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  1. Why is it called T-34S when it is a T-34E?

    • Nebojsa Kmezic IDK if you realize but this is pretty much how IRL it was

    • Gewel ✔ who or what was irl like this?

    • They name the tank this way to suit the server’s language. It is a T-34Э in the RU server because RU server uses Russian, obviously, while the other servers like NA, EU, ASIA uses English, hence WG used the name T-34S, with the S meaning ‘Shielded’ which is an equivalent for the ‘Ekranami’ in Russian. The same thing goes for the Obj 252У, if WG decided to use the letter ‘У’ for other servers, people will read it as if it was a ‘Y’, although the correct English letter for ‘У’ is ‘U’. Although people getting names wrong is not much of a problem, I don’t think WG wants that to happen.

    • NKVD Comrade Orion

      It stand for T-34STRONK

    • T-34 Stalinium add-on

  2. I thought there’s no audio because you made no sound in the beginning of the video 😀

  3. What’s the percentage thingie above the ammo?

  4. You set the bar here

  5. Gareth Fairclough

    Look at that Lemark86 guy, crying in chat about how much he hates QB xD

    • QB is kind of a scrub *sometimes*
      I only watch his new tank review videos.
      But hey whatever that floats your boat.

  6. does circ have a ponytail?

  7. Can someone explain how the event works? I missed a few days so can I still get the tank? I need 30 missions done, I’m on the first one, is the first one any easier or harder than the later ones?

    • Double Double 4G

      Just wait awhile – knowing WG, you’ll be able to buy this during the advent calendar in December 😉

    • Double Double 4G yeh but I want it for free :/ I’ve bought the Cromwell b but like circon said, this tank isn’t worth buying.

    • gpc_4 when did they start? I’m too lazy to look lol

    • FireShorts I doubt it will be very difficult, the T-34/85M marathon last year is pretty easy, and it is a tier 6 medium. This marathon should be very easy considering the main prize is a tier 5 premium.

    • Bryan Ribey there has been 6 missions, and when you miss one you’ll be able to miss another 9 before losing out to more of the treshold rewards, though obviously you’d lose out on the daily mission Rewards

  8. I swear, watching Circon play is like watching Godzilla fight the Japanese Army. They always make a try at it, but they have no chance against the King of Monsters.

  9. Is there a video on qbs rant?

  10. Barbatos Lupus Rex

    how do you get the T-34S?

  11. Another P2W tank…

  12. If it was for the normal tier V premium price tho…

  13. Looks nice but I can’t be arsed to do the missions. Knowing WG, I expect it to show up as a special eventually.

  14. 310 people till 100k subs. Good job circon

  15. Almost at 100K!! Woot Woot! 😀

  16. Seems to me that the rate of fire is much better than I remember with the 76mm gun.

  17. No artillery? Not for long now soon tier 5’s will get fucked bu LeFh’s…

  18. Richard Stefanits

    Seems to be a pretty good tank. Missions are easy, so just do them guys.

  19. Oh my god no artillery?

  20. Brotherman Bill

  21. Remember when the M4 Sherman with it’s 76mm could push a ROF like that? and then WGing nerfed it into the ground…

  22. Still can’t understand why do you play with food. I mean, it’s a tier 5. Is “so” necessary?
    Or is sort of “insurance”, to be able. To do fine, no sorry, to do better?
    I think I have to try, used very few times.

    • he uses a good crew on the T34$. As it is a premium tank he can use his OP tier 10 medium crew in it. And for good crews, using food is INCREDIBLY important, as your crew gets an increase of 10% for every skill. So yes, your tank will perform A LOT better in battle. Only downside is, its very expensive especially for free 2 play players, and if you replace it with fire extinguisher and you get set on fire, you are doomed. So playing a tank, that gets easily set on fire, with food is not recommended

  23. da very shielded blyat!

  24. The Yellow Pages A to K

    A quick game is a good game 🙂

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