The 1/2 line potato farm would have made me rage so hard….

  46. agreed, gun is still hot garbage

  47. I think at least 50% winning is depending on organising the kind of 2-on-1 fights like Scorpion and Circonb did on that E-75, he really had zero chances when they teamed up… this is one of reasons platoons are so efffective!

  48. The tank I always wanted to be good, guess it will stay in the garage until the next buff

  49. What a fucking moron that 12t driver was….basically lost the game for his team inside the first minute by suiciding his teams only scout tank.
    If you haven’t learned how to scout by tier 8 just stop now ! Just stop playing scouts and go play a heavy tank or a TD so you don’t waste everyone’s time with shitty suicide moves like that
    Edit sorry didn’t see that there were two scouts per team but still you lost half your map coverage so all if my comments still apply and the t-49 died about 2 minutes later anyway so the red team had no scouting what shit

  50. One of my most played tanks even though I totally suck in it well I get a few glorious games every now and then that make you want to come back for more lol

    But I see this ALL the time from these Unicum Youtubers. They show the T-34-3 on Prokorovka and they are sniping from the hill. Yeah ok….hey guys the rest of us shitty players can’t do that. This map doesn’t show the T-34-3 strengths at all this game was basically the Red team sucking ass and allowing Circon to snipe them in what is NOT a sniping tank if you think you will duplicate this performance guess again. I’m frankly disappointed in this replay

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