T-34/100 and TVP VTU Unicum Guide/Review, Dealing With Poor Gun Depression

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I the /100 and , the tier 7 and 8 Czechoslovakian medium tanks in (), with replays of tier 8 and Tier 9 Live Oaks battles.

Many players find these tanks difficult to play due to the combination of weak armor and poor gun depression, so I discuss how to manage those deficiencies. I found the T-34/100 to be quite functional but the TVP VTU was miserable. That said, the Skoda T50 amazing so grinding through those tanks worth it.

T-34/100 Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Excellent silver penetration (175)
+ Excellent top speed
+ Excellent alpha (250)
– Weak hull armor
– Weak turret armor
– Very poor max gun depression (-5)

T-34/100 Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. GLD

TVP VTU Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Decent selection of guns
– Large profile
– Very weak hull armor
– Very weak turret armor
– Poor max gun depression (-6)
– Limited top end speed (50) – common with tier 8 meds, but it’s a big issue against the faster tier 8-10 tanks

TVP VTU Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. VStab
3. Rammer

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

” full and FAQs:

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  1. You guys asked for reviews of the tier 7 and 8 Czechoslovakian tanks, so here you go.

    Future episodes will cover the Strv 103, AMX 30, and maybe the Type 64.

  2. Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

    We knew it was coming 😛

  3. Gr8humanilation9TV

    I really liked the t-34/100. TVP was horrible.

  4. I’m following the line, still in tier 6, but I played with the 8.9,10 tier on a friend’s account and I liked it a lot.Thank you for the guide.

  5. Hey Taug long time subscriber here I got introduced to you during the Alod online days and kept watching for all your excellent MMO strats and tutorials..you ever gonna get back into that genre? or anything on the horizon MMO wise that has your ears perked up?

  6. @taugrim may you please make Amx 12 t + Amx 13 75 video…thanks

  7. IMO the TVP VTU needs better penetration. Tier 8 tanks with less than 210 penetration are basically forced into spamming premium nowadays. That shit penetration makes it expensive as hell to run, unless you’re okay with being completely inept against 80% of the heavies that MM pits you against. Even some tier 8 heavies’ weakspots are impossible to penetrate with 190 penetration.

  8. I got a question: why some people have problem with other players firing gold yet seem fine with them using food?

  9. T-34-1 is better *just saying*

  10. I haven’t watched it yet, but the way to deal with missing gun depression is basically to turn your hull and drive around the hill instead of trying to go over it. If you not hull down, you didn’t turn your hull enough (and yes that can go past 90° at times). Really turning your hull is all there is to it!

    After watching it … I guess that wasn’t what you meant 😉

  11. Proof of hax at 4:14 & 5:33

  12. i really liked the tier 7 but im struggling with the tier 8

  13. I only hated the TVP VTU in tier X matches. I found it relatively competent in tier 8 & 9. I used a lot of gold ammo and food to offset the weaknesses of the 105mm tho. The only other reasonable set up, imo, is the long 88mm with the stock turret. You get 8 degrees of gun depression for a worse indien panzer.

    Look forward to the AMX 30 review, definitely one of the funner tanks even if the gun it too much of a slot machine at times.

  14. Is the RUOK that you are tooning with the same one that used to be in wot-uni?

  15. I’m a man who likes his gun depression so don’t think I’ll work up that line good video none the less

  16. Play the T-34/100 like you would the ‘Ravioli’ and you will be fine.

  17. A tip for tvp, use the Tier 7 turret with Tier 8 Gun, 8.8 cm zv 41n. You get better sniper gun with 8 degre gun depression. The tank was not to bad, just not that fun.

  18. I recently started this line, I’m at tier 5 at the moment but I’m taking a break to play with some friends whom just started playing WoT, I’m a bit afraid of the t8, we’ll see.
    One thing: you always give good maps advices amongst the other things, you could do a really good map guide/review series!

  19. tier7 chinese t34-1 has also 175 pen but it has an incredible turret for its tier and its by far the best tier 7 med. u should try it out 1 day.

  20. Thanks, very helpful. I’m close to buying the T-34/100… just waiting for enough free XP to totally upgrade. I was hesitant about it based on the same weaknesses you mentioned. After this video I feel somewhat better.

  21. Henri Liimatainen

    Do not follow his ammo setup unless you are a super unicum

  22. Thanks for the reviews for these 2, these guides always help me understand how to play the tanks (even though I’m still too bad to do very well regularly).

  23. do you have some sort of a personal rule to not run gold? I don’t mind either, personally I run 60/40 or 50/50 in a lot of tanks, but I suspect you try to play without it completely?

  24. Hey Taugrim thanks for giving a review on these tanks, we need more guides of less played tanks, rather then 10000 replays on QBs channel of Cromwell Bs…. Anyway two quick questions, one is what do you think of the tier 10 Czech tank? And also, are you thinking of ever doing one on the T-43? I just never see it, or at least reviewed and played well, but it’s a tank right before those beautiful Russian meds.

  25. Thanks Taugrim! Much appreciated. Seems to suffer from some of the same issues as the Patton Ripper – the gun says Brawler but the armor says Sniper.

    I feel like a small accuracy buff would really make this thing competitive (especially with the lower pen), maybe WG will get around to that one of these days.

  26. You use 88 and play TD or SecondSecond line. 😀 Didn`t even try play 100, too much Ammo racking for close combat. OK, now it`s not so bad, but when consumables just burnt, it wasn`t funny.
    Respect for making 4k in that piece of shit tank.

  27. Wp Taugrim… I did 5k damage in that shit ?TVP VTU with 88 mm gun watch it in wot replays .. Can’t wait for the skoda T50 ??

  28. In the second game hope people noted you complemented the type. It is easy to do and if more players acted like that the bad player comments would not get to people as much.

  29. I think you have the best WOT vids on youtube right now! Any thoughts on setting up a Patreon account ?

  30. I refuse to ever play these tanks again until I have a full three skill crew ready.

  31. Good reviews. The thing I struggled with in both these tanks and in some other lightly armoured mediums is just how easily they take module damage. That fragility made me lose confidence in them and made me them more passively than I enjoyed.

    I think this type of tank was more fun when bottom tier because lower tier tanks were able to outrade them so easily.

  32. please don’t tell me the tier 8 is a worse tank than the t-34-100, as I all ready hate this tier 7 pos

  33. If I could I would give you an extra like for the Gretzky quotes. Greetings from Finland !

  34. I like the fact that you point out your own mistakes and say yeah shouldn’t have done That, but then you also explain why…

    Good videos all around appreciation from the UK

  35. Nice to see how RUOK was immediately ready for another battle 🙂

  36. >not carrying gold ammo in 2017

    it will screw you over too many times.
    unless you are stupid lucky with your RNG (cause I am the most unlucky guy in the entire game. only I can have 65% hit rate on WT auf PZ IV with the long 12.8)

  37. The reason autoloaders are seen as OP is pretty easy to understand honestly. It takes absolutely no skill to clip a guy while he’s reloading, it’s not the autoloader guy using his superior skill to beat you, it’s game mechanics beating you.
    The easiest way to see the problem clearly is to take a bad player and give him a non-autoloader and then give him an autoloader. He’s 10 times as dangerous in the autoloader simply because it’s an autoloader. He may still suck, he may still die without kills, he may drown in a lake etc. but it’s just so much easier to do a lot of damage when the enemy can’t shoot back more than once or twice in the time it takes you to kill him.

    Even if you imagine to worst player ever just rushing alone in his autoloader, he’ll likely ruin an enemy’s game completely since he’s able to do the damage so fast. If you imagine the bad player rushing like that in an IS3 or something, he’d get a shot off (maybe two) and then he’d get killed by all the enemies he ran into on his idiot-rush. Now imagine that same situation with an autoloader. Even if he turns around a corner and faces 4-5 enemies alone, he’ll probably still get his entire clip off before going down. Even if he doesn’t get a kill out of it, whoever he happened to target had his game ruined without doing anything wrong. He could be the best player in the world, but there’s just nothing he can do to make up for an idiot with an autoloader. Game mechanics beat skill, and that’s a bad fucking design feature for a competitive game. You want player skill to be the deciding factor.. Well, unless you’re WG I suppose.

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