T-34 vs 100 Germans, Future of War Thunder

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  1. I just love it when baron does his german impersonation and other voices

  2. guys, you can get soooooo many kills in this game mode! one time I got 114
    kills with a victory.

  3. the nightwitch race sucked :/ if you started in the lead you won because
    you could just tail gun people behind you hit their engine and win.

    the mass attack ai game mode is super cool! i really want them to make this
    a pure mode it would be great to grind your tanks in. and save having to
    take a tank into pvp with no FE and spare parts.

  4. I think Warthunder needs new game modes that have an objective other than
    just sitting in a big white circle. Maybe destroy ammunition depots or
    something I don’t know but i’m getting pretty bored of just capping.

  5. Progress in this type of games is always good!

  6. i always got killed when i spawned

  7. i tjink what you are talking about has already been made. hereos and

  8. what about russian bias attack?

  9. I think that the game is to realistic. it should be more fun like Arma 3.
    you should get more missing and different things. not just driving a tank
    and kill thing which already get old

  10. Difficult when you don’t have gun deepreeession!

  11. I was playing that game mode and I hopped in a B-29. But then the B-29 blew
    up in midair and it said I drowned!

  12. Maybe there could be a game mode where the AI bolsters each team with low
    tier tanks. Destroying them would give you less lions than a human
    controlled tanks obviously. Remove the capture points and just have it
    where your team has to destroy the enemy team. You could have a 32 player
    map. 16 elite human players with higher tier tanks bolstered with maybe 100
    low tier AI tanks. Do this with large maps and you could have really fun
    massive tank battles.

  13. Big Country Country boy way of life

    Can new played play this custom battle ??

    I just started 3 days ago and on 2.0 tanks

  14. 102 not 100

  15. I love how he’s happy about A.I.s killing his team Nd himself

  16. Did any one win this event? I did and the last round with the Maus is hard
    as fuck

  17. why didnt you finish the game?

  18. they need to fight by tier that way people who cant fight that high tier
    stuff because of the stress of it most people are afraid that they cant pen
    the armor so they dont even try they just J out or hang back

  19. lets be honest..the future of war thunder seems bleak :/

  20. Treyton Football star

    It would be awesome! But what would be even more exciting is if you had
    your own unit or squadron.

  21. What happened with World War mode?

  22. Treyton Football star

    And it had a front line system that if you captured a city would be able to
    spawn on it, and the same with airfield (and maybe etc. if you know what I

  23. i just got tired of WT after everytime i logged into my account they reset
    the xp i have gained towards the jagdtiger back to 0 every time i get it
    half way :P

  24. whats your record baron? Not to brag but a successful mission I got 82, and
    then 121 unsuccessful

  25. Where be the circle? Proceed to drive right past it.

  26. It would be cool if they made a PvE game mode with smaller lobbies that
    puts more emphasis on team work and tactics

  27. How do you get higher tier ai in a match, I keep getting low tier, pzr 2
    and t26 and bt-5

  28. Lmao he’s talking shit about the ai just wait for the end

  29. Javier Vargas (CalcosPR)

    Because Pz.IVs shouldalways go against t-34-85s.

  30. Wavelength RenegadeReef

    I think that idea for large-scale battles is… phenomenal. I mean, the
    battle of Kursk involved more than 50 tanks.

  31. The AI def gets smarter as the rounds progress. So much so that it becomes
    unrealistic. Getting killed by a tiger from 2km that is on the move is
    ridiculous. Then you get to the final round with Maus tanks and its
    virtually impossible. Def something different and fun though.

  32. How about a trench warfare that we can be soldier or tank crewman?

  33. Like aces high 2

  34. Baron, I have got 120 kills in this gamemode and I still lost


    AND THE BV238 BIG BOBBY!!! because its new…

  36. i love this game mode i hope thay ceep it

  37. its so much fun
    the masicer

  38. Sharpshooter Gaming

    the AI are like droids in Star Wars :)

  39. this event would be great, I love the concept.
    it would be great, however, if the enemies would shoot and kill someone
    else other than me…

  40. Arcade with Sherman defence against German waves

  41. I’d love to see more PVE stuff, or open-style gameplay where it’s not
    specifically focused on tanks or planes or whatever just choose whatever
    vehicle you want and go have fun. Kind of like an open arcade version where
    there’s no “you can use a plane but only for like 40 seconds” stuff

  42. Baron here’s one thing you are hiding how the FUCK are you able to bounce
    every single FUCKING shot everytime some shoots Baron no SHIT is done to

  43. i would love to have a wave defense like this as a permanent mode with
    every wave getting more difficult until you and your team dies.
    or even a pvp attack and defend missions

  44. baron check this out:
    can you make this tank for men of war monday? :D

  45. God I love this mini game

  46. halloween is bigger than april fools in the US, in russia is non existent,
    unless u r trendy and such, so its kinda ok

  47. Pier Giorgio Pello

    how do you play that game mode ? please help tell me what to do

  48. I oneshot a t34 in an m5 stuart

  49. I was playing this, got the title, played another match and was targeted by
    the Ai for the entire game

  50. So. the most hardest to steer tank is actually one of the most badass tank?
    i mean it’s T 34 right? One of the best Russian tank series in WW2.

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